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Ogle Madness V: First Round, Northeast Region (Lower Bracket)

As I’ve mentioned, not a lot is going in my life, so I’m going to post two brackets a day. Since Whitney Houston died I haven’t been doing much but making Andrew Speno feel bad and cashing sweet royalty checks. Not like she’s gonna cash them.

Let’s do this! Here are match-ups.

(6) Brandon Weeden vs. (11) Wes Welker
(3) Bibi Jones vs.  (14) Video Vigilante
(7) Bobbie Miller vs. (10) Mark Rodgers
(2) Mike Gundy vs. (15) Tulsa Tower Man

You’ve got 24 hours to vote.

(6) Brandon Weeden vs. (11) Wes Welker

(6) Brandon Weeden

Conference: Elderly College Quarterbacks

Who He Is: Former quarterback for Oklahoma State University

Biggest Strengths: Finally getting OSU fans to shut up and experience what real victory tastes like.

Biggest Weaknesses: Older than Tom Brady was when Brady won his first Super Bowl.


(11) Wes Welker

Conference: OKC Born NFL Players

Who He Is: Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots

Biggest Strengths: Is engaged to her.

Biggest Weakness: Catching game clinching Super Bowl passes


(6) Brandon Weeden vs. (11) Wes Welker

  • (11) Wes Welker (55%, 396 Votes)
  • (6) Brandon Weeden (45%, 320 Votes)

Total Voters: 716

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(3) Bibi Jones vs.  (14) Video Vigilante

(3) Bibi Jones

Conference: Oklahoma Born Adult “Film” Stars

Who She Is: Porn star

Biggest Strength: Here gigantic breasts and body

Biggest Weakness: The amount of people who have done things to her gigantic breasts and body


(14) Video Vigilante

Conference: Creepy Weirdos

Who He Is: Shoots Prostitutes and their “Johns” and posts the footage online

Biggest Strengths: Is apparently impervious to physical harm from both pimps and Johns

Biggest Weakness: Serves no other purpose than to be creepy


(3) Bibi Jones vs. (14) Video Vigilante

  • (3) Bibi Jones (82%, 568 Votes)
  • (14) Video Vigilante (18%, 124 Votes)

Total Voters: 692

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(7) Bobbie Miller vs. (10) Mark Rodgers

(7) Bobbie Miller

Conference: Super Cute News Vixens

Who she is: Reporter on Channel 9

Biggest Strengths: Her friendship with Joleen Chaney

Biggest Weakness: No more awesome news room pictures with Joleen Chaney.


(10) Mark Rodgers

Conference: Former Local Sportscasters Named Mark Rodgers

Who he is: Was a KOCO 5 Sportscaster now a midday radio personality

Biggest Strengths: Talking about sports on the radio.

Biggest Weakness: Not talking about sports on TV.


(7) Bobbie Miller vs. (10) Mark Rodgers

  • (7) Bobbie Miller (78%, 559 Votes)
  • (10) Mark Rodgers (22%, 155 Votes)

Total Voters: 714

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(2) Mike Gundy vs. (15) Tulsa Tower Man

(2) Mike Gundy

Conference: Men Who Yell At Jenni Carlson

Who He Is: Oklahoma State football coach

Biggest Strength: Getting OSU further than they’ve been in way too long

Biggest Weakness: Not yelling at Jenni Carlson more


(15) Tulsa Tower Man

Conference:  Crazy Tulsans

Who He Is: Man who spent almost an entire week atop a TV tower.

Biggest Strengths: Living on a TV tower with no food or water for six days.

Biggest Weakness: Not jumping after hour one.


(2) Mike Gundy vs. (15) Tulsa Tower Man

  • (2) Mike Gundy (52%, 377 Votes)
  • (15) Tulsa Tower Man (48%, 352 Votes)

Total Voters: 729

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  1. Owwwwwww, tough slot for Mark Rogers, nice guy but certainly no Bobbie Miller. Just can’t vote against Bobbie. Sorry Mark.

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