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Friday Night in the Big Town: OMG SUNSHINE!

May I suggest a tube top as the uniform for this weekend, sunshiney readers?  Also, you should probably spend the majority of your time drinking on a patio or playing beer pong on that concrete slab outside your backdoor that you call a porch.  I’ve already called in to work for this Saturday and I plan to neglect any professional or academic responsibilities.

Also, just a thought here:  The girls around the OU campus are already wearing short shorts and tank tops.  I think that means that it’s officially that time of year when things get a little more skanky.  Also, those boys that have been wearing Affliction long sleeve shirts will now be wearing Affliction t-shirts to show off those ever-so-handsome tribal tattoos.

Mmm hmm.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

February 19:  Greyson Chance at Edmond Santa Fe High School

So, I guess this kid’s proverbial 15 minutes aren’t yet over if he can get a sweet gig at what us Edmond kids always referred to as “that other school.”  But then again, after Justin Bieber announced that he is for socialized healthcare, the super conservative parents of E-town are probably looking for someone new to entertain their daughters.  And since little old Greyson is a hometown kid, he’s probably okay in their book.

There are two performances, one in the afternoon for the 6 to 8-year old girls, and one at 7 PM for the tweens.  If you don’t mind shrieking and tons of girls saying “O.M.G.” over and over again, it just may be worth it to go see ol’ Greyson before he makes it big on American Idol as soon as he’s old enough.

February 19:  Hinder at The First Council Casino

Patrick sent me a text message on Thursday morning to remind me to post about this event.  He was pretty excited, and he gets that way anytime Hinder plays in town.

I know you guys all know Hinder songs even if you pretend you don’t.  I mean, you sunshiney readers know that inevitably you would hear their stuff at one bar or another.  While I don’t necessarily recommend going to see this band, I think you should tell those weird coworkers you have about it.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  They drive a late nineties model Ford Taurus, bleach their hair, drink Route 44 Dr. Peppers from Sonic and listen to the Kat.  Those people would probably be pretty stoked for that show.  And I think it would be nice if you would tell them to say hi to Patrick when they’re there.

February 20:  The Pretty Reckless at The Conservatory

Is there a hole in your sunshiney heart that has been left by the lack of the band Hole?  Do you miss Courtney Love in your everyday radio experience?  Then get yourself to the Conservatory.

I don’t think The Pretty Reckless will ever be as grungy as Hole, primarily because their lead singer is on that Gossip Girl show.  So, if you like young stars who burn out fast, I think this might be something pretty ephemeral.  If you have the $12 and want to be one of the few people there who is old enough to drink alcohol, go right on ahead.

Or maybe I’m being too judgmental.  I don’t know.  Do people listen to this band and I’m just out of the loop, or is it a band fronted by a girl from that Gossip Girl show and I should mock it accordingly?

That’s it for this week, sunshiney readers.  I’ll see you on the nearest patio.

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