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Here are a few pictures from Governor Fallin’s vacation to Puerto Rico…

As you know, our Governor likes to travel. In fact, she really likes to travel. Since she took the oath of office in January 2011, she has vacationed to destinations such as the Bahamas, Ireland, Phoenix, Las Vegas and most recently, Puerto Rico. She’s also ventured on “business” trips to New York City and a swanky resort in Laguna Niguel, California for a powerful women conference. Of course, she’s done her Carmen San Diego impersonation while encouraging all of us common folk to stay in Oklahoma and visit such exotic locales as Roman Nose, Beaver’s Bend and the Great Salt Plains.

Anyway, an Ogle Mole recently sent us six pictures like the one above that are apparently from the Fallin clan’s Spring Break trip to Puerto Rico. The Mole saw them on someone’s Facebook feed. Since the average Oklahoman can’t afford to send their entire family to such an exotic locale, we decided to post the pictures on here and give everyone a taste of the good life.

I like this picture because it makes the First Fam’ look like normal, regular Oklahomans…except that they are about to dine on the patio of an exotic Puerto Rican resort and not the Chelino’s in Bricktown.

Oddly enough, that’s the same look Governor Fallin gave when she learned her hot tub was set to only 102-degrees.

If someone held a contest to see “Who Can Look the Most Spoiled and Pouty on Puerto Rican Vacation,” I think Christina Fallin would be the runaway winner. I can’t tell if she’s on a beach in Puerto Rico or waiting to get her oil changed at Wal-Mart. She makes Veruca Salt seem humble and sincere.

That being said, maybe she was in a bad mood…or wondering why her newlywed husband is inconspicuously absent from all the photos. Hmmn.

Uhm, are they in front of a ridiculously large mirror, a ridiculously large painting or a ridiculously large doorway? Regardless, there’s a ghost in that thing! Also, what’s going on with Inspector Gadget’s arm over on the left. I think he’s trying to bear hug the entire family.


Anyway, those are the pictures the Ogle Mole sent to us. I guess that’s good, because let’s be honest, they were all kind of boring.


  1. So she visits Puerto Rico and goes to the typical tourist traps… I’m insulted. As a Puertorrican who does not know what the hell he’s doing over here in this red-dirt red-state, I hope she took her time to visit the true PR. Señor Frogs is definitely NOT where you want to go. It’s like going to Europe and eating at a Hard Rock Café or Planet Hollywood…. Really?! WTF?

    And how about sun-block? She should know people from these parts don’t tan well…

  2. looks like the kids got to bring their girlfriends and boyfriends too. Premarital sex in a tropical clime? Wonder if I’m paying for that too?

  3. I really try to be optomistic…..but wasn’t Mary Fallin the Oklahoma politician who was telling Oklahomans to vacation in-state rather than out of state? Wasn’t Mary encouraging Oklahoman’s to spend their money in Oklahoma to support the Oklahoma economy and businesses and enjoy great Oklahoma parks and lakes? But I keep reading how she prefers to vacation outside the state. She mus skip out on Galen Culver segemet “Is this a great state or what”

    • She is encouraging that so she can go on these nice vacations. It’s unbelievable this woman got elected. Someone should investigate all these matters further.

    • Realistically, she doesn’t do anything as Governor anyways. So, she is vacationing in Oklahoma everyday. She needs a rest from the Oklahoma vacation with a non Oklahoma vacation. Just like how I need a break from work by getting plastered, falling asleep on the hood of my car and waking up with a 2nd degree burn covering the front half of my manly, chiseled torso. I would do this in Puerto Rico, but I don’t make six figures to sit on my can all day.

    • If every one from Oklahoma, vacations in Oklahoma, then when she is on vacation, she won’t have to run into anyone from Oklahoma, I think that is her plan.

    • Silly okie, members of the ruling class don’t have to follow their own advice. That’s just them trying to help out the average schmuck on the street live an easier, less complicated life.

      Too funny.

    • Mary is getting all of her exotic vacationing out of the way in the first few years of the term. She’ll be Ms.-nose-to-the-grindstone, and all vactions in-state, near re-election time. She’s planning on her electorate totally forgetting all of this in a few years.

  4. While I’d love to think Okies will wake up in 2014, an Obama reelection in November means Mary won’t even have to remember new talking points to get her sorry ass reelected…

  5. Whoa! Look at the size of those guns Mary is packing! Looks like being governor has made her go “upscale.”

  6. Brad Henry on the other hand was a regular workaholic. I mean showing up at 10:30 a.m. every few days must have been brutal.

  7. seems to either to have her cell phone in hand or is actively texting. Is she in 8th grade?

    At least Brad Henry only vacationed at Shawnee Mills…

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