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Surprise! Oklahoma is the second worst state for women

So, Oklahoma made another worst list. No, it wasn’t about the worst health in the nation. It wasn’t about the worst place for recovering meth addicts to escape the crystal darkness. It wasn’t even the worst place to spend the summer of 2011, though we all know it totally was. No, readers, the list our great state made was iVillage’s Top 5 Worst U.S. States for Women.

The write-up from Time.com primarily focuses on the lack of reproductive options in the state:

A woman’s right to choose is also compromised in Oklahoma. (Are you starting to recognize a pattern?) Women wanting to terminate a pregnancy in the Sooner State likely need to travel, as there are only six abortion doctors in the entire region. Once they’ve traveled, they’ll also have to wait a full 24 hours after their first visit to the doctor, where they will only be allowed to have a sonogram and hear details about the fetus. They’ll have to wait until the next day to have the procedure, which their health insurance won’t be covering. There’s also a sizable chance they won’t have health insurance anyway, as 1 in 4 women are without coverage. What’s more, the share of women in the Oklahoma legislature is a pitiful 12.8%, and there are no women in its Congress.

Now, I love Oklahoma so much that I’ve considered getting the state motto tattooed on my body (the real one, not “in God we trust”). But let’s be honest with ourselves. Oklahoma is a terrible place for women for reasons other than lack of access to abortions. The article touched on the lack of female representation in the legislature, but let’s not forget who one of those women representing us is. Sally Kern, a woman who has literally said that women earn less than men because “they tend to spend more time at home with their families” is part of that meager 12.8%. That’s our Sally, shattering the glass ceiling left and right!

We have an absurd amount of teen pregnancies, so much so that we finally made it big time. That’s right, a girl from Miami is featured on this season of “16 and Pregnant.” But don’t worry, guys. Abstinence only sex education and lack of access to reproductive services totally fixes everything. And let’s not forget that Oklahoma has the highest female incarceration rate in the nation. I don’t know how women would have time to break the law when they’re at home spending time with their families, but apparently it happens. It leads a person to wonder whether or not the Oklahoma justice system takes a harsher view of female criminality and what factors in out society and the personal lives of these women is causing them to break the laws.

So, is Oklahoma a terrible place to live when you’re a woman? Sometimes. But at least it’s not as bad as Mississippi. Well, except the personhood bill passed the Oklahoma house yesterday, and Mississippi voters voted against that back in November 2011.


  1. You should have panned the camera right 90 degrees. Then Oklahoma women could be really proud. And men too. And the kiddies too. Take a little tripe to Ponca City and be PROUD.

    What percentage of Oklahoma business is about women? Maybe 12%? Maybe the ratio is about right.

  2. Forgot to mention state sanctioned rape by instrumentation. Funny how laws affecting women are made by middle age white men……..

  3. I think the title to this article should have been “Surprise! Oklahoma is the second worst state for women….that want to run for the legislature or have an abortion…” It is comical at best that no one pointed out that our wonderful state has one of five female state governors currently in office. States like Connecticut may have 25% of their legislature represented by women but we have an entire branch of our government being run by one! Now who is progressive?

    • Based on the job she has done so far, I’d say Governor Failin has set Oklahoma women back even further.

    • You may think that having a female governor is progressive, but when you consider that said female is Mary Fallin, any notion of being “progressive” is absurd.

  4. I think we should also add it to the list of “worst place for women 30 and over to find a sutible husband” If you don’t find one in high school/jr. high you are basically screwed.

  5. We may have one of five state governors currently in office, but Fallin is doing women in this state no favors. She’s sipping at the pro-life Kool-aid too.

  6. Tread lightly labeling everything that is beneficial to your cause as “progressive” and criticizing the rest as “narrow-minded” if it doesn’t.

  7. Yeah, I just don’t get republican women. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. You’d think they’d come to their senses, and see the real damage they’re doing, and yet, no. Phyllis schlafly, and man does that date me, still spouts off the same tripe, forty years later. If you disagree, vote, and keep voting until, fifty years later, we finally join 1980.

  8. Uhg, everything about Oklahoma grosses me out. If I didn’t have family here I’d be gone in a heartbeat.

  9. The Oklahoma legislature is about to ban my lower-middle-class married with one toddler family’s preferred choice of birth control. We are responsible people who made our decision for health reasons. We also vote.

    I can’t imagine that it isn’t going to negatively impact a bunch of other similar households. If even a fraction of them get as pissed of about this as my wife and I are, it is going to bite the Republicans in the ass.

  10. If Oklahoma could give us one truly gifted female candidate. Don’t care if she is a Democrat (please God, give us mercy), or a Republican (yuck) or third party (blah). Senate, House or Executive office. Just one woman who ran on a platform of correcting all the wrongs done to woman in this state. Even a fundamentalist woman would secretly vote for her. They talk about the future power of the Hispanic vote on a national level. What’s the present power of the female vote in Oklahoma if it were mobilized?

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