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Saturday Morning 1990′s Music Video (131)

I wasn’t sure where to rank this song on the list, but it needs to rank somewhere.  That’s because In Utero (and an another album that has this song on it) were the first two CD’s I ever purchased.  I got them at CD Warehouse on North May.  For some reason, I’m thinking the CD Warehouse was located in (or near) the building where the City Bites by Best Buy currently resides.

Anyway, even though I like a lot of other Nirvana songs better than this one, Heart Shaped Box was my favorite Nirvana song at the time because MTV wanted it to be (and also because Nirvana went out of their way to make a really weird noncommercial album).  As a homage to that, this song ranks number 12 on my list.

Next week?  A song from an album that you had to own (and really really like) if you were in high school during the summer of 1995.

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