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Newsflash: Oklahomans are Stupid

One thing you get pretty used to as an Oklahoman is your home state making some random internet Top 10 list. Sometimes these lists can be nice and positive — like being named one of  the “Top 10 Cities to Relocate to if You Want to Work for a Natural Gas Company” — while other times they can be embarrassing and sad.

Well, an Ogle Mole forwarded us this list (via KOCO) from last February that belongs in the embarrassing and sad category. It ranks “The Ten States Running Out Of Smart People.” Oklahoma was ranked third. Here’s why:

The best Oklahoma performed in any of our metrics was 33rd, for a slight increase in the population with jobs requiring college educations. In every other category, the state experienced significant relative and actual decreases. Oklahoma had the sixth-worst decline in reading scores. Between 2000 and 2009, 39 states had better increases in adults with bachelors degrees, and 45 had better increases in advanced degrees.

Population Change (2000-2009): 159,419 (4.6%)
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher: 22.7% (42nd)
Population With White Collar Careers: 11.8% (37th)
NAEP Math: 41st
NAEP Reading: 38th

Yeah, this is kind of sad and everything, but is it really news? We all know we’re not that smart, right?

If you need proof, look no farther than how we vote. In addition to electing people like Sally Kern and Jim Inhofe to office, we can’t even vote for the correct state quarter. Our choice was so bad that the governor forced a re-vote. How pathetic was that?

We also have that problem called “Rural Oklahoma.” I heard a rumor that once you venture 10 miles outside of the Oklahoma City or Tulsa metros (and Bartlesville) your IQ drops five percent. And that’s not saying much. Seriously, they could have a casting call in Mustang for “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader … with Down Syndrome?” and probably struggle to find contestants.

All that being said, I’m kind of happy that we are so dumb. For one, it provides more opportunities for those of us with average intelligence. No lie, if you put me in a cultured and educated state like, uhm, Vermont, I’d probably just be a fry cook at Hooters. But since I live in Oklahoma, I was able to use my smarts to become a typo-spewing obscure local social blogger.

Also, local groups can and should spin this list so it looks good. The Chamber of Commerce could just rename it a “Top 10 States with the Best Opportunities for Smart People to Find Work.” Meanwhile, the tourism department could write a press release about how Oklahoma was named the third best place to view stupid / uneducated people in a natural environment. They could even tie it to the opening of the State Fair. Or they could just wait for another state wide vote on something. Both could work.


    • it took you until 1996 to figure this out? I figured out in 1990, and that’s only because I lived in Cali until about uhmmmm, 1990…. so yea, you guys are stupid.

  1. After growing up in OK then spending half a dozen years away for college/work then to come back to take care of family I must say there isn’t a day goes by where I don’t say to myself “this person or these people seriously can’t be that stupid.” At first I thought the reason was because we have so many Meth addicts that maybe they fried their brains. But that’s not the case some of these people are stupid even before they get into drugs. I recently heard a 15 year old kid that was shocked that KFC stood for Kentucky Fried Chicken he just couldn’t believe it, he thought it was a joke. He was catching grasshoppers to fish with but he was calling them crickets lol. He didn’t know what endangered species were and I told him they could become extinct of course he didn’t know what that was so I told him and he said “well can’t they just go get some more over in Africa?” LOL Oh and he also calls a Phillips head screwdriver a “star screwdriver.” His goal in life is to get his food card and work for KFC. Sad thing is this low IQ idiot has another low IQ idiot baby on the way and will most likely produce 4 or 5 low IQ babies before he’s finished.

  2. Oh and I’ve lived in several different areas of the state and I’d have to say the town with the most stupid people is the wonderful city of Sapulpa, OK

  3. I just got a B.S. in Meteorology this May from OU.

    And this article illustrates why I sometimes don’t like going back home to northern Oklahoma, especially since I understand the climate change/global warming science and most Oklahomans go with Inhofe.

    My dad at was a “Obama is a socialist Muslim Kenyan bent on destroying this country.” at one point.

  4. Maybe it’s all the KFC that we EAT that makes us stupid…although I’m not sure, cause they those everywhere right?

  5. Being a lifelong Mustangite (Mustangian?), I feel I must feign a little outrage. We are surrounded, completely, by OKC and not technically outside. But to be fair it’s the crappy rural part you speak of. Including that nutjob on the SW corner of 89th and Council.

  6. It says a lot that just the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex added more people in just the past 10 years than the ENTIRE state of Oklahoma’s population. Oklahoma is a backwater, it’s just a fact. And with our current swift slide into another Dust Bowl, a big population drop is probably coming in the next few years.

    • DFW added only added about 1.2 million people in the last ten years, which is more in line with the population of Metro OKC, not the the entire state. Still an impressive number, though, I suppose.

  7. Hi Patrick –

    I have a daughter with DS. It is not appropriate to use people with DS as a punch-line to a joke.

    People with DS are 1.5 times more likely to be victims of violent crimes and 2 times as likely to be the victim of a sexual assault (DOJ stat) and this is a direct result of poor opinions and outdated stereotypes of people with DS.

    While I believe you did not mean to intentionally insult this entire group of people, when you do it, you send the message to others that it is okay to be disrespectful to this group of people. And that in turn leads to more poor treatment.

    Please consider your language.


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