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Saturday Morning 1990′s Music Video (128)

If I had to list my favorite album from the 1990’s, there’s a chance that the Foo Fighter’s 1995 self-titled debut may be at the top of the list. One of my favorite tracks from the album — “This is a call” — comes in at 14 on my countdown.  My favorite song from the album, this one, was never released as a music video.

Anyway, this was the only Foo Fighters CD that I really liked.  Sure, the next one had the amazing song Everlong, but the CD as a whole kind of disappointed me.  It didn’t live up to the “brilliance” of their first album.  The songs weren’t as melodic, and it sounded like all the other post-grundge drivel that had become pretty boring.  In fact, Monkey Wrench may be the most annoying song of all time. Their other CDs followed a similar formula.

Regardless, the Foo Fighters became super popular and people who were born in 1987 now list them as a favorite band.  That’s why most people who were born after the year 1987 are pretty annoying.  Unless you are reading this, then you’re cool.

Go Green…No Really, Go

NBA analysts are all euphoric in regards to the major trades consummated by Thunder General Manager Sam Presti just before yesterday’s trade deadline.

“The Thunder’s trades for Kendrick Perkins and Nazr Mohammed basically put the finishing touches on a rebuilding project that began in Seattle in June of 2007, adding the low-post defense and interior toughness that was the final hurdle to their rivaling the big boys in the West.”   ~ John Hollinger, ESPN

“As for the Thunder, this is a brilliant move.” ~ Zach Lowe, Sports Illustrated

“My first thought was: Wow, the Thunder are gearing up to be Laker-killers..” ~ Henry Abbott, TrueHoop Blog ESPN

Jalen Rose barely stopped short of asking Presti to prom

These are just a sampling of the plethora of print journalists praising the Thunder for vaulting themselves from the label of “potential contender” to “contender for the championship this season.” Television pundits were equally as kind. The ESPN Basketball Tonight: Trade Deadline special was basically an hour long program dedicated to deifying Presti, and the NBAtv special saw every studio member list the Thunder first on their “winners” category.

For those of you who live under a rock and/or dislike basketball–in which case, thank you for reading anyway–these amazing transactions pulled off by Oklahoma City managment were:

  • Receiving center Kendrick Perkins and combo-midget Nate Robinson from Boston for out-of-position power forward Jeff Green and out of position center Nenad Krstic
  • Picking up center Nazr Mohammed from Charlotte for seldom used power forward D.J. White and never used shooting guard Morris Peterson

Most fans analyzing from a basketball perspective, myself included, have to agree with the experts. Perkins and Mohammed are both defensive-minded big men with the mean streak the team has always lacked. Perkins is a wide load who has battled the Lakers twice in the NBA Finals (winning one ring) and is credited with propelling the team to that second showdown thanks to him personally shutting down Magic superstar Dwight Howard. (Conversely, his injury in Game 6 of the Finals is thought to be the sole reason the Celtics are not currently the defending champs.) Still only 26 despite eight years of experience in the league, he is a savvy veteran, and young building block.

Meanwhile, Mohammed is past his prime, but still a veteran who has been the starting center for a championship team (2005 Spurs). He is an excellent defender, and has the 2nd best offensive rebounding percentage of any active player, meaning he will get a ton of easy putback baskets and give the Thunder extra possessions. Even the Boston throw-in Nate Robinson could have an impact for the team as a sparkplug scorer off the bench while being the kind of excited personality that can cheerlead the team as a reserve.

In the Charlotte deal, the Thunder gave up nothing. Absolutely nothing. White had decent numbers in limited minutes, but Head Coach Scott Brooks obviously never felt comfortable inserting him into the game. Peterson had scored a total of four points all season despite being the second highest player on the team (he was acquired from New Orleans, who wanted to dump his salary for salary cap purposes, as part of the deal that netted the team Cole Aldrich).

What the team gave up to Boston, however, is why much of the Thunder fanbase is depressed today.

Friday Night in the Big Town: Gonna Say Something Political, and Then Be Irrelevant Again.

Well, here we are again, civil readers.  It’s the weekend and all you really want to do is get drunk.  I don’t blame you.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my weekend is full of booze.  This past week has been kind of an ulcer wrapped in a tension headache with just a touch of panic attack.  But whatever.  We’ve all had those weeks.  So now it’s time to cut loose and forget for two days what has been plaguing us for the last five.  So pop a top and kick back.  I don’t even care if you’re reading this while you’re still at work.  It’s casual Friday, after all.  And what’s more casual than a beer with those jeans that they let you wear today?

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

February 26:  Walk for Choice

I, along with every other woman in this country, have been personally attacked by the GOP.  In some ridiculous attempt to prove that they will not stand for abortion, the house Republicans, along with 10 Democrats have voted to cut funding for Planned Parenthood.

But here’s where it gets really dumb.  With the passage of the Hyde amendment and the Stupak-Pitts amendment, there is no federal funding for abortion already.  So why would these politicians decide that they wanted to stop federal funding to Planned Parenthood?  I don’t know what these politicians were going for, unless they were literally trying to guarantee that uninsured women went into debt for simple check ups.  Either give the people healthcare or give them access to affordable services.

Planned Parenthood provides these affordable services to women, children and yes, even men.  Without federal funding, it’s hard to imagine that uninsured people would be able to attain such common and absolutely necessary services such as breast exams and pap smears.  I, myself, have used their services and I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.  In fact, I can’t think of many women who haven’t used a Planned Parenthood at sometime in their lives.

If you’re as pissed off about this as I am, good.  You should be.  Show your representatives that you won’t take this bullshit sitting down.  Stop politicians from denying access to incredibly important healthcare.

I’m off my soapbox now.  I promise for the rest of this post I will be the same charmingly irrelevant Marisa you’ve grown to love.  And my mom doesn’t like it when I get too political.  It’s not polite.

Top 25 Oklahoma Sports Figures Since 2000 (11-15)

How do I continue to post such brilliance? Genetics and plenty of free time, I guess.

Recap last week’s list:

20 Rhett Bomar

19 Desmond Mason

18 Courtney Paris

17 Sunny Galloway’s daughter

16 Russell Westbrook

And this week’s brilliance begins with …

Taking a look at the 2011 Single in the City Participants

This Saturday, Oklahoma Magazine is hosting their annual Single in the City Party and Charity Auction.   The event starts at 6:00pm at Skyy Bar in Bricktown.  Tickets are $25 at the door, and so you can’t complain about the price without feeling like a tool, 100% of all proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish.  That means if you go, you’ll help make things like this a reality.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this?  Here are four key reasons…

1) I write a “lighted-hearted” column for Oklahoma Magazine each month….and they actually pay me for it.  Therefore, I should probably kiss up and publicize the event.

2) I’m not going to lie, I went to last year’s event and it was actually fun. The best part is watching how terrified the single people looked as they were being auctioned.  Imagine that feeling.  Standing on a stage by yourself with a spotlight on while total strangers bid for a date with you.  No wonder Casey Cornett wet his pants last year.  Also, the girls up for auction usually bring their single friends for support.   When single girls show up to support a friend, that’s usually when they are the most vulnerable.

3) We are giving away four pairs of tickets to the event via Twitter. All you need to do is go to our Twitter page and retweet the following message: “I want to go to @OklahomaMag’s Single in the City.  And @JimTraber sucks.”  We’ll then select four retweets at random, and if your tweet is chosen, you get a pair of tickets.

4) I get to write about this year’s participants. Nothing is more fun than writing about attractive people with big egos.  After the jump, I break down this year’s brave and daring Single in the City field.