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Tulsa Tuesday: Die Hard 5

You may not have known this, but Die Hard 5 began principal photography in Tulsa last week. It sounds like a fantastic, action-packed thrill ride.

From what the news reported, the opening scene will go something like this – an 18 wheeler full of gasoline driven by an insane driver careens out of a small town down the highway with five police cars in pursuit. Cut to a major downtown festival, kids getting their faces painted, street performers entertaining and musicians playing.

The driver heads into downtown and swerves into police who are trying to set up stop sticks on the road. At this point 20+ vehicles are in chase and finally the truck crashes to a halt into City Hall. Sounds fantastic, can’t wait to see it.

Wait a minute, they weren’t filming a movie?  That actually happened where I live…in real life? Screw this, I’m moving to Moore.

Tulsan of the Week

A Tulsa Firefighter, Keith Wolfe, is accused of being a peeping tom. Keith was apparently looking over the wall in a tanning booth at a 16-year-old girl. Nice work Keith, I’m sure you’ll have ample peepin’ opportunities in jail over the next few years.

And a bit of media criticism, if you’d permit. If this guy was a young, dark male we’d have a picture on every single news story. There wasn’t one picture up on the myriad of stories covering this article. It wasn’t that hard to find this picture of the guy in a puff piece about raising money in a county newspaper.

For a little extra fun, here’s the salon’s Facebook page celebrating his firing from the Tulsa Fire Department.


  1. I like how the article leads with the reporter pondering the type of gas in the truck. “Yep, we’ve got a full load of bunny farts here, just in time for festival season”

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