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We’d like to officially welcome KOKH’s Tiffany Tatro to Oklahoma City

The girl pictured above is Tiffany Tatro. She’s the new morning reporter for KOKH Fox 25. She’s apparently been on the job for a few months, but we didn’t know about it because we use all of our free time shopping, traveling and spending time with friends and family. Fortunately, though, an Ogle Mole alerted us to her presence.

Here’s her bio over at the terrible Fox 25 website.

Multi-media journalist, Tiffany Tatro, is a reporter for Fox 25 Primtetime News. Before arriving in Oklahoma City, Tiffany worked as reporter for KTAB, the CBS affiliate in Abilene, TX. There she covered a variety of stories from the massive wildfires to tornadoes. Tiffany also covered a high profile missing person case that led to a live appearance on CNN Headline News.

Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ she’s excited to see what the Sooner State has to offer. Tiffany graduated from Arizona State University. While she loves her Sun Devils, she is excited to cheer for OU and OSU!

When not working Tiffany enjoys shopping, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Tiffany is looking forward to exploring OKC and meeting all the great people.

That’s neat. Did you notice the part about Arizona St? If I could go back in time and change anything about me or my life, I’d try to figure out a way to be tall and athletic. If that didn’t work, I’d just make sure I enrolled for a semester of college at ASU. The girls there are wild and crazy and usually attractive. They also do things like post pictures like this on Facebook:

Holy Tatros! I don’t know about you, but I think Channel 25 has finally found their answer to Lauren Richardson. They need to get Tiffany to Braum’s and have her make an ice cream cone immediately!

That top pic officially joins the old Amy McRee pink bikini photo and the Boleen Chiller laying watermelons thing as the hottest images of a local news girl that was swiped from the Interwebs and published on The Lost Ogle. If Tiffany can make it to a news station in Oklahoma City that people actually watch, we may bump it up to number one.

Anyway, we’re happy that Tiffany is in Oklahoma City and we hope to run into her at any local club or White Water. That being said, our happiness is probably balanced out by Jamie Cerreta’s despair. She’s had “the hot girl from Arizona with the large, uh, eyes” market covered in this town for quite awhile. Not only did her own employer bring in a newbie to rival both of those achievements, but the new girl’s also younger. Expect Jaime’s talent reel to make some news employment website any day now.


  1. Call me old fashioned but I preferred Angie mock and her legs in the morning often with stockings and heels. On her not myself. Don’t get me wrong tiff is hot as hell. It’s just have you tried motor-boating really firm fake boobs. It’s like giving a toddler a raspberry.

  2. What The Lost Ogle does best! Perhaps, hiring decisions are now being made on the hoped for additional publicity generated by this “obscure” blog…

  3. Did you actually start the post with, “The girl pictured above is…”?

    Tiffany is a woman. She isn’t a girl. The pictures make that obvious.

  4. I’m not sure why Fox 25’s news is seen as a joke in this town. Maybe because they hire without running a background check. Or it’s because they hired based precisely on what they found in their social media background check. Something tells me they never looked at her newsreel, if she has one.

  5. Is that ALL you guys think about, girls?

    Oh, no, I forgot. You use all of your free time ‘shopping, traveling and spending time with friends and family.’

    You seem to have a weird Okie sort of humor very like mine. Carry on!

  6. Tatro has some nice tatas! It’s a pity I’ll never see her on TV. I keep a gun with the remote to shoot the TV in case anyone in my household ever turns it to Fox.

  7. Bobby? Have you seen this woman? I don’t know what these people are TALKING about, Bobby. I mean sure, she’s a nice looking lady, and I’ve got no problem with that. And I don’t know about her reporting skills or her skills as a journalist and all that kinda stuff, but some of you people out there … ahhh, some of you people. Who knows? Maybe she’s a God-fearing Christian, who just happens to wear a bukeeeneee! You peeeeople! You know what this reminds me of, Bobby? This reminds me when I played for the Orioles, and I used to hit the ball out of the PARK, against certain left-handed pitchers. Pathetic, ladies and gentlemen, just pathetic. LETS GET BACK TO DA FONES …

  8. Holy Hell! You can see alot of articulation in Joleen’s yellow shirt and why didn’t we cherish Amy properly while she was still here? WHY? And welcome to Oklahoma T.T.! Heck yes.

  9. It was disappointing to have to read deep into the comments before anyone used the phrase ‘Tatro’s Tatas.” Either your readers are developing some class or they’re just not trying anymore.

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