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As of 8:00am this morning, Peyton Manning is no longer an Indianapolis Colt. After fourteen usually good, sometimes underacheiving years with the Colts, owner Jim Irsay announced the Colts would release Peyton Manning, avoiding the $28 million bonus due Manning by the end of Thursday. Arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Manning threw for over 50,000 yards and 350 touchdowns, leading the Colts resurgence as an NFL power. He missed all of 2010 with a surgery-required neck injury.

Which brings me to this – Colts fans should be dancing in the streets. There is no documented evidence that indicates Manning will be worth $28-million. There is no evidence he can come back and play in the NFL in any capacity, much less at the high caliber he was playing at prior to the neck fusion. One can’t possibly expect the Colts to fork over franchise changing money to a guy they aren’t sure can perform at a serviceable level. This was the right thing to do. Release Manning, draft Luck, cut salary, and let the future Hall of Famer (and underrated SNL host) end his career with a winner.

Syracuse ballplayers like to do drugs, play basketball. Though that’s probably not a fair stereotype as most college basketball players I knew liked to do drugs, play basketball. It’s more appropriate to say “Syracuse ballplayers like to do drugs, and no coach gives a single f***”.

During its investigation of the Syracuse Orange basketball team, Yahoo Sports discovered several members of the team failed drug tests, yet were not punished in accordance with team policy. Though how big a shock can this be? Does anyone remember Gerry McNamara looking sober at any point during his 9 year career?

What does this mean for Syracuse basketball? Probably nothing. The program let an alleged child molester roam it’s sidelines for 20 years. Hell, they probably hand the hash out to recruits along with practice gear and groupies cell numbers.

I was a business major, which required such courses as management, and computers 101, and finance, and Golf 101, and, well, marketing. I would surmise even a University of Oklahoma professor would metaphorically shit on this product.

Design of the Year Award … this is not. The hispanic influence has finally infiltrated Adidas. I expect Nike to be releasing their breathable, full-length denim gym shorts this summer. I nominate Victor Avila as spokesman for these … well … whatever the hell they are.

At the top of things I used to enjoy, besides HJs from strange Asian chicks and sleep, is the conference and NCAA basketball tournaments. The fact is I don’t care about either. At all. I probably will next Thursday when I start drinking top shelf bourbon at 11 am in my palatial downtown OKC office.


  1. I don’t think cutting Peyton is going to save them a single red cent. Peyton was making 23M$ a year. They will pay Luck at least that plus bonus. Sam Bradford’s deal is 23M$ a year (50M$ guaranteed). Luck will make at least that. I’d bet 25M$ for sure.

    • The new CBA implemented a much lower rookie salary cap. Cam Newton ‘only’ got 4 yr-22 MM last year. Bradford signed his deal under the old CBA.

  2. Back in the 70’s I personally witnessed over have of the OCU men’s basketball team smoking pot thirty minutes before a home game. One evening an assistant coach had to come to the jock dorm room where the dope smoke bellowed out of the room becuase they were late for wormups. This was when OCU was ranked in the top ten in division one and had the #1 and 2 scorers in the league. I don’t condone drug use but coaches turning their heads is not a knew thing.

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