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Gentle Travels: Little Sahara State Park

Greetings, gentle travelers. Today I’m coming to you all the way from the Little Sahara. I thought about writing about the Myriad Gardens, but since there are no Thunder games for a while, I don’t think anyone is actually going to visit the downtown area. Besides, they totally kick you out for playing on the playground if you aren’t a kid. And I’m not talking about authority figures.  I’m talking about the mommies of toddlers. They’re vicious. Seriously, go to the Little Sahara instead.

The Little Sahara is probably the only reason that people who aren’t from Waynoka go to Waynoka. I say this because as of the 2010 Census, Waynoka had a population of 927.  More people attended my high school. Also, all the festivals in Waynoka seem to revolve around sand, making me think that Waynoka may be a little beyond Thunderdome, and not in a good way. Seriously, Master Blaster runs that Barter Town. In addition to busting a deal and facing the wheel, guests of the fabulous Waynoka/Little Sahara State Park area can enjoy RV hookups, picnic areas, and dune buggy rentals.

Honestly, there is all manner of sand up in my Chuck Taylors today, readers. I just don’t know how I feel about sand in a non-beachy context. Also, I’m not a fan of dune buggies because I get motion sickness from shaking my head no. It’s true. You can ask anyone who has seen me stop in the middle of a conversation to put my head between my knees because I had to answer a question with a  negative response. And you know what tops it all off? I brought some droids with me and when I turned around for just a second, they were gone. Then a group of Jawas tried to sell them back to me about an hour later!  Ridiculous.

So, basically, I guess I’m saying if you want to visit a small town and have your robots stolen, come on up to Waynoka.  And just to warn you, at some point you’ll probably end up in some sort of power struggle and find that all the dune buggies actually run on sand.


  1. They used to have a major train depot there. Even had a Harvey House (kinda like Howard Johnsons before interstates). Is it still there? It was a really big deal once upon a time.

  2. Cafe’ Bahnhof
    Reason number one to go to waynoka, german food and german beer.
    Reason number two rattle snake festival AKA methhead rally.
    Reason number three sand dunes.

  3. Cafe Bahnhof (excellent German food/beer), and the Harvey House is still there, it has an El Charro Mexican food location, good stuff.

    Interesting post by someone from the City who thinks the world ends at NW Highway/County Line Rd. People from Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana, and other points enjoy Little Sahara, it is Oklahoma’s most-used state park overall.

  4. And the Miller Cafe is up that way as well…played in tennis league with a scion of the Miller clan…you Big Cityista!!! When you piddle on the boots of NW Oklahoma you raze the ire of some truly lovely and scary people! Imagine an unsub from “Criminal Minds” with a disarming smile in a cowboy hat.

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