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Vote For Your “Oklahoman of The Month” (June 2011)

Big congrats goes out to David Payne.  You voted for him folks.  He is your “Oklahoman Of The Month” for May 2011.

His daring venture into the belly of those terrible tornadoes that hit last month put him to the top of the list.  That dude is one crazy kat!

After the jump take a gander at the nominees and vote for your “Oklahoman Of The Month” for June 2011.  And don’t forget to send us your nominees throughout July.  You can email me, Bridges, directly at james(at)okieempire.com.  I even read hate emails.  They give me inspiration.

1. Adrian Peterson

Member that one dude that played for the Sooners and scored all those points and now plays for the Minnesota Vikings?  Yeah I thought you would.

Well, there was the “Old Spice Adrian Peterson Football Camp” held in June at the University of Oklahoma.  Kids ages 7 to 14 from all around, excited to meet their favorite football hero I might say, saved up their allowances and dished out $200 a pop to attend the camp.  Sadly the star of the camp, Peterson, had to make a choice.

The NFL Network was filming a special for the top 100 players of 2011.  Peterson instead attended this event.  Those poor children who looked up to this hero were let down.

ProCamps however did issue an apology to the campers for the situation as well offered full refunds to participants who did not want to attend and $70 worth of in kind gifts for those who will be attending the camp now hosted by Jason White, Mark Clayton and DeMarco Murray.  Yay!

2. Hipsters

Enough said.

3.  Fake Joleen Chaney

Thanks to an anonymous email sent through the Ogle Mole Network we got to see some pictures of what some reader thought was Joleen Chaney.  We all agree that Chaney is freaking hot, but the images sent to TLO were hot too.  So on that note, the “fake Joleen Chaney chick gets a nomination for this month.

You can read more about this little fiasco here.

4. Marla Morgan

We all know weatherman Mike Morgan.  Yeah he’s pretty much the man when it comes to making up crazy descriptive words like “elephant trunk stage”, or “cauliflower mushroom top.”

I think only Gary Busy can top his made-up acronyms like “P.D.S.”  According to Mike this stands for “Particularly Dangerous Situation.”

Well, we here at TLO think Mike Morgan is getting too much credit.  We believe there’s someone behind all of this genius.  And we have a very strong suspicion that it’s Marla Morgan herself. (Mike’s wife)

Recently Mike proved how much of a supporter he is of TLO by sending us pictures of his wife. And as Patrick pointed out, that’s not crazy at all.  Feel free to send us pictures of your wife anytime.

Back to the point.  The person behind the curtain pushing all the buttons has to be Marla.  Therefore she has been nominated as Oklahoman of the Month.

So now it’s time to vote.  May the best win.

Who is your "Oklahoman of the Month" for June 2011?

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  1. LOVE Marla Morgan! They really are a fun couple! I actually wondered if she was behind the new “Sparkle Tie” Mike wears during severe weather! Can’t imagine Gary’s wife would EVER suggest he get a tie like that!

  2. Really? may we actually have a choice? This is like asking a woman is she would prefer having her eyebrows plucked, or a bikini wax or a tweet from Coex-Congressman Wiener.

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