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Saturday Morning 1990′s Music Video (157)

Last night, I asked an Ogle Mole to pick out this morning’s video. The response I got was “Spice Girls.” Yeah, here you go:

In all honesty, this isn’t too bad of a song. It has Victoria Beckham in it before she was THE Victoria Beckham. It also gives you chance to sing the phrase “Really Really Wanna Zigazig Ha,” which translates to “I really really like Butter” in British slang.

Anyway, hopefully this video gets you inspired for today’s Bedlam Game. According to last month’s Oklahoman Sports Department, this is the greatest, most meaningful game in Bedlam history. The winner is assured of an undefeated regular season and a spot in January’s BCS championship game.

Unfortunately though, I think the Oklahoma State Construction Workers Cowboys are going to win big. I’m really not too upset with this predication, because it means I’ll either be right or pleasantly surprised. That’s one good thing about being a pessimist.


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