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Tulsa Tuesday – Popular Movies in Oklahoma

While looking for things to do in the absence of the Tulsa World being off publication for a week, I stumbled upon Netflix Instant Streaming. One of the most interesting features was their Local Favorites menu – which shows what other Tulsans like to watch. No real surprises on this list:

So, I used my super Tulsa Community College computer learnin’ to hack in and see the results for other Oklahoma Cities:

My Tulsan of the Week:

Tulsa’s 1st District Congressman – John Sullivan

John & some other congressmen made the news this week after a group called out 33 congressmen for getting illegal benefits from the taxpayer, namely the taxpayers were letting them sleep on the couches of their offices. (apparently this group who seemingly can’t see the forest for a one inch square of bark on a tree isn’t bothered by everything else that goes on in congress and chooses to focus on what is at worst ethical jay-walking)

But, John didn’t exactly hide this – he actually campaigned on the concept.

Though, considering his history it is probably better if he doesn’t do any driving home in the evening.

I have to say that as an Oklahoman, I’m proud that almost 10% of the cheap congressmen who sleep under their desks are from our state. You’re doing fine Oklahoma, way to break stereotypes.


  1. Nice call on the Netflix. I always wondered the same thing when “Local Favorites” came up. Do people really watch these?

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