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Saturday Morning 1990′s Music Video (126)

In my world, before there was ever a band called the Pixies, there was a band called the Breeders.  That’s because while the Pixies were releasing great albums in the late 80s and early 90s, I was buying tapes made by artists like Bobby Brown, Technotronic and Vanilla Ice.  The best song from the Breeder’s second album Last Splash is Cannonball.  It’s number 17 on my list of my 25 favorite alternative songs from when I was in high school.

Oddly enough, I remember the first time I heard Cannonball.  I didn’t hear the tune on the radio or watch it on MTV.  No, the first time I heard Cannonball was on some weird UHF channel called The Box.  I think it was Channel 22, and if you were lucky enough to get its fuzzy, staticky signal, you could call an automated system and play a music video for like $2.99.  It was like a jukebox, only it was on TV, expensive and played videos.

Anyway, one night while watching, probably in-between this song and this song, someone played Cannonball.  Instantly, I was hooked.  I did what a bunch of other kids did and purchased the tape or CD.  I then did what a bunch of other kids did and fast forwarded (or skipped) to Cannonball.   And finally, I then did what a bunch of other kids did and realized the other songs on the album were weird, so I played out Cannonball and then tried to sell Last Splash to a friend or CD Warehouse.

Anyway, nearly 20 years later – Dear God, I’m old – I now appreciate Last Splash and actually can listen to it in full.  I also consider Kim Deal’s “other” band – the Pixies – one of my favorite bands of all time, even if I didn’t discover them until later on life.  And Dear God, I’m old!

Next week:  A band I once liked…and now absolutely hate.


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