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Check out the OKC Thunder paint job on this Suzuki X-90

No, you didn’t accidentally ingest some LSD with your morning cup of coffee. And no, you didn’t just wake up from one of Rumble’s wet dreams. That’s simply a photo of a 1997 Suzuki X-90 with a custom Oklahoma City Thunder paint job by Drew Hooper. He’s the guy who created the Jim Traber WNBA basketball card last December.

Here are some other photographs of his amazing Thundermobile:

So not only did he paint the faces of 10 Thunder players on the sides of a Suzuki X-90, but he was also able to incorporate a quote by Fredrick Douglass?! I’m honestly at a loss for words. I haven’t seen anything this brilliant since Dan Gordon accidentally tweeted pictures of his family’s jewels.

Anyway, Drew Hooper now stands along Trent Lawson and that weird mask maker as my favorite artists in the Oklahoma City Metro. Maybe for his next project he can work on something that shows the many hairstyles of Scott Brooks…or Liam Neeson.


  1. Now, if only it wasn’t on a Suzuki X-90. That car ranks right up there with the Yugo and the LeCar.

  2. Hopefully the evil Thunder corporate empire won’t sue the dude for copyright infringement, or even worse I hope this dude isn’t a “Thunder Chaser” sp he won’t be fired for his hometown team support.

  3. how could they sue for copyright infringement? i don’t see a logo anywhere, and i’m pretty sure they don’t own rights to the players faces

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