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Mike Morgan and Dan Threlkeld don’t like each other

Before he was the Chief Meteorologist for KJRH Channel 2 in Tulsa, Dan Threlkeld was the “Number 2” weatherman for KFOR Channel 4 in Oklahoma City.

Dan was basically an unattractive male version of Emily Sutton. He was affable, quirky and really liked to sing. In fact, Dan was the MC of the Year at the Oklahoma Opry four times and even placed in the Oklahoma Opry’s Hall of Fame. I know about that meaningful information because Dan mentions it in his KJRH bio.

Anyway, last week Dan blogged about his role in covering the May 3rd, 1999 tornado outbreak for Channel 4. In the post, we learned a very interesting tidbit:

It’s hard to believe the worst tornado outbreak of my career was 13 years ago today. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones that terrible day.

Prior to coming to KJRH-TV I worked for 17 years at KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City. I was on the air with our chief meteorologist Mike Morgan that afternoon and night. When I watch the video of that night, a flood of memories come back to me…

To look at it on radar and with this live feed from the scene, it looked like thousands were going to perish.

It was like looking into what I imagine hell would be like.

The chief and I were never really close, in fact really didn’t like each other. That night when we saw the size of this beast we looked at each other. I think we were both shocked, and I don’t know about him, I was scared and hands were shaking.

Yeah, I’m sorry. It looks like decade old TV weatherman drama is the only really interesting thing to write about today. Why can’t Aubrey McClendon go ahead and resign or a State Representative introduce a resolution that claims the scientific method is the work of the devil? We need something fun to write about.

That being said, I wonder why Mike and Dan don’t like each other. Maybe it’s because Mike got all the fame, showed favoritism towards David Payne and would refer to Dan as Mr. Iron Face behind his back. Or, perhaps Dan ruined Mike’s life-long dream of supplanting that McCain brothers as the premier emcees of the Oklahoma Opry.

Anyway, we asked Mike Morgan for comment and here’s what he said:

“Tell Dan Threlkeld to suck my bedazzled sever weather tie.

Okay, Mike Morgan didn’t actually say that. In fact, we didn’t even email him. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike or his wife is emailing us a response at this very second. If they do, they’ll probably tell Dan to show some balls or something.


  1. prior to coming to OKC to work, i worked in tulsa & had the privalege of working several promo’s w/ dan threlkeld… he was always super funny…. one event i was in a radio truck, & he was in a storm chasing vehicle of sorts… we were doing a pre-game on the field presentation for the tulsa talons during the playoffs & the place was packed… we were in line preparing to drive our vehicles on to the field when dan emerges at my driver side window w/ a $50 in hand & says…. i’ll give you this fifty if you do a donut on the 50 yard line…. i had no idea he would be as funny & humorous as he was…. therefore mike morgan’s bedazzled ties can suck it

  2. I wondered where he went! I had a class with Dan at UCO and worked with his wife JoAnn at Mercy for awhile. He was always nice and his wife is Super Nice. I have never heard anyone say that about Mike Morgan.

  3. At least the folks down at the National Weather Center, in Norman, don’t turn a mottled shade of red, and emit a low, guttural growl, when you mention Threlkeld.

  4. Actually the truth behind the angry is kind of boring. Dan was starting to rob Mike and David Payne of there share of fans. People would comment on how calm Dan was and how insane Mike and Dave were when doing weather. Dan’s numbers were growing. The one thing you do not come between is Mike and his popularity.
    It came to a boil when Dan’s contract came up and Mike used the chance to move him off air. Basically, Mike cocked blocked him so he could remain Mr. Popular.
    Dan, always the class act, took it hard, but being a team player stayed on until they found his replacement. In thus, lies your tale.

  5. Mike looks like he’s been sucking too many kilbasa’s. His shirts are getting tight.

  6. I worked with all three, and Mike was not a favorite of anyone. David Payne was hilarious, and Threlkeld was a genuinely honest and funny guy as well.
    Dan and I went to Thunder Valley to watch some drag racing before our weekend afternoon show, sadly it was raining and Dan caught hell from everyone at the race because the track was under water. I remember one guy saying, “Dan, I thought you said there was only a 30% chance of rain today”, and without missing a beat Dan replied with “I didn’t say it WASN’T going to rain at all, but you just happen to be in that area of 30%”.
    Anyway, horrible story I know, but Dan was a great and very personable guy.

  7. Sounds like it’s time for 4 to clean house, get a weatherman with a degree and get rid of that idiot Payne…he could work at the a funny club with eggman, neither are funny. Payne drives me crazy, he thinks he’s so cute and he’s not.

  8. I’ve run across Dan several times … he’s a good dude.

    Mike Morgan seems like a douche.

  9. Dan will always be my favorite because on May 3rd, he told us straight up that this was not a storm to fart around with. Yep, he said fart on TV.

  10. Rick Mitchell keeps you ahead of the storm
    Mike Morgan keeps you 4warned
    Gary England keeps you advised
    Fox 25 has Family Guy

  11. You’re right slow day at the Ogle ranch. Still waiting on the story about we need some crazy Von Conway commercials again. I’ve got some great ideas.

  12. Since Dan had his stroke last year (or as he calls it, “Bell’s Palsy”), he’s difficult to watch. The corner of his mouth droops and it’s a distraction to the pretty weather maps.

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