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UConn =/= UCLA

I love women. Usually in this form. Or this form. I want to sex women. I married a woman. I have friends that are women. So don’t take this post as a Traberesque misogynistic take against women. Take it for what it is – the God’s honest gospel truth about women’s basketball.

The University of Connecticut’s biggest revenue producing sport (gawddamn we better not lose the Fiesta Bowl…) won it’s 89th consecutive game Tuesday night in normal boring fashion. Using precision two hand chest passes, spectacular lay ups, and other crowd-pleasing fundamentally sound antics with the round ball, the girls from Storrs beat Whogivesashit University by probably more than 40.

No. 89 came and went as effortlessly as nearly all their previous games. This season. Last season. And the season before.

UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma, never at a loss for words, was close Tuesday night.

“It’s pretty amazing. It really is,” he said.

No exaggeration there.

His No. 1-ranked Huskies topped the 88-game winning streak set by John Wooden’s UCLA men’s team from 1971-74, beating No. 22 Florida State 93-62. Playing with the relentlessness that has become its trademark “” and would have made Wooden proud “” UConn blew past the Seminoles as it has so many other teams in the last 2½ years.

So the girls set a record for the most games won in a row by a girls college basketball team. Great for the other gender. But for the love of God, STFU about surpassing UCLA.

Comparing UConn women’s basketball to UCLA men’s basketball is like comparing the NFL to the CFL. The girls use a smaller ball. They don’t have a 10 second backcourt rule. They have a different shot clock. They don’t jump. Their game puts meth addicts to sleep. And on and on and on …

But since the worldwide leader in sports has the girl’s championship tournament on it’s network, guess what the lead story was this morning on ESPN. And their website. The only saving grace is that it trumped stories about Brett Favre’s bleeding vagina.

I recognize that women’s college game has garnered quite a little fan following, including here in Oklahoma. Though I have never met anyone who actually has season tickets to OU or OSU’s women’s basketball team. I am not sure I want know who would shell out tens of dollars a year to watch the OU girls wax Sam Houston State by 90. I can watch layup drills for free and in complete silence at my nephew’s middle school basketball games.


  1. You’re also forgetting the differences in era. There *was* no shot clock in the men’s game during that time, which makes it easier for the guys to win. The balls are less than one inch in circumference, and men’s basketballs are commonly used in warmups/practices/etc. The 10 second backcourt rule is a moot point, as teams still get the ball across as soon as possible. Thus, the only differences come from the fact that it’s women and not men on the court.

    “[D]on’t take this post as a Traberesque misogynistic take against women.” What else CAN I take it as? It’s certainly not a fair critique of the differences between the streaks. When I come on TLO and see basketball stuff, I expect it to be quality — that’s where TLO was born, after all. I’m disappointed.

  2. You seriously just stated that the reason UCLA won so many games in row was because there was no shot clock. Seriously. That’s your argument. And of course you simply reiterate my points about the differences between the sports.

    I shouldn’t have to tell you that womens basketball is still in it’s infancy. That the great programs don’t have the same competition level as mens teams do because the sport is only recently popular. That fewer than a dozen womens teams can financially support themselves. And that the mens and womens games are fundamentally different.

  3. “Comparing UConn women’s basketball to UCLA men’s basketball is like comparing the NFL to the CFL. The girls use a smaller ball. They don’t have a 10 second backcourt rule. They have a different shot clock. They don’t jump.”

    Not sure what you’re trying to say here, other than trying to make the lame-ass point that they wouldn’t be so great if they played by the men’s rules. Dumb girls!

    You do realize that when Uconn plays a team, they play by the same rules as the their opponent, so it is a level playing field . . . but I guess just because Uconn usually badly beats everyone they play, that somehow makes them not that great? . . . OK.

    During it’s streak, UCLA usually beat all their opponents by double-digits, so . . . UCLA was basically Kramer kicking all the little kid’s asses in his karate class . . . so I guess their 88-game streak is a joke because their competition sucked, not because they were really good, right?

  4. They are two totally different sports. One is Men’s Basketball, the other is Women’s. There is a difference between the NFL and college, Division 1 schools and NAIA. The concept of this achievement is preposterous, in comparing to the Men’s record. Congrats to the UCONN women, that’s great. But on a college level put them on the floor of any men’s program and they would get waxed. There is a reason why women division, and men’s division.

  5. Ironically, UConn probably set women’s sports BACK about 40-50 years by accomplishing this “record”. In what modern-day men’s sport does the top ranked team beat two other top-25 teams by 30 points each??

    A men’s team hasn’t gone ONE season undefeated in 35 years, it’s now been done 5 times in the last ten years by women’s teams. While I greatly respect UCLA’s streak, there is no way in hell that would be done today in men’s basketball–just like with most other sports, competition has become much better.

    I don’t think anyone is saying it shouldn’t be a record, but it should only be a women’s basketball record. Uconn just extended the women’s record (they actually broke their own record at 71 wins).

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