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Ogle Nuggets: Guns, Rocklahoma, Traber and more…

• A bunch of right-wing wacko ladies named “Heels Packing Heat” posed for a gun-filled photo shoot inside the Lincoln county courthouse in Chandler.  The police are now investigating the photo shoot because apparently it’s “illegal” to take guns into a courthouse.  Fortunately for the ladies, the are white females.  Therefore, I doubt any charges will be filed.

• Rocklahoma has announced the 2011 Ms. Rocklahoma Pageant Finalists. I was going to breakdown the entire field last week, but as an Ogle Mole told me, visiting the Rocklahoma.com website is one of the few ways you can catch Chlamydia through a computer screen.  So if you like to look at scantily clad girls who like jager bombs, Papa Roach and have probably either been in a fight or had sex in a City Walk bathroom, view at your own risk.

• If you do go to Rocklahoma and survive, take a few pictures and send them to us. Preferably, take pics of some burned out 45-year-old biker woman flashing her boobs. Clark Matthews loves those pics.  Also, vote for Rebecca in the pageant.  She’s requested our support on Twitter. The fact that she even knows how to use Twitter probably makes her too intelligent to compete in this event.

• An Ogle Mole sent us a link to this April thread from Jim Traber’s Message Board.  I guess someone called Jim on his cell phone and said bad things.  That lead to Jim posting the caller’s number (and other phone numbers) on his board.  That’s classy.

My favorite part in the thread is where someone blames us and writes “The guys at the Lost Ogle fan a lot of the Traber hate.” To which Traber replies [sic] “They’ are big time punks!!!!!” This is all I have to say; if you need more than one exclamation point, you don’t need one at all.

Steve Lackmeyer watched a Thunder game in Bricktown…at Texadelphia?! Who knows, maybe Chipotle and Jersey Mike’s were closed.

“Tonight I met up with Chef Andrew Black and watched the Thunder-Dallas game at Texadelphia. I inquired when we first ordered as to whether they would be playing the game. We were assured yes, they’d be playing the game on all their big screens – something they promote frequently through social media.”

“So we enjoyed dinner and watched the game. But as 10 p.m. hit, and with the game still in the third quarter, the manager announced it was closing time. Understand there were at least 30 people in the place – all paying customers – watching the game, which was far from over. A few minutes later, the sound was turned off. We were informed they would be shutting down completely at 10:30, even though the game was set to continue until shortly before 11 p.m.”

Hey, a like Texadelphia’s food, but if you choose to watch a Thunder game there, you probably deserve to be kicked out at 10:00pm.  Seriously, ever heard of a sports bar?  Also, isn’t Chef Andrew Black some fancy chef around town?  You would think they could have picked a better place.

p.s. – Texadelphia eventually responded to Lackmeyer’s rant.  They threw a manager under the bus.

• Tornadoes obliterated parts of the state yesterday.  We all know that, and we all probably know someone impacted by the storms.  Do the right thing and donate to the Red Cross and help assist with relief efforts.

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  1. To be fair to Chef Black, I chose Texadelphia and no one ever accused me of having great judgment (his choice was the sushi sports bar at Park Harvey and I’m not a sushi guy). Texadelphia promoted itself as a place to watch Thunder games. My thinking, at the time, was that it was really nice outside, we were hanging out downtown, it had an outdoor patio with televisions tuned into the game, and quite honestly, I don’t like going to sports bars and such in fear of running into someone like these guys: http://www.newsok.com/article/3566621?highlight=%5B%22dan%22%2C%22o%27brien%27s%22%5D
    Note: I didn’t complain about Texadelphia screwing up my order that night…

  2. Chef Black clearly has excellent taste! The Park Harvey Sushi bar is hands down the best place for before and during a Thunder game. The sushi is the best in town too!

  3. Five Guys allegedly got Traber’s burger order wrong yesterday and he let them know about it. He’s a dick and needs a haircut.

  4. I listend to Jim Traber run down Jenny Carlson today until I had enough. Funny how he says she shouldn’t have an opinion because she doesn’t know anything, yet he screamed at anyone that said Russell Westbrook could be a point guard.

  5. Rebecca should learn that the flag of the United States is not supposed to touch the ground. She seems fully qualified to be a Miss Rocklahoma.

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