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Welcome to the new TheLostOgle.com…

If you’re checking the website this Monday morning, don’t be too alarmed.  Nobody has spiked your coffee…yet.  In fact, what you are looking at is version 4.0 of our little obscure local social blog.  To celebrate, let’s watch my newest make-believe girlfriend do the “Dougie.”

First of all, my apologies to Joanna Krupa.  We had a long run together, but with this new design comes a new make-believe girlfriend, and right now, there may not be any better make-believe girlfriend in the universe than Kate Upton.

Anyway, since that’s out-of-the-way, let’s go touch on a few things:

– The theme was designed by our friend and Ogle Mole Dustin Brewer.  Dustin is a local web designer who only does works for picky high maintenance clients like us.  His website is here and you can follow him on Twitter, too.

– We’ve cleaned up the layout a bit and added some bells and whistles that our old theme lacked.  We also wanted to make the site more inviting and easier to navigate for new visitors and feature content over the past few years that you may have missed.  I think and hope we’ve accomplished that.

– We now have a few more advertising options available.  If you want with us, shoot us an email.

– Other than that, not much is changing.  We’ll still write about the same mix of people, things and other stuff going on across this state and beyond.  Now it will just look a little different and be a bit easier to navigate.  Thanks again for stopping by.

p.s. – I love you , Kate, but please quit texting me so much on the weekends.


  1. I likes it, just my 2 pennies. Now if you just had video of Joleen Chaney doing the “Dougie.”

  2. She looks like she has made some money $1 at a time. Wish she would have gone Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct on us. That or leaned forward some more.

  3. She is having way too much fun to have been or be a stripper. That is just girls just want to have fun!

  4. You guys all know she’s a famous, world-title-holding horserider, right? Also, Pat…you’ll have to unchain Kate from the pipes in my basement to claim her as your own. The texts are a ruse, sent by me.

  5. The background of the new site is the bathroom wall at the Cock of the Walk, right?

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