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Bobbie Miller is moving to Channel 9. Ed Murray is resigning.

To all the fans of Boleen Chiller, we have some devastating news for you.

Last night, we heard a rumor the Bobbie Miller was leaving KFOR Channel 4 to be the new 4am anchor at KWTV Channel 9. This rumor was confirmed by Miller via Twitter and from an email to News 9 staff from something called a Jachin Merril. Here’s the email:

I’m pleased to announce Bobbie Miller will be joining the News 9 team as 4am Anchor/Reporter. Most of you will recognize her name and face. She has been reporting and anchoring for KFOR since 2006. Before coming to KFOR, she was a morning and noon anchor at KFSM in Fort Smith. Bobbie is an Oklahoman. She grew up in Blanchard and went to college at OU!

Please welcome Bobbie to the News 9 team. Her first day is January 19th.

Jachin Merrill

Statewide Director of Content
Morning and Noon Newscasts
Griffin Communications

Additionally, we have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that longtime Oklahoma City broadcaster Ed Murray is resigning for “health reasons” and “because he wants out of TV.” Translation: Murray was basically going to be Gan Matthewed, and since he’s a class act, he took the high road and resigned.

Update!  Here’s an email to KWTV staffers from News Director Todd Spessard about Murray’s departure:

Ed Murray has decided to make a change…and move away from his career in the TV business. As you all know, it has been a difficult past 12 months for Ed and he has decided to begin a transition away from news. This is something Ed has been thinking about (and talking with us about) for a few weeks, so it is not sudden. While we do the search, Ed will continue to anchor our weekend newscasts, so we don’t have to disrupt other schedules.

I admire and appreciate how hard Ed has worked these past few months to return to a normal routine.

Ed will be around several more weeks–and something tells me a frequent visitor after that. So there will be plenty of time to remember all he has done for News 9 for the past 30 years; a very successful three decades.



Todd Spressard
Director, PM Content

Here are some quick thoughts:

• If it’s not obvious, it appears that Channel 9’s solution for sagging ratings is to raid Channel 4 for talent. They are still going to get Jim Gardner when his contract is up later this year, and now they have the cute little vixen Bobbie Miller. As I’m writing this, I bet Ed Doney is at the Fox and Hound working on his resume.

• I wonder if the budding BFF-ship between Joleen Chaney and Emily Sutton has anything to do with Miller’s decision? Maybe Bobbie got jealous and couldn’t stand to be around it. Remember, before Joleen took Emily under her wings and showed her the way to sassy hotness (that’s ghey, I know), it was Bobbie Miller who always appeared in Joleen’s TwitPics and blogalicious posts.

• First Gan Matthews and now Ed Murray. You know that some of the other old timers around the KWTV newsroom have to be a little bit scared. Not only is there a youth movement going on at Oklahoma City’s former news leader, but now that OETA no longer has a news report, it’s even harder for them to find another news job.

Anyway, stay with The Lost Ogle for more breaking news on this topic. As our lord and savior always says, we’ll keep you advised.


  1. Why do you always assume the worst? I know from working with him that Ed has had a rough year with his health. The station has done everything to work with Ed. They held his job for him. This is truly Ed’s decision. The world is not as bitter as you are.

  2. I know that all you 500+ pounder people have to do is sit at home in front of your computer and blog about people that actually have lives, I just wish that for once in your life you would put down your family bag of cheetos and do something instead of slandering hard working people.

  3. “As I’m writing this, I bet Ed Doney is at the Fox and Hound working on his resume.”

    For what it’s worth, Ed used to work at Ch. 9 before getting an on-air gig. So if 9 hired him, it would be more like “returning to the scene of the crime”. lol

  4. Well, someone is secreting out the e-mails. And whoever is secreting out these e-mails from these particular stations know the backstory as well. All I see is a little humor attached to the situation now and then. As to those who think their jobs are safe because they are such “hard working people” why don’t you give Glenda Chu a call so that you can pick up a quick interview and goof around all day without venturing too far from the station. I think we’re all a little sick of the vast majority of stories coming from Edmond. How easy for all you “hard working people”…. if you don’t get it by now then just give us another story about State Fair Food being sold in Edmond…for some reason everyone covered that one. Boring and gross to watch…but, it was close and it was free food for all the “pounder people.”

    • So you’re thinking that “Kevin” is a jealous woman at KFOR? That’s a stretch for me. Convince me more. Why would any woman feel left out at KFOR? Left out of what?

  5. It is kind of sad that channel 9 thinks that throwing another blonde in a 4 o’clock show is going to help there ratings, Bobbie at 4am and Lauren at 4pm. There is nothing you can do to help your ratings at 4am, nobody is up at that time! Mr. Griffin might want to start looking at those who are making the calls behind the scenes in the newsroom. Seems that there is no worthy content in the morning or at night. Of course now you have someone to take over the 5am and 6am. Watch out Robin (wife of rich oil man) Marsh.

    • Hey Scott Uh, if my eyesight is correct – – Bobbie Miller is far from blond. She might have the darkest hair on local TV. Might want to check out Eyemasters.

  6. if bobbie miller is going to news9’s morning show, maybe stan miller is leaving? i’m an early-bird and since sarah libby left koco5, i switched to news9. could not stand other koco5 people enough to continue watching. libby was the only reason to watch koco5………………

  7. If you are a Kevin, you’re F*@% ‘in with us, aren’t you? How can you not love Joleen, Emily or Bobbie? Or their antics, or their candid photos. This is the best stuff that has hit the local market, since……no, this is the best stuff. So you can’t really be a Kevin!….so are you Linda? Meg?…No, Linda’s phoning it and doesn’t give a sh*t and Meg…not Meg, she’s Nichols Hills comfortable and too self-assured. Who? Who is “Kevin”? If you’re not a woman, are you gay?

  8. It’s sad that Ed is leaving. He is dedicated to his job… unlike his former morning show mate who’s more interested in her make-up and hair. So, if 9 had to lose some people, it’s not a bad idea to break up that horrible morning show team.

  9. Ed Murray was simply burnt out.
    News9 diva Robin Marsh worked only when she felt like working,while Ed Murray worked at least 12 hrs a day.

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