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I got to see President Obama in Cushing and I took pictures!

As you all know, President Barack Obama was in Cushing last Thursday. It feels like it happened a thousand years ago. If only the internet was capable of getting information to other people faster… but alas. One day, in the distant future, mankind will have the ability “log” about something instantly on the “web.” Perhaps they could combine the words and call this invention a “Glob.” I dunno, some nerd will probably find a better name for it.

Anycrap, I was in Cushing to with my trusty Blackberry Torch, snapping pictures with it’s Polaroid quality camera. I would like to share with you some of my favorite pictures that my friend’s and I took. It should be a fun ride, let’s go!

This lady loves to recycle. You can’t even tell this sign used to say, “Blacks.”

This guy got lost while looking for a White Castle.

Luckily, the Secret Service didn’t mind that a sweetly-retarded ginger was in attendance!

Look at all this pipe they have to lay? Or as Mary Fallin calls it, “Saturday.”

Apparently the sweater I’m wearing is for “fags.” I didn’t realize it until someone from Cushing was polite enough to scream it from a passing car.

Two of the three Ogle brother’s were there, including my favorite, Frankenogle.

I wasn’t allowed to bring my umbrella, but they let this dude bring a rifle!?! Let me tell you, it’s intimidating when he points the thing at your balls and tells you to follow him into the bushes.

This is Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre. You can’t see it, but she was holding a sign that said she wanted to fuck a president.

Those are the pics. It was an honor to meet President Obama. I’m not sure why people were so opposed to him being here. While I didn’t support George W. Bush, if had had the opportunity to get a picture with him, you can bet your sweet ass I would have taken that opportunity. Sometimes you have to put political differences aside for a sweet Facebook profile pic!


  1. Dear Spence:

    Thank you for featuring one of our photos on your post. I think what most surprised me as I was taking that particular shot was the steadfast resolve with which that particular person clutched her sign and stared into the lens. Almost as if to say, “Yeah, I wrote that.” Strange, uneasy and unbalanced…all feelings I had after seeing the extremes…of BOTH sides…chant within the persona of their particular visages.

    I envy your photographic vantage point. I would imagine being there was groovy. Funny post…I appreciated reading it as a relief from my daily tasks.

    Thanks, RDK

  2. I wonder if Mrs. I-Hate-Socialism realizes that during Oklahoma’s first years, actual socialism was big here. They even had a socialist candidate on the ballot.

    However, I suppose she’s right about it not being welcome, since it’s not around anymore.

  3. Spence, I’m sure Red Dirt Kelly appreciates the fact that you complimented her article so eloquently before stealing her image for use on this site. For a blog that makes it a point to demonize plagiarists, I was surprised to see that you would include the photo as your own.

    • He said they are pictures that “my friends and I took.” Then he inluded a hyperlink to the source article. What, do you want him to give a BlueBook citation?

    • You should take one of those reading comprehension classes at the Community College. Wait, let me make that easier for you to understand. Go to college. Learn to read better.

      • Oh sorry, my fault. I guess I was thrown off by the title of the article that says “I Got to See President Obama in Cushing and I Took Some Pictures.” If you are going to criticize me for my lack of education or reading comprehension skills, you might first want to check into the proper use of apostrophes.

    • I complimented RDK’s blog because it’s a good blog. When I read a blog I enjoy, I like to leave positive comments. When I read a blog I don’t enjoy, I stop reading it.
      RDK’s blog was a great, non-political post about the days events. I thought the picture of the lady with the sign was too good not to make fun of, so I used it to make fun of. I provided a link to their site so if people wanted to read a blog that is well written they have the opportunity.

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