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These sisters are good at golf and possibly attractive…

Yesterday, I was watching the occasionally funny Sports Show with Norm MacDonald on the old DVR.  Norm was doing a bit on Blake Griffin winning “Rookie of the Year” and then followed it up with a bit about a couple of sisters (maybe pictured above) that play golf for UCO.

Since ComedyCentral.com makes it really difficult to rip video and post it on YouTube, here’s the a clip that I recorded on my computer from my trusty iPhone.  You can view it on Comedy Central here.

Being the UCO graduate and obscure local social blogger that I am, I immediately turned to the internet to see what I could find out about these sisters.  Here’s what I learned.

1. They spell their last name funny
2. Sports show is not very current
3. Is that picture really of the Bensch sister?

1.  Yeah, the sisters’ spell their last name Bensch.  Not Bench.  I guess that’s good for those people out there who don’t like to be asked if they are related to Johnny or would rather not have the same last name as a seating apparatus, but it sucks for those who use Google to find out information on people.

2.  Once I figured out how to properly spell Bensch, I read about their amazing hole-in-one feat.  Come to find out, they hit the hole-in-ones back in November.

November 10, 2010

Two sisters, two aces, one round

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — An afternoon practice round for Central Oklahoma golfers and sisters Erica and Lindsey Bensch will not soon be forgotten.

Playing one group apart at windy KickingBird Golf Club on Tuesday, the duo each scored a hole in one during their round.

Older sister Erica, a junior for the Bronchos, recorded her first-ever ace on the 124-yard third hole with a gap wedge. Freshman Lindsey followed suit less than two hours later, knocking in an 8-iron on the 142-yard 11th hole for her second career hole in one.

So, one of the things that was supposed to make Sports Show better than Sports Dome was that it was supposed to be more topical.  Weird golf stories from November are not topical.

3.  Let’s compare the picture of the sister’s used on Sports Show with their UCO golf mug shots.

Uhm…are those the same girls?  The top picture looks like a couple of chicks you may see playing pool in a smokey corner at the Wolf Trap, while the one from Sports Show looks like a couple of girls you’d see playing golf in a JC Penny catalog photo shoot.

Seriously, I can’t tell if these are the same girls or not.  What do you think, Ogle Mole Network?  Did the Bensch sisters get a 15 minutes of fame makeover, or did Sports Show go to istock for their photo needs?  The world must know!


  1. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that neither sets of girls have ever been to the Wolf Trap.

  2. That pic is not really them. The girl in blue looks kind of similar to the actual girl, but there’s no way in hell that the blonde is the real UCO golfer.

    The chick in blue kind of looks like Susan Sarandon’s daughter, and the girl in pink kind of looks like Lisa Dergan.

  3. Too bad the aces weren’t on the same hole or I’d be killing the 2 girls, 1 cup joke right now.

  4. You seem to be straying from you honor code here a bit Patrick. Unless either of these girls have done commercials or are on a local media outlet somehow, I think they should be off limits to your snark. IMO


  5. Whats really remarkable is that one of them hit a gap wedge 124 yards. Unless she has the body of Laura Davies, her shot had to have a strong tail wind.

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