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Spence Sez: RIP Winehouse

Hello friends! Thanks for joining me in this week’s post. Wanna know who that cute blonde is with Girls Gone Wild founder, Joe Francis? It’s Oklahoma’s own Abbie Wilson! They are no longer together, so guys, iron your Affliction T-shirts and get out there (note: your Affliction shirt will need to be accompanied by a sleazy video company that makes millions). Man, I’m always impressed with the amount of beautiful women in our state. Oklahoma is OK! Anycrap, let’s get to the questions.

Our first question comes from TLO’s Clark Matthews: @SpencerLenox, If @thelostogle had been smart enough to get on the phone hacking bandwagon, which local celebrity should they have targeted?

Thanks for the question, Clark. I think one of the first people TLO should have hacked would be Mayor Mick Cornett. I would like to hear the stories he tells to Clay Bennett and Larry Nichols. They probably stay up all night gabbing while the nail polish on their toes dries. They probably discuss ways for taxpayers to pay for the hobbies of the richest people in Oklahoma. P.S., I hear the next MAPS project will be for an addition to the Crosstown that will run from Clay’s driveway to the OKC Arena.

Also, I would like to listen to Bibi Jones without having to pay $9.99 a minute.

Spencer, I’m newly single after my wife cheated on me with an elected official. Where are some good places to meet classy OKC ladies? – N. Atwood

Thanks for the question! Well, I would imagine you won’t have too much trouble finding a lady in these parts. You are a lawyer with a good job and a bright future ahead of you. You could always run for office and take someone else’s wife. The Speakeasy on Tuesday nights is usually chock-full of fine ladies — ladies who like to play trivia. So there’s that. Otherwise, I would tell you that you are asking the wrong person. If my appeal to women were to be sold in stores, it would be in the yellow “Save” brand box, covered in dust. So, perhaps you find someone who is good with girls and hang out with them. I would suggest TLO’s Patrick.

Spencer, your jokes about Amy Winehouse’s death were in bad taste. Why don’t you have respect for the deceased? -Various People on Twitter.

That wasn’t a real question from my followers, but it was what they meant, I’m sure. Here’s the thing: I have respect for the deceased, but I have no respect for anyone who overdoses (unless it was a mistake by a doctor or pharmacist). Amy had it all — money, fame, talent — and with that she had every resource available to get help and kick her habit. She chose not to get help and I chose to make fun of her for squandering it all. As you read this, someone on this planet died (hell, probably a lot of people) of something tragic, something untreatable that they didn’t impose on themselves. To me, that is sad. But when someone dies of excess, I have no sympathy for them.

Do you think professional athletes are overpaid?

Here is an interesting story. I was asked to judge a teen pageant this past weekend. It was a weird thing to be asked to do, since I think pageants are inherently sexist, but teen girls … sign me up (that was gross, I’m sorry). This was one of the questions another judge asked the girls during interviews. And I disagreed with every young woman’s answer.

I DO NOT think pro athletes are overpaid. They are the ones putting their bodies on the line. Their knees will be shot by the time they are 30 and have to deal with the pain of past injuries until their statistically earlier than normal death. The owners make a lot of money too, but they are rewarded because they had the money to buy a team. These rich a-holes usually live long lives (without the pain of sports related injuries). So, as long as people are willing to pay for tickets to see athletes use their talents, I think they should get as much money as they can while they are in the league.

Side note: All the contestants turned the question into something about athletes as role models. Or talked about “it depends on what they use the money for”.

Thank you for reading. Keep sending me your questions! spencer.hicks@gmail.com or @spencerlenox on Twitter


  1. Of course professional athletes aren’t overpaid. They are paid what the market values their services to be and how much their services make for the people doing the payroll. What annoys me is that many of the people who think the players are overpaid say so because they feel sympathy for the owners.

  2. okay I would think the lost ogle would have known about the abby wilson joe francis story when it came out like 3 years ago… maybe focus on the newer development such as her being engaged to The Hills extra taylor something and then Abbey getting caught stealing thousands f dollars worth of watches, wallets, purses, etc from fellow The Hills douchebag Frankie Delgado… there was also a warrant set out for her arrest and fellow oklahoman Blake Griffin harbored her in his LA home for a couple of days AND now she is back in oklahoma city roamingvthe streets wondering when she will be able o leach in to another d list celebrity…

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