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Worst of OKC: Anchorman

As we promised last week, the “Worst of OKC” starts today. In case you’re kind of slow or found out about our site because you heard Jack and Ron talk about it, here’s how it works:

• We post a category each weekday for the next four weeks.
• We list five nominees for the category.
• You vote for the one nominee that you think is the worst.

Anyway, the whole thing starts with a fitting category: Worst Anchorman. It’s fitting because three of the nominees happen to be very tall and share the same name as our little website. That’s just awkward…and totally coincidentally in case any of them sue us down the road. Check out the nominees and vote after the jump.

Paul Folger

Paul is the evening news anchor for KOCO. I would link to the YouTube video where he spends half the news broadcast staring at Jessica Schambach’s schambachs, but it’s been removed from YouTube.

Kelly Ogle

If you’re a Channel 9 follower, Kelly Ogle is the matriarch of the Ogle family. If you watch KFOR, he’s the other Ogle Brother who anchors with Jennifer Reynolds or Jennifer Eve.

Kent Ogle

Some people actually think Kent is The Lost Ogle because he doesn’t have his own editorial piece. Other people think he’s just quirky.

Kevin Ogle

As a gentle reader once pointed out, Kevin Ogle is a bit of a teeth licker. I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, so I googled the term. Definitely some mixed results.

Stan Miller

Stan is the clichéd super happy morning anchor who replaced Ed Murray at Channel 9. He also takes pictures like the one above.


Worst of OKC: Anchorman

  • Stan Miller (41%, 430 Votes)
  • Paul Folger (25%, 264 Votes)
  • Kelly Ogle (20%, 207 Votes)
  • Kevin Ogle (9%, 99 Votes)
  • Kent Ogle (7%, 75 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,054

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Positive Uplifting Prevent Frivolous Lawsuit Disclaimer: This is supposed to be funny and not taken too seriously. Just because a person, place or thing makes this list doesn’t necessarily mean we think they are bad. It just means our readers get to vote for them, and if enough people vote for a particular nominee, they are the worst out of the five nominees. Basically, it’s not science….so don’t sue us.  Sue somebody else.



  1. My vote is for Stan “Super-cool Motorcycle Man” Miller. He reminds me of that insipid/annoying kid that used to sit at my lunch table when I was in high school with my friends uninvited. You know, the kid that kept saying and doing silly/stupid stuff to try and fit in, but was really just embarrassing us all. Sad part was the kid would have probably been okay if he just hadn’t keep trying too hard to be cool.

    BTW, doesn’t Robin Marsh sound like a female version of H. Ross Perot when she gets wound up starts talking fast?

  2. i don’t watch channel 9 or 5 so that pretty much narrows down my choice. Even if I watched channel 5 I couldn’t vote for someone who likes looking at Jessica Schambach’s “schambachs”

  3. I vote for Ed Murray. He canceled his subscription to the Jokelahoman when they ran a story on the transgendered OKC police officer. I’m sure he thinks he got brownie points with Jesus for that move.

    • I ran into that thing once at a downtown convenience store. I remembered thinking to hurry and get out or I may wind up in a hole putting lotion on my skin so as not to get the hose again.

  4. Definitely going with Kelly Ogle because I just cannot stand his “My Two Cents” nightly piece. I know one of the other Ogle has his own version, but Kelly just comes off so “holier than thou.”

    • Didn’t the Ogle Dad, Jack, have a similar piece? As I recall as a child, he was pretty cantankerous and had a perpetual scowl chiseled into his face…like he was in need of a serious bowel movement. You ever wonder what would’ve become of the Ogle boys had they not taken a ride on Daddy’s coat tails?

  5. Yeah I would have to agree with Kelly. I don’t need your 2 cents, asshole. At least “The Rant” is just old people calling and yelling about crap nobody cares about. I would have gone with Kent, because not only does he not have his own editorial piece, but he’s a morning news anchor…I mean, come on. But he has to deal with Balls of Steel and the laughing guy everyday, so I figure his life is already terrible enough.

    • Two other things- I tried to come up with a joke involving David Payne and “editorial piece”, but couldn’t think of anything. Also, is “Freedom43” eligible for write-in votes? Not anyone in particular, just the entire channel.

  6. I saw Kelly Ogle at the movie theater about 10 years ago and regret not kicking his ass ever since. If there’s a more arrogant DB in OKC, let me know. Kevin Ogle’s cheesy fake smile is lame, but Kelly wins by a longshot.

  7. I worked with all the Ogle’s back in the day…Kevin is an alright guy, not a prick like most think he is. He’s the quietest one of the three.
    Kent is the funniest and most boisterous of the three. Pure goof with an aww-shucks country boy mentality. He was a blast to work with.
    Kelly was always a nice guy, but more outspoken than Kevin for sure.
    The best ever anchor is Scott Wieditz. He got out of news years ago and hasn’t regretted it a bit!

  8. Freedom 43 cannot be included in ‘worst of’ because the whole crew is flippin hilarious. They are so much more laid back and if you say that you don’t crack up at Lance West and David Payne then you’re made of stone I tell you. STONE!

  9. Well, I can’t vote because I can’t pick all of the Oglesesesesesss. Oh well.

    btw…what’s up with the Miller guy and his girl hips?

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