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Yes, Kate Upton was at last night’s Thunder Game

The big news from last night’s Thunder game was supposed to be Emily Sutton singing the national anthem. Unfortunately for Emily, she was upstaged by this:

Yep, Kate Upton, the SI Swimsuit Edition cover girl, was in Oklahoma City yesterday catching a Thunder game with Chesapeake Energy CEO (and Thunder co-owner) Aubrey McClendon. I guess this proves that our post from a few weeks ago claiming the two are related was kind of accurate. It also proves that even basketball players tighten up when around pure hotness.

From Roycie Young over at DailyThunder:

Fun fact: Shooting at the basket where Upton sat under, both teams combined to go just 39 percent from the floor. On the other end? 49.4 percent. Also, the Suns went 9-12 in the first half from the free throw line, while at the Upton end, they missed six. Including a rare one from Steve Nash. Thundor’s big jiggling belly is a pretty good distraction, but obviously not as good as Thunder Upton.

For what it’s worth, I gave last night’s Ogle seats to our Norman Trivia Night paper grader Liz, so I didn’t get to see Ms. Upton in person. That’s probably not a bad thing, because I probably would not have been able to concentrate on the game. Plus, it would have been really awkward to see Rumble get an erection.


  1. And, amidst all this distraction and under your radar, TLO Favority Emily Sutton sang the National Anthem. She did a very good job, too.

  2. bbbrrrrbbbrrrrrrrrbbbrrrrrrrbrrrrrrbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrbrrrrrrrrrrrrr. motor boat completed!!!

  3. F You Kate Upton. This winch probably knew that Emily was gonna get the spotlight that evening and Kate had to upstage her. I will fight for you Emily Sutton. I will motor boat you anytime over Kate. Call me crazy people I dont care.

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