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Saturday Morning 1990″s Music Video (120)

Merry Happy Christmas Holiday New Year.

Today is number 23 on the countdown.  It is Spacehog.  Enjoy.

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  1. Top 10 Disappointments of Fallin Inauguration.
    10. It wasn’t given in semaphore.
    9. She invoked The Wizard of Oz and the OKC Thunder in the same sentence.
    8. ex-husband wasn’t allowed time for re-buttal.
    7. Lost Ogle coverage was lacking

  2. ‎4. plan to reduce unemployment invovles more people on street corners and starving artists with rifles at the Red River

  3. ‎3. due to cold weather, no tea was served at the party.
    2. The nose on the Guardian statue didn’t grow during the speech.
    1. KFC on Lincoln Blvd. was backed due to security detail.

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