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Here’s one spot at Lake Hefner you should avoid…

If I had to rank the funniest TV news writing team in the state, I would probably go with KFOR. They seem to have, as our state legislature would say, “edgier” standards when it comes to how they present and prepare their content.

Case in point, check out the opening line to this story about a recent bust of lesbian cheerleaders gay dudes at Lake Hefner:

More than a dozen men were arrested at a local park after police say they were caught with their pants down.

For years, Hobie Point has been a known meeting spot for men seeking companionship but recently it became the site of a police sting operation.

Officers took 16 men into custody for allegedly performing lewd acts on one another in the park.

Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the Oklahoma City Police Department said, “ Our officers were there in response to complaints from citizens that there were men out there engaging in acts of lewdness and also public indecency.”

Hmmn, that must be one of those gay secret terrorist training cells that Sally Kern was talking about. I didn’t know the problem was that severe. I also didn’t know that gay terrorists spend all their time being gay. Crazy!

Anyway, I’m glad the OKCPD is cracking down on this stuff. Lake Hefner is a really cool place to go run and be active and stuff, but I don’t go there very often because I’m always worried I’ll accidentally stumble into some secret place like Hobie Point. They should clearly mark those areas. Spray them with rainbow paint or whatever. You know, like how they do in the French Quarter of New Orleans. That way you know to stop and turn back around.

Also, I hope that when MAPS 3 is finished all the gay cruisers move from Lake Hefner over the senior aquatic centers. For one, it will guarantee that someone will use the damn things. Two, the old people won’t know better.


  1. So Patrick, where was Hobie Point in TLO’s Gay Cruising Spots story last summer? Are you keeping some honey holes to yourself?

  2. A funny article but I don’t think it was fair that you used a picture showing the beach area on Hobie Point utilized by the Hobie Point Yacht Club and the North Side YMCA sailing program. The area you needed to show is further to the west. The rainbow boys in question drive up the road on the west side of Hobie Point which dead ends in a circle (No! I won’t say it, but gosh I’m a sucker for a cheap joke!).

    We, the Friends of Lake Hefner and the other user organizations, are very aware of what goes on there and we take it into account as we plan things for the lake because we have to protect the kids and with the Y operating nearby it is a real concern.

    However, we just take it in stride because it is tied to the austerity measures that the City has initiated over the last several decades that rolled the City airport and parks police into the OCPD proper which of course resulted in less enforcement in those areas. Citizen safety at the lakes and parks has obviously been prioritized and we are low on the totem pole.

    Dale Birchett, President
    Friends of Lake Hefner

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