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Friday Night in the Big Town: Ghosts, Eggs and Mates

What’s up, readers?  Are you as ready for the impending rain as I am?  No?  Best get ready.  And by that I mean that I need all of you to go get your cars washed A.S.A.P. to insure that the rain stays steady and perhaps prevents the state from burning all the time.  It’s for the best, you know, because April showers bring May flowers.  And Mayflowers bring pilgrims!  Boo-yah!

Jokes like that keep me on staff here.  Not my tomfoolery and behind-the-scenes behavior.  That tends to get me multiple hours of court-mandated community service.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

April 23:  Ghostlahoma Paranormal Conference

I’ll be honest with you readers.  When I saw the word “Ghostlahoma”, I got unbelievably excited at the prospect of someone putting a big sheet over the state and cutting two eye holes, then running around yelling boo.  Then I thought to myself, “be logical, Marisa!”  And that’s when I realized it was going to be a bunch of movie fans molding pottery while the ghost of Patrick Swayze sat behind them as “Unchained Melody” played in the background.

At least, I think that’s what happens at the state paranormal convention.  I imagine the psychics and the mediums will be there, and the ghost whisperers and the goth kids that work at Hot Topic.  And probably a few horror movie fans too.  I, myself, will not be in attendance, as I’m literally pretty scared of the dark, and I don’t need to know about scary business that goes down or feel the temperature drop as the ghosts get mad at Haley Joel Osment for seeing them.

April 23:  The Orr Family Farm Easter Celebration

In a perfect world, there would be chocolate bunnies on the zip line and Peeps on the train.  Knowing how much the Orr Family likes to bring joy to the lives of folks, they may just indulge me.

Recently I went to the Orr Family Farm for the birthday of a two-year old, and an older child at the celebration referred to the cow’s udder as her “soft milk parts.”  That’s the great thing about the Orr Family Farm.  You get to have all those awkward anatomical discussions with your children.  And there are pony rides too.

I imagine the Easter Celebration will involve an egg hunt of sorts.  I’ve been told that’s a tradition.  So, that’ll be fun for the kids.  But be forewarned, the Orr Family Farm doesn’t allow alcohol on the premises.  There’s a sign that says so as you drive up.

April 25:  Mates of State with Other Lives Free Show

The University of Oklahoma does a lot of free shows, and the majority of them are pretty lame.  I don’t know who has been on the campus activities council since I started my career as a forever student back in ‘aught-four, but they have a tendency to choose bands that no one wants to see ever.

This is not the case with Mates of State.  It’s kind of refreshing for there not to a lame-asaurus band playing on the lawn between the dorms.  Instead, this show will be less freshman friendly and take place on the lawn by the Union.

Now, as we all know, there is no booze on campus unless it’s a game day.  You can easily get around this rule with the clever use of Sonic cups.  Simply order a Route 44 Coke, drink it down a quarter to half of the way, and top off with rum.  Then, enjoy your concert, my friends.  Not that I would know to do this on campus.  As I stated earlier, the shows of previous years have been pretty dumb.

That’s all for now, readers.  Have a fantastic weekend.  I hope you find all the eggs at the egg hunt.  And if you make Jello eggs, you really need to put some fruity vodka up in that business.  For reals.

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