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Gentle Travels: That One Horse Statue

Greetings gentle travelers!  This week, I’m coming to you from my current city of residence, Norman.  What’s that you say?  There’s nothing to do in Norman besides drink $2 well drinks at Blu or wait for a table at the Campus Corner Louie’s during football games?  I’ll have you know that there are all sorts of historic and important sites in the almost hippie town that is Norman.  Seriously, look past all the organic grocery stores and red-faced, golf-playing OU fans that live on the west side and drive Cadillacs.  There’s more to Norman than meets the eye.  Also the budget for this piece has dropped significantly.  We can’t afford to have me gallivanting all over the state.  So if you want to see me go to other locations, may I suggest you send me money?  I’ve got a PayPal account all set up, so let me know if you’d like to donate.

Anyway, the Bizzell Memorial Library is on the list of national historic sites, probably because it’s the first place that some Craigslist hooker upper suggested that someone meet him or her.  Seriously.  Look at the casual encounters on there when you get a chance.  During the school year, it looks like there are a lot of people in the stacks that are DTF.  Also, there’s a rumor that some girl fell through the glass floors of the decks there and her spirit haunts the library.  The library would be a lot cooler if they’d let you play tag in there.  Seriously, it’s not cool to kick people out.

But I’m not here to talk about the library.  I know my audience, and I know you guys don’t really care for books.  Today, I’m at the Luis Jimenez horse statue that causes such a huge uproar for no reason.  Many people find the statue distasteful, what with the demonic red eyes and the exposed genitalia.  Though, I would like to know who on the north side of campus isn’t always averting their gaze from some form of exposed genitalia or another.  Seriously.  Lots of bars just north of campus, and nobody parties like your little brother who came to Norman for the weekend to get wasted, sleep on your couch and show his junk to girls.

Now, what the crazies claim is the reason this statue is so bad is kind of interesting.  Luis Jimenez was commissioned to make a second, much larger version of the statue for the Denver airport.  As he was working on it, a large piece fell on him and killed him.  While the smaller version was already at OU when this occurred, many cite this as the reason the “demon horse” is evil and should be removed.  Personally, I like to think of it as a horsey Heisman commemoration statue that either Boomer or Sooner won after leading the schooner across the football field.  So it should probably be moved next to the statue of Billy Sims.



  1. People are still complaining about that 12 or so years after they put it in? I guess the parking situation must finally be resolved so people need something to complain about. That thing is creepy at night in the rain. The one in Denver has a giant blue horse cock.

  2. Wow. Had I actually paid attention to ANYTHING when I was a student at OU I would probably know if that story is true or total BS and my GPA would have been above a 2.25. I guess for now I will have to take you at your word.

    • What? It was only put in 12 years ago? Thank God! I was beginning to think I had alzheimers and, uh, what was I saying?

  3. I freaking hate that horse. I’m pretty sure no matter of positive reframing, in a joke or otherwise, can change my mind. But thanks for reminding me of it. Now the horse statue is stuck in my head this morning…and I want it out. Ick.

  4. This is just a rumor allow me to set it up: when I was a freshman, a year or two before the Art Museum was built on the southeast corner of Boyd and Elm, the horse used to sit in the middle of that lot amongst an array of plants and shit. The horse faced directly toward the doors on the building that sat on the northwest corner of the intersection, which is the longtime home of the Hillel Foundation (the doors faced directly southeast).
    Now, again, this is just a rumor, but I heard more than once that his sculptor hated Jews and that was the reason he turned the horse’s devil eyes toward the Hillel Foundation, as if to curse them. And because of this, years later, he was ultimately killed by his own evil creation.

  5. I always wonder about that horse myself! I guess they could just make the eyes white. I mean the guy’s dead and all.

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