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Well, I now officially have a favorite OHP state trooper

The video below/after-the-jump is about a month old, but someone emailed it to us this morning and I figured I should share it with you. I’m doing this because it does a good job showing two of the most irritating things in today’s society : Occupy Whatever Protesters and overly aggressive, ass-holey law enforcement officers.

And oh yeah, it also showcases one mysteriously attractive female state trooper:

Three things:

• If I ever get picked up by the highway patrol while my car is parked along the Broadway Extension at 4:00am, please please please let it be Trooper Mysterious Hot Chick! She can handcuff me anytime! Seriously, who the hell is that girl? She looks like one of those female cops you’d see at a bachelor party or in one of those videos Clark Matthews hides in the old shoe box in his closet. We’ll pay upwards of $8 -$10 for more information about this woman.

• Sure, Captain Dickhead may have overreacted when he slapped the phone out of Gay Macaulay Culkin’s hand, but I’m glad he did it. In fact, I was rooting for him to punch the annoying kid in the face during the entire video. Or at least make him get on his knees and choke himself.

• I’d like to thank the chubby trooper on the right for not allowing the highway patrolman mustache to die. Some things in this world are sacred, and that mustache is one of them. Keep on truckin’, brother. Keep on truckin’.


  1. “Captain Dickhead” gave me a ticket in 2006 and also lectured me on how lucky I am to live in the U.S. after asking the nationality of my last name.

    • Sounds like the stereotypical insecure jerk-off who needs a badge to feel good about himself. He was probably disappointed that you didn’t thank him for his service or something.

  2. If any Occupy folks want to know why the “movement” hasn’t spread like prairie fire, just show them this. Against all odds, the utter toolish arrogance of these two somehow makes Captain Dickhead the sympathetic one.

  3. So, from what I can tell: Troopers standing around not engaging the protestors, Occupy protestors go to film the Troopers in hopes of documenting any incidents of brutality, skinny white kid puts camera phone in face of Troopers eventually getting the desired response from the Trooper conveniently captured by the other camera…

    This smacks of setup. These people were clearly trying to bait the officers. It’s no different than your sibling getting in your space when you were kids and shouting “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!”

    That said, I prefer the mustachioed Trooper’s response of recording the protesters recording them to the other Trooper’s slap down…

  4. Here’s my question: WTF were the Occupy Whatever guys doing at the opening of the new I-40? Last time I heard, that road is pretty much open to 100% of licensed drivers… That said, the Occupy I-40 movement probably wouldn’t have lasted too long…

  5. That’s Lt. Kera Phillipi, a supervisor for Troop A Metro. She’s about 33 years old or so and from Kingfisher originally. Last I heard she was single so you guys might be in luck.

  6. That must be a bad made for TV movie. Just look at the cliches:
    1. Dickhead trooper with his super hot chick trooper and fat “my mustache rocks” trooper sidekicks
    2. The accent of the DH trooper
    3. The gay protester annoying the Troopers and then crying foul when they’re tire of his BS
    4. The wise older protester filming and documenting the whole thing while staying professional and making statements about how many protests he’s been to while trying get a badge number “for documentation purposes”
    5. Did I mention that super hot chick trooper? That only happens in movies.
    6. The badly written lines like, “…or if I wore a hat that stuck out far and was threatening .”

    This has “Staged by The Lost Ogle” written all over it. Now that I think about it, I bet Sally Kern is really a nice old liberal that probably yelled at you guys for riding your bikes across her lawn.

  7. I sure wish he would of knocked out the funny bunny, man If I was the fat guy with the stache, I would of totally slapped his ass. it’s guys like that, is what’s wrong with this country

    • Yeah cause it just couldn’t be the economy, corrupt politicians or the run-away public debt? Now could it?

      Heaven forbid we have homosexuals walking around in public with video cameras.

      • this^ i couldn’t agree more w/ the last sentence of your comment. i like the fact that you are not afraid to voice your opinion about gays tippy toeing through public w/ bedazzled camera phone. i also think is it really ballsy that you use your real name on hear. Bravo Charlie Foxtrot

  8. Why does that hill billy trooper have to be the one who was not writing tickets for sex instead of this chick

  9. After we find Officer Hottie, can we then find GayMac’s Youtube channel? I would love to watch this kid ramble on about the laws and his rights and what’s wrong with this country.
    He swings out the 1st admendment at will, yet actually totally fell for the idea that the 1st Admendment says “within reason”.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    I don’t see within reason anywhere in the text…

    Regardless of what you think about the Occupy protesters, their right to assemble and protest is protected and legal (they had to get a permit from OKC to be at that public place doing what they’re doing).

    Also, peace officers are held to higher standard and unless the protester was doing something illegal, he had no right to respond with force. Yes, yes…I understand peace officers are human beings and are imperfect, but that doesn’t excuse the excessive use of verbal and physical force he used.

    • The Supreme Court has ruled multiple times that reasonable restrictions can be placed. You cannot walk into the district court house, state house, bank, etc screaming constantly or using profane language without possibly being arrested for disturbing the peace. Money is speech but you cannot freely use money to pay for murder and use a defense of “exercising free speech.” And so on and so on…

  11. 1.) Get off my Kool-aide
    2.) She was at the 235/44 interchange yesterday. I recognized the sunglasses.

  12. Her name is Trooper Kera Phillipi…a spokesperson for the department. I had a run in with her a few years back. Sexy.

    Here’s a video:

  13. Yea, I was actually right by this solid amount of action. After they got there gold shots of the OHP they left. Never really saw the connection as to why they were there for the I-40 opening. Unless- it was to see the SUPER hot OHP and get free cupcakes fro GoGo’s. That is the only reason I went.

  14. Trooper Mysterious hot chick (aka Trooper Kera Philippi) was actually harassed by “Gay Macaulay Culkin” (aka Jay Fox/Jay Vehige)
    “I told officer Phillipi to get on the ground and put her hands behind her back, and she wouldn’t do it,” Fox said. “I told her, clearly, ‘You buy into corporate fascism,'” laughed Fox.”

    It gets even better though… Read his own personal account of being held in the Del City Jail for 13 hours. http://thiscantbehappening.net/node/934
    My favorite part… “Taking my blanket away was another thing I believe they did intentionally to dish out extra punishment,” Jay says. “Bear in mind it was about 30 degrees outside and the jail felt even colder. I don’t think they had any heat in there at all. So the blankets they gave us were our only hope of staying somewhat warm. It was bone-chilling cold in there. The lights were on bright the whole time, shining in your eyes, a classic sleep deprivation technique. The wall next to the toilet was smeared with feces. I mean, it was like a concentration camp or something.”

    Makes you kinda wish that the trooper did more than just knock a phone out of his hand…

  15. These protesters are douchebags. I don’t think I could control myslef from knocking the crap out of that doofus. He thinks he sounds so intelligent.

  16. After watching the video, I think I would have done a lot more than smack the phone out his hand. If I was present at the I 40 opening, I probably would have opened a can of mace on Occupy schmuck and watch the OHP laugh hysterically as he weeps on the ground. If he is what passes for a protestor around here, then my pee is lemonade.

  17. Praise the good Lord we have people willing to be cops and put up with crapy like Macaulay. It’s a thankless job and the only folks complaining are the ones not obeying the law. Deal with it losers.

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