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Ogle Nuggets: 7/26/2011

• The Flaming Lips’ have added “Performing an acoustic version of ‘Do You Realize?’ at a Los Angeles cemetery” to the list of weird things they can do because they’re the Flaming Lips. I’m not sure if I like the video or the acoustic version of the song, but at least they stayed away from confetti, balloons and Wayne walking around in a giant bubble. It’s about time they try something new. (via Barrelhouse Beat)

• Norman is having a problem with cute little beavers. And no, you don’t need to worry if you just met a girl on Campus Corner. Apparently beavers are swimming their way into town and building dams where water runoff is supposed to drain from the city. As a response, the city is capturing and killing the dangerous varmints. Once they kill all the beavers, city officials have announced they will tackle Norman’s next biggest problem: Hipster college kids.

• A couple was caught having sex in a parked car in front of an Oklahoma City elementary school. According to the police report, people could easily see the naked couple because the windows were not tinted. I guess that makes the moral to this story pretty clear. The couple should have chosen Alta-Mere.

Some idiot threw nine puppies off a bridge in Broken Bow. Afterwards, the person slapped a couple of babies, cursed a rainbow and shot the little hummingbird flying around in your grandma’s garden.

• Finally, KFOR says you may die if you try to cool your home. The alternative is dying by not cooling your home. Bummer.


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