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Five Vintage Oklahoma’ish YouTube videos…

If you’re reading this right now, I bet you’re recovering from a long, happy and festive holiday weekend.  So instead of writing something about Lingerie Football, midgets or ladies who do weird things to ice cream, I’m going to go easy on you and just post five random Oklahoma’ish YouTube videos.

The first one is below, the rest are after the jump:

1. 1990’s The Mathis Brothers

My favorite is the second commercial, where they talk about 89ers baseball, Cavalry basketball and Blazers hockey.  I guess it’s my favorite part because those sports teams are no longer around and I’m amused by simple irony.  My second favorite part are the wood chairs with white cushions.  They look the ones in Clark Matthews’ dining room.

2. Vintage News9 Promo

Apparently, the Oklahoma spirit is to now “confirm” our blog posts and not give us credit

3.  Al Eschabach Oklahoma Cavalry Commercial

Yeah, we’ve already posted this on the site, but since I’m kind of on the topic of local news organizations not giving blogs proper due, I figured this would be a good opportunity to expose The Sports Animal…again.

4. Random Local Commercials from the 1970s

I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that the guy at the end of the Certified Furniture Rental commercial looks like he could currently fit in at any bar on Classen Circle on a Saturday night, but I am sure he’d throw a fun party.

5.  What’s on the menu at Crossroads Mall

Mall Director: “Sales are down and we’re losing customers, what should we do!”

Local Ad Agency: “How about an ad promoting the food choices?”

Mall Director: “Great Idea!  I’m looking forward to a long and successful working relationship.”


  1. Listen closely to the music on the second commercial on the 4th video. I’m pretty sure its the same music that “Brown Furniture Store” STILL uses. I’m guessing that the weather book “has what you’re looking for.”

  2. Griffin patriarch John Griffin suggested the helicopter be called Hot Shot 9 soon after it began operating. As might be expected, John got what he wanted. So it was called until one evening a commercial for an aerosol insecticide called HotShot ran next to a station promo for Hot Shot 9 in the news. The name was changed the next day.
    Back then, the live antenna, located between the skids, was moved to a vertical position for live shots. The antenna was tucked between the skids when not in use. One day, 9’s helicopter returned from a live shot and landed with the antenna in active position. That was a costly reminder that expensive toys have expensive repair bills.
    No worse than a few years ago when KOTV’s(the original Spirit of Oklahoma station) helicopter collided with its satellite truck during a promotion production.
    I seem to recall KFOR’s/Mathis Bros. helicopter making a forced landing around that general time. The story goes it hit the ground with such impact, the rotor blades severed the tail boom.

  3. Mwahahahaha! The Mathis Brothers commercials I uploaded made it onto The Lost Ogle Front Page! I’m so proud of myself for putting all the effort into transferring it onto my computer from an old VHS tape!

    Okay, so I didn’t do any work at all. But I’ll keep an eye out for that Steak Sandwich Supreme commercial….

  4. WIth that mullet, the Mathis Brother on the right (I have still never learned which one is which) looks like he may have played some hockey.

    Random thought…….Can gerribles run fast on ice?

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