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One of the Occupy OKC organizers was recently charged with domestic battery

As you may know, a toned down version of the Wall Street protests have finally hit Oklahoma City. It’s called Occupy OKC and the demonstration if taking place at Kerr Park in Downtown. From NewsOK.com:

Jay Trenary, a Guthrie attorney and one of the movement’s organizers, said he had no problem with the spontaneous demonstration…

The movement, modeled after and in support of Occupy Wall Street, is designed to raise awareness and bring people together to discuss problems and potential solutions, Trenary said. The group has no stated goals or plan of action.

“I’m not concerned by the fact that we don’t have a single articulated mission statement for the group. I think that’s what we’re working on right now,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is practice the democracy that we all say we love.”

Trenary compared the group’s model, which is designed to reach consensus through assemblies of its participants, to the original Constitutional Convention.

“They had no real plan either, other than we want the place to be better than it is,” he said. “It took them a long time to formulate exactly what the plan of action was.”

First of all, I’m not that sure about the whole “Occupy Wall Street” thing. It reminds me of a less structured, liberal version of the Tea Party. The only real difference I see between the two groups — other than their polar opposite political views — is that the Tea Party had the backing of a biased cable television news network to help communicate their message, and in the process, give them more validity. Other than that, both groups seem to have impractical, unclear and fundamentally flawed viewpoints on the roles of government and capitalism and what must be done to fix them.

They are also both seemingly led by fringed wackos with questionable character. For example, Jay Trenary, one of the organizers of the Occupy OKC demonstrations, was recently charged with domestic assault and battery. His mug shot even made OK Jailbirds. Check it out:

Yeah, if you want your local political movement to be taken seriously, here are a couple of tips:

1. Come up with some sort of platform or political message. Even if it’s bizarre and wacko, at least the media can convey and report your message.

2. Do not designate a guy charged with domestic assault and battery to be your groups official-unofficial organizer and media spokesperson.

Call me crazy, but maybe it’s time for Jay Trenary to take a less visible role in Occupy OKC. For one, we don’t want the protests to become violent. And two, regardless of their political philosophy, most people don’t like to be led by individuals who are facing a trial for domestic assault and battery.

On that point, I guess we should mention that Jay plead “Not Guilty” to the charges. Then again, the guy is a defense attorney, so what should you expect? Also, we really don’t know the circumstances behind the charges. The case documents (here’s the summary) are not available on OSCN.net and we’re too lazy to drive to Guthrie to view them. Did he wear a Miller High Life shirt and go after his wife, or did he get really drunk and punch a clown at a birthday party?

Anyway, when we find out more we’ll let you know. And hopefully Occupy OKC finds a less volatile spokesperson. I nominate this guy:


  1. Defense lawyer argues “fairness”. Riiiiiiiight.

    Albeit from me to assume this piece of upper-class whitetrash is guilty, but I can personally attest to just being SCREAMED at (like scary, crazy, domestic batterer kinda screamed at) by the atty I fired the other day because as it turned out his best legal trick was shitting down both legs in the courtroom.

    I heart lawyers. (yea, not so much)

  2. Good reporting. Bad analysis. The reason this guy is the spokesperson is he was the least tainted they could find. The only ones not charged with anything were experts at Call of Duty and Guild Leaders in World of Warcraft but were pasty white and unable to articulate well. :)

  3. Another important distinction between the tea party and the occupiers: I don’t recall seeing mass arrests of tea partiers.

    The occupiers are fighting for their own rights, so they are diminished and suppressed. The tea party is defending the rights of corporations, so they get a free pass.

    • simple analysis … simple and in error. Both groups have their problems and if you think both aren’t fighting for ‘their rights’ and have ties to corporate America, you are wrong. Just different corporations…

  4. Anyone else notice that the photographers name is “Gooch”. That’s a softball guys… Take advantage

  5. Thank you for your kind nomination. While I lack legal training and organizational skills, I do have great hair, and that’s got to count for something.

  6. I’m OK with the bulk of the story but due to the Miller High Life bashing I am assuming it was all wrong. It’s the champagne of beers dammit.

  7. Wow, there’s more goobers runnin’ ’round! First thing I notice is a middle-aged woman who is super-qualified complaining that she can’t get a job when the first thing she can’t get past is a metal detector. Next, I see Patrick and Rebecca complaining that a man who does have a job doesn’t have one that they approve of. Kinda reminds me of back when that doper Rush Limbaugh used to bitch about defense lawyers, until he needed one. Everybody loves to quote old Bill Shakespeare (“First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”), but they leave out the why part of what he said. “Because then there will be no one left to protect them.” Better yet, let’s crucify him because of the ACCUSATION, not the PROOF. He may be guilty, he may not be. Saying he shouldn’t be listened to about corporate corruption on account of what somebody has claimed about him is kinda like the fire department refusing to answer a call because it was reported by a sex offender. But then, when your house has burned to the ground, you can feel real good about calling that sex offender a sonofabitch. I like your logic, Patrick. About like I like all that metal hanging off the jobless woman. Cool!

  8. Are you serious, Patrick? These Wall Street protesters are a “less structured version of the Tea Party” ? You don’t see their point, huh? The Tea Party people who are defending the status quo are about the same as those who are protesting the injustices that have been done to the American working class by bankers, politicans, et. al.

    It feels like something has slipped at The Lost Ogle. You’re off your game. If you need proof, read your own story. Has the guy been convicted of domestic assault and battery? No. Perhaps he won’t be. At least he’s out there protesting. Jay Trenary may not be a saint, but I’m not one either.

  9. @jimbo okay maybe a little. 😉

    @goober what makes the guy’s integrity questionable is 1) he’s a lawyer 2) he’s a lawyer and 3) he’s got a very recent mugshot floating around and he’s a lawyer. If a lawyer manages to let themselves get arrested in the first place, chances are they were caught red-handed (no pun intended); an even better chance is they’ll get acquitted. The guy is looking for good press, probably to make himself look prettier in front of whatever judge he gets.

    Seriously though, the difference between occupy wall street and tea party-ers is about as significant as the difference between a GAP and an AARP commercial. One’s just inherently more appealing than the other – just two ends of the spectrum tired of being gouged to death by whatever evil entity they assume is responsible.

    Oh, and maybe if all lawyers were to die some things might actually change. As it stands, lawyers set the rules and laws up in such a complicated fashion so they are the only ones who are qualified to navigate the terrain. It’s a racket.

    • OK, if you hate lawyers so much, why don’t you just represent yourself in whatever legal problem you’re in. Oh, and when you need that tumor removed from what you’re calling your brain, go ahead and handle that problem on your own too. Your prior lawyer probably got tired of hearing you bitch and was glad to be rid of you.

  10. Occupy Wall Street doesn’t have the backing of a biased cable television news network to help communicate their message?

  11. Well said Pat. I’ve been trying to figure out for weeks what OWS exactly stands for, and I’m not certain they even know what they’re upset about.

    Plus, 99 percent of the people I know can’t hang out on the street or at a park everyday because they have day jobs…yeah, I realize that is the most stereotypical white middle-ish class comeback to the movement, but seriously.

  12. This movement is off base. The corporations play by the rules of the game. If you have an issue with the game, go to the rule makers, the politicians.
    I find it interesting that off all the cities this movement is in, nothing has popped up in DC. The name Occupy Washinton DC makes the real soruce of corruption, our government, nervous.
    With that said, we do need a occupy Washington DC movement. That is the only way we can do anything about the unequal wealthy distribution in this nation.

  13. The report regarding Mr. Trenary’s arrest is actually interesting and worth the read. The domestic abuse charge is weak at best, but Mr. Trenary’s conduct with local law enforcement is quite unbecoming. It is also interesting to note that the vicitim in the matter has her own legal issues…

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