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Spence Sez: Hot Girl of the Month

Great news readers, The Lost Ogle now has a new segment. It’s called, “Hot Girl of the Month!” Every month Patrick and I will select a hot girl and declare her the hot girl of the month. Seems pretty straightforward. This site needs more photos of attractive women.

In other news, OU and OSU both played great games. My fantasy football team, The Gingers, defeated Patrick’s team, The Drunk Pandas. Mark one up for the good guys! Anycrap, we have some great questions this week. Here they are.

What did you think of the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight?Brand

Well, I think professional boxing is a joke. Which is why MMA is way more popular. There is no denying that “Money” Mayweather took advantage of a situation where Ortiz was clearly not ready to fight. But seriously Ortiz, how many times do you need to hug someone to let them know you’re sorry about a headbutt? I really want someone to kick the crap out of Mayweather, and if he wasn’t such a b*tch he would fight Manny Pacquiao. Here is something that I find curious: Why do fighters thank God after a fight? Didn’t Jesus say to turn the other cheek? In that sense, I think Ortiz was more Christ-like in that fight.

How will the sale of the Oklahoman affect our state’s craziest lawmakers?@PleaseStopGreg

Wow, this seems like a serious question. But the Oklahoman will now be a soapbox for the craziest of crazies. But take comfort in the fact that newspapers are dying. And really, if you are a moderate or liberal, you read the Oklahoman with a grain of salt, so continue to do that. I compare the Oklahoman to some local convenience stores that don’t sell lottery tickets because the owner is morally opposed to gambling. Really? So the owner doesn’t have a problem with beer, cigarettes or that rack of pornographic magazines, but gambling is where Johnny Jesus draws the line? Like these convenience store owners, the Oklahoman will continue to take a conservative stance on popular issues despite doing whatever is needed to turn a profit.

ARRRGHHH!!! Is ye be joinin me in celebrating “nat’l talk like a pirate day”?!?!?TheRealMattNeal


Which Wal-Mart is the best for people watching in the OKC Metro?Nick

Great question. For geographic purposes, I frequent the Belle Isle Wal-Mart. It is always a good source of interesting people. But here is a tip, if you want to watch fat, ugly people cry, watch a rerun of Oprah. You don’t even have to leave the house!

I check your blog few times a day. I was having dinner with my family today and on the back ground we had KSBI 52 on and then they had a high school score update with no other than the subject matter of this email [Abigail Ogle]. I have never seen you mention her name and I had no clue of her existence. It seems like the Ogle family has a new generation of broadcasters in the wing ready to take over OKC media market. I am expecting a detailed post about her next week. Thanks. – Guy

Thanks for the question, Guy. We will get right on that. My only experience to Abigail is through her Twitter page: @AbigailOgle. I followed her for a bit, but I only like to follow personal friends, interesting Oklahomans and people that are funny. Since I don’t know her and she’s not funny, she got the axe. So if there is anyone out there that has some dirt on Abigail, let me know and we’ll do a profile of the 3G Ogle in Oklahoma media.

We are going to try something new. If this goes well the Lost Ogle is going to introduce a hot girl to our readers every month! They should be regular girls that are attractive. So our first ever, HGotM is Jessica Billings!

Every other year we have our “Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May” segment, but it’s just for Oklahoma girls. I think we should try to bring girls from around the United States to the readers of TLO! A few of Miss Billings’ hobbies include hot yoga, traveling, and Notre Dame Football.

Very lovely. I wish her nothing but success in the future and send her an open invitation to visit Oklahoma.

Thanks for your questions. Don’t hesitate to send any thoughts or questions my way: @SpencerLenox or Spencer.Hicks@gmail.com. And here’s one more pic of our Monthly Hottie thing.


    • Oh, and if Jessica needs to move here for a few months to qualify as an Oklahoman I have an extra bed I can let my wife sleep in. Yes Jessica, Oklahomans are know for our generosity and I would be generous enough to open up my bed to you.

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