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Oglebating: Where was the best place to go on a field trip as a kid?

Hello there faithful readers, time for another super fun installment of Oglebating! Last time around, you overwhelmingly said that the original BC Clark jingle was way better than the new one with the people singing in the mall.

One of these days we’ll each make our case for our favorite candidate in the Republican primary,* but today we’re going to focus on field trips! As a kid, whether it was a simple walk to the park or a bus ride to a museum, there was nothing better than waking up in the morning and realizing you, for once, could skip learning multiplication tables and instead go somewhere that was, well, not school.

*This will never, ever happen

But where was the best of all the field trips? After the jump, we make our cases.

Marisa: The Omniplex

Notice I said Omniplex, readers, not the Science Museum of Oklahoma, or whatever crazy name it has now. As a young lass, I remember going to the Omniplex on a yearly, oftentimes, semesterly basis. Usually it was because we were supposed to go see the Red Earth exhibit or some traveling artifact thing. But we all know what happens when you let small groups of children run loose with only one parent per group to supervise them? That’s right–the shadow room!

Honestly, until fairly recently, I had no idea that there were trains and old airplanes in that building. I spent the majority of my time watching the pendulum, going through the mirrored room thing, singing along to songs in that karaoke thing, dozing off in the planetarium, and climbing in the old plexiglass bubble. I didn’t learn much, and that’s the way I like it.

And even though there is no Omniplex anymore, it has stood the test of time. The Science Museum is there still, with many new exhibits, like a crime scene, segways for you to ride, and a huge tree house where the plexiglass bubble thing used to be. And Kids can still spend the day not learning anything in the name of science!

Tony: Oklahoma City 89er games

No disrespect to the Harn Homestead or the freakishly giant heads at Enterprise Square, but the best field trips were the ones to Oklahoma City 89er games. As I’m writing this, it occurs to me that it’s really strange that we were allowed to take field trips to baseball games. I mean, baseball is the best, but should we really have spent our school time at games? Do they still let kids do this (note: Yes!)? That’s ridiculous. Also, I just now realized I’ve turned into one of those old people who complains about stuff like kids and their field trips. Crap.

But 89er games were the best. For one thing, it allowed me to tell my classmates the super-hilarious joke about how they should have called it “One-Sports Stadium.” Yes, I know this is a terrible joke, and yes, I know many others thought of it before me. What do you want? I was twelve!

Another great thing about 89er games is you got to roll down the big hill on the third-base line. Do you think they let you do any hill-rolling on field trips to the state capitol? None at all! You can’t even roll across the Senate floor without getting some weird looks.

Also, you could get your picture taken with Robo-Niner. Nothing against Rowdy the Redhawk, but Robo-Niner was a way better mascot. Easily a Hall-of-Famer. He lays with Top Daug in whatever the equivalent of the Arlington National Cemetary is for Oklahoma sports mascots.

All in all, there was no better field trip for kids than going to Oklahoma City 89er games.

Where was the best place to go on a school field trip?

Where was the best place to go on a field trip as a kid?

  • The Omniplex (78%, 231 Votes)
  • Oklahoma City 89er games (12%, 35 Votes)
  • I had bad grades and wasn't allowed to go on field trips (10%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 297

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  1. Rowdy doesn’t even exist anymore. Look up the terrible replacements that Mandalay brought in last year- Cooper and Ruby.

  2. My favorite field trip was always to the OKC Zoo.

    Not during a field trip, but one time I went to an 89er game and Robo-Niner was dancing on top of one of the dugouts. He fell of and I’m pretty sure he broke his arm. Good times.

  3. I loved going to 89er games. Everytime one of my classes went to the Omniplex, it was a sure thing we were getting in trouble because we would make vulger gestures or poses with other people in the shadow room. It was pretty epic.

    Oh, and I totally agree about Robo-Niner! That guy was awesome! I really wish they would go back to the 89ers name as well! It is way better and way more Oklahoma than RedHawks.

  4. Enterprise Square takes the cake. Video games (Lawn Mower, Lemonaide Stand, that one where you shot money at household goods). Then stange aliens who wanted nothing more than to learn about the free market system. The large heads spouting references to why George Washington Carver was a bad ass with peanuts. Kids licking the fruit wallpaper thinking they were to taste something like Wonka land. Video images showing a kid driving a farm tractor or semitruck.(some shit head behind you giving you the “bunny ears). Some robot telling you about frosted donuts and why demand makes them more pricey. Ben Frankin being snarky to Jefferson when singing acapella. Then the grand finally. Pick a job, pla the stock market and get a new age computer print out for how you did.(Watch out for the oil crisis of 1978!)

    I went back to this place in college and it was a run down piece of dog shit. The robot aliens didn’t work, and they turned half of the place into the college computer room. I think it may even be closed now.

    • Enterprise Square was the sh*t. Wasnt there a room that also had tv screens all around you from the floor to the ceiling and all of them were showing the same video? It has been closed for at least 7 years now cuz I tried taking my kids there and they were shut down. You could still see the big presidents heads inside though.

    • This.

      I can’t believe you can remember all that. I loved that place so much I would go all the time, be a stockbroker, buy up all the cheap stock in the market crash and become something like a zillionaire. Yeah, even at 8 years old, I was a nerd.

      The lawnmowing game rocked too.

      I was terribly saddened when it closed and I coudln’t take my kids there. I guess learning about free markets and supply and demand aren’t important anymore.

  5. I grew up in the southern part of the state so field trips were usually to the Gainesville Zoo, which was made up primarily of squirrells and ducks, or Fort Washita which was just some old buildings out in a field. Although we did have a field trip to the county jail once, although that may have been more of a life occurence than a field trip….

  6. I only got one field trip and that was Cowboy Hall of Fame, so I guess that has to be my favorite by default.

    • Springlake and Wedgewood Parks ..got my First kiss there on the roller coaster … WOW … Thats been tooo long ago

  7. As E.D. of the Harn, I would have to say it is my current favorite field trip destination. Since I was in grade school in the 70’s before that was an option, I would have to say going to the park a block or two from McKinley elementary school with our sack lunches. Though getting to go to the Dallas Museum of Art in high school from Norman was pretty cool too.
    No offense taken, by the way.

  8. I’m not sure if you can classify a week-long event as a field trip, but the easy winner for me was Camp Goddard.

  9. I voted for the Omniplex because you could find your more awesome friend group than the one you were assigned and literally run all over the place. I was particularly fond of the water-play area (when I was a wee lass) and the tesla machine (the one time I saw it was actually turned on).

    But don’t get me wrong, I LOVED 89er’s games, but that was more of fun with the family than it ever was a field trip. Robo-Niner was the best mascot ever and scream for pizza in the 5th inning won my family dinner over six times (which, now that I think about it, might have been the reason why I was always in trouble when I went to the Omniplex. Oh well).

    Family fun= 89er game.
    Field Trip= Omniplex

  10. OKC Symphony. You’d lean back in your seat and play checkers on the ceiling tiles, the lights would dim, music would start, and zzzzzzzzzz…………

  11. So old that mine was the planetarium when it was located at the state fair. Not sure what it says about Oklahoma, but you can see the same old exhibits at the Omniplex. Never get tired of weighing myself on the earth, and then weighing myself on the moon.

  12. My mother said it was against our religious beliefs to take field trips. Being Baptist I just figgered she was cheap.

  13. I was never lucky enough to take a field trip to an ’89er game, but we used to go frequently, particularly on the “Name of Small Town Here” Night. It was great. You got to sit on a blanket with a group of friends, everyone clutching their baseball/softball glove waiting for a foul ball. Then here came one over the fence. It’s on trajectory to land in front of your blanket so you and all your friends dive for it…then you feel a punch in the back and smell Natty Light and lighter fluid. When the pile clears, a sweaty redneck with greasy hair past his shoulders, wearing a mesh tank top with cut off jeans and no shoes, is whooping the cry of victory while he taunts you and your friends with the minor league baseball that he just snatched away from 10-year old girl sitting next to you. Good times.

  14. How did you leave out the Children’s Museum in Shawnee? That place that had all the badass toys and real life science experiments?

    It’s been years, and I’m not from Shawnee, but that thing was badass. There was also that giant fort in NW Oklahoma for kids, like weatherford maybe? Shit if I know

  15. My grade school field trips were oh so much fun. We went to GM & watched big machinery. We went to Wonder Bread & got tiny bread loaves to take home. We went to a puppet factory & each got to make our own puppet. Wonder where that elephant is now?
    And a couple times we went to the Philharmonic.
    Anyway, I didn’t go to grade school in Oklahoma so that’s why my field trips were different.

    The tiny Wonder Bread loaves REALLY rocked!

  16. Robo Niner is weak. Abner 89er was the best ever, hands down. The pillbox hat, finely trimmed stache symbolize old time and goodtime baseball in Oklahoma City

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