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These guys probably drink Mountain Dew….

I think the craziest, most dangerous thing I’ve ever done in life is stand up while riding the Wildcat roller coaster at Frontier City.  I got caught and was escorted out by a security guard.  I was cool, I was 16 and I was a rebel.  These dudes have totally one upped me.

Two parachuters were arrested early Sunday morning after they jumped off the unfinished Devon tower, police said.

Bo Jack Baxter, 29, and Waylon Clay Litchfield, 34, were booked into Oklahoma County jail on trespassing complaints, Oklahoma City police Lt. Don Holland said.

Both men were released from jail Sunday.

Security at the Devon tower alerted police that two men with parachuting equipment were inside the tower about 2:40 a.m. A city police officer who witnessed both men jumping from the building arrested them once they safely reached the ground, Holland said.

Man, these guys look like they’d be cool friends to have, but they’re probably the type of guys that have Roman candle fights in the country, race their Honda motorcycles on 39th Street and do that weird kite surfing thing at lake Hefner.  The also probably have a good selection of weed hidden in a cigar box on a shelf underneath their television. That means they probably get all the hot carefree chicks and call everyone “bro.”  That would get irritating after a while, so they probably wouldn’t be good friends to have.

Also, call me crazy, but how did these guys get the top of the damn tower?  Did they just walk in wearing their base jumping gear and take the elevator to the top?  Did they dress like construction workers? Or perhaps they dressed like Steve Lackmeyer or Brianna Bailey and just walked around the site with magnifying glass like they were searching for clues or something.  It’s probably the latter.




    • why do they have to be dumbasses… its called living life to the fullest. Just because you wouldnt do it doesnt mean they cant. There is no law that says they cant just off a building, they cant just off a bridge but no where does it say that they cant just from a Building. Maybe you should go do something that gives you a rush and you will know what they were feeling.

      • Jumping off a f**king building is “living life to the fullest”? And you are justifying this by saying, “Hey… these guys deserve to get a rush!” Are you for real? Maybe these idiots should try to get their extreeeeeme rush from helping AIDS orphans in Africa or doing something that otherwise benefits humanity instead of trying to play Bohdi and Johhny Utah.

  1. Bo and Waylon Clay? Inept “Security”? Insane stunt for no reason?

    We’re a Dodge charger short of a Dukes of Hazzard episode.

  2. “Security at the Devon tower alerted police that two men with parachuting equipment were inside the tower about 2:40 a.m.”

    What a spectacular way to fail at your only duty as night security for a construction site.

  3. I think everyone is missing the obvious fact that there is nothing in Oklahoma tall enough that people would be interested in jumping off of, therefore no law forbidding stuff like base jumping.

    They were charged with trespassing…what is that? $100 and a nap in the OKC jail? Seems like the risk/reward is enough that we’ll see more of these shenanigans before the tower is done being built.

    • I totally agree, Frito. After all, it’s their life and I say it’s a testimony to OKC, that we’ve finally built something big enough to draw people to. Maybe it’s not the best testimony for our great state, but at least it says something about our economy in that we have companies that are willing to build something of this stature in OKC. More power to these guys.

  4. Frito is right, it’s only a misdemeanor with a $167 fine to jump off a building with a parachute. The rationale is probably if you’re dumb enough to try a stunt like this and risk totally removing your genetics from the pool in your Quxotic quest for a Darwin Award, then more power to you; just don’t expect us to scrape up the mess.

  5. I think these guys live down the street from me-drive an X-Terra with a kayak on the roof, have a bandanna-wearing border collie, and say stuff like Take off to the Great White North…Beauty…

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