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Baseball season started this past weekend. My beloved Cubs sucked as expected. Yeah, I know 3-3 is hardly cause for alarm. But the Cubs went 3-3 … at home … against the mighty Pittsburgh Pirates and Arizona Diamondbacks. Coming as no shock to this long-suffering fan, our “franchise changing” free agent signees Carlos Pena and Matt Garza managed not to look any good – Pena is hitting .200 on the season without a homerun with Garza gave up 12 hits in his first start. Oh, and two of our starting pitchers look to end up on the DL before Easter.


The University of Oklahoma hired as their new men’s basketball coach Thad Matta. What coup! And look at Thad’s dapper new haircut. He looks 10 years younger.

Wait, that’s a picture of Lon Kruger. I mean OU hired Lon Kruger and not Thad Matta, who looks like a bald, more successful Kruger.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that if Joe C didn’t hire a coach that was still coaching, we could officially deem this search process a disaster. I stand corrected. Though an apparent stop gap, Kruger has been successful at every stop in his coaching career. He made Florida a decent program. He put K State back on the map. He made Illinois competitive in the Big 10. And he has taken a UNLV program to the NCAA tournament four of the last five years.

It is unlikely K uger coaches much longer than his seven year contract. But it is very likely that when he decides to retire, the OU men’s basketball job will be better than it was when he arrived.

Speaking of men’s basketball, the Huskies of UConn defeated the Butler Bulldogs by the nearly unwatchable score of 54 to 41. Butler shot 18% for the game. Which is understandable if your offensive philosophy was to punt the basketball from half court on every possession. Hell, their problem wasn’t behind the arc – they shot 9% from 2 point range. How in the hell is that even possible. A drunk Romanian hobbit could double that. A Kelvin Sampson team could triple that.

Well, maybe that’s a bit much (see 1996 NCAA tournament 1st round matchup versus Temple).

The Masters is this weekend. Which is awesome. Craig Humphries is on every 10 minutes on the Sports Animal rebooting an interview with some Brit no one cares about. And giving us his 23 potential winners. And revealing his 12 dark horses. And talking about Jack and Tiger and Tiger and Jack. Which is completely not awesome.

Barry Bonds’ federal trial on perjury charges is in it’s second week, and looks to conclude as early as today as jury deliberations have begun. Frankly, I could give two shits. Baseball was a lot more exciting when the Yankees were winning the pennant every year, games ended in scores more resembling Ravens versus Steelers, and guys were hitting 60 homeruns a year. Everyone was cheating. Pitchers cheat by screwing with the ball and getting hulkish. Hitters cheat by stealing signs and getting hulkish. Sure, there was your occassional Greg Maddux or … well … ummm, I am trying to think of a big hitter that didn’t cheat in the 90’s.

Point is this – everyone was on the same playing field. All the players had access to prime tail, free drinks, the gym, and steroids. Why is our government wasting it’s time on something as trivial as baseball. For the love of God, you have to have more important things to worry about. You know, like dissolving the BCS.

And in a non-sports related story, Dr. Ed Shadid defeated Charlie Swinton by 24 points, winning the Ward 2 seat on the Oklahoma City council. Huh. Maybe 1) sending 7 pieces of election propaganda each day , 2) calling every effing day for 2 weeks, isn’t the best strategy to yourself elected, Chuck. I am certain the absurb manner in which you tried to convince people like me (who you know is a registered Republican, ass) to vote for you didn’t help your cause.


  1. From another long suffering Cub’s fan, I can say at least this season our hopes are dashed early. No season has been worse than watching the collapse after the Bartman fiasco. Went from 5 outs from the world series to saying that’s ok we got Wood and Prior ready to pitch tomorrow night to F#(@ they choked again!!!!!!!! Then the next time they are in the playoffs I watched all four infielders make an error in one inning. It that don’t make you believe in the curse of the goat nothing will. Here’s to NEXT YEAR. (Been saying that since 1983 when I watched my fist Cubs game.)

    • So I guess at this point the Cubs are mathmatically eliminated from post season play?

  2. Humphries wears me the eff out during the Masters. sometimes, if you pay attention, you can hear a fapping noise in the background. what is that noise?

    • There’s a reason why he no longer has his own show on the Sport Animal . . . as Charles Barkley would say, he was turrable . . .

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, On the few occasions I listen to Thunder pre-game on the animal, he’s bearable because he actually supports some of his opinions with hard numbers and statistics. Unlike the insufferable douche bag, jim traber. But Masters coverage is the worse, watching golf on tv is bad enough but hearing him name off 30-40 golfers for 25 minutes is a million times more boring. I’d almost prefer listen to a Sooner Football game with Bob Barry Sr still in the booth than that shit.

      My guess, his brother knows someone that gets him his measly media pass every year, and its a nice little paid vacation for him and the fam. Thank God the masters only lasts for a few days.

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