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Mailbag: Barkley Fallin Chopper 4 Elf Child

Usually I like to post the mailbag earlier in the day, but I’ve been dealing with fallout from the Tate Publishing story that was first reported by Brianna Bailey with the Journal Record. Apparently, Tate Publishing went on a witch hunt and fired 25 employees for allegedly spreading rumors that the company was about to outsource most of its work to the Philippines. This then prompted the company CEO and Asshole of the Year frontrunner Ryan Tate to bully, intimidate and threaten the remaining employees during a staff meeting. Here’s a link to the audio. We’ll have more info on this story on Monday, and if you work or worked at Tate and want to talk to us, send us an email.

Anyway, to the mailbag. Last week’s winning email was about Liz Dueweke’s contrived lack of self-esteem. It was sent to us by Lindsay, who will win a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser’s Bistro. Here are this week’s questions:

Al writes:

For someone who has done nothing but badmouth Oklahoma, as well as lie about never stepping foot in OKC (thanks for debunking that TLO), Charles Barkley made a grandiose spectacle of coming here. Mayor Mick and especially Governor Fallin seemed to go out of their way to welcome this tubby, ring-less, loudmouth, golfer. So my question is, if Obama would have belittled a whole state before coming here, do you think the hot-tubbing, jet-setting, “family values” candidate Mary Fallin would have taken time out from her out-of-state vacation of hypocrisy and actually welcomed the President of the United States to our great state?

Ryan writes:

Is it bad that I don’t think Mary Fallin serving Charles Barkley fried testicles on live TV is the kinkiest thing in her career?

Linda writes:

What are the chances that Charles Barkley was invited to see Mary Fallin’s perfectly temperatured hot tub?

Yes, we received three email submissions that had to do with Charles Barkley and Mary Fallin. When some alien race stumbles across the remains of our civilization, let’s hope they don’t find this mailbag.

Anyway, all three people bring up good points. It is kind of funny that the Governor could make time for a cartoony basketball analyst, but not the President of the United States. And the thought of seeing Charles Barkley and the Governor spending time in a 105 degree hot tub is humorous. I’m not sure about the fried testicle thing, though. That’s terrifying.

Jordan writes:

Read your post about how Bob Moore Chopper 4 got damaged by the hail and it’ proves that Karma is a bitch for KFOR. Say this because I’ve heard from good News 9 sources that last year KFOR wouldn’t let Jim Gardner out of his contract so they just let him hang in the hanger all day until his contract expires. Well he had a heart attack while on the job so KFOR had to pay for all of his medical bills on top of paying him to do nothing except train the new guy. Then to top it off they hire a guy who is a tad boring and brings nothing to the table other than he flew a helicopter in the war which really brings nothing to the news world. So add all of this to the fact their chopper is damaged, how much do you think Jim Gardner is enjoying all this knowing all that’s happen the past yearsince you broke the news he’s leaving that he’s come out smelling like roses while KFOR has had everything go wrong with the chopper?

Uhm, Jim Gardner had a heart attack? What the hell??? How are we just now hearing about this? Bad job, Ogle Mole Network. Bad bad bad job.

Sam writes:

My wife moved is new to Oklahoma, and while watching the news, she asks me “Do you think Rusty McCranie and Anita Blanton have secret elf children with silly hair?”
What do you think?

If this email doesn’t win, I’m going to murder an elf child.


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  1. Why exactly is he an asshole? He is the boss. He clearly let them enjoy their jobs by surfing netflix and facebook. Regardless, he isn’t a jerk because he cares about the reputation of his company. It is NOT ok for employees to get on facebook and badmouth their employers. Also, those employees could at any time get up and leave. It’s a free country. He is also free to have a problem with people he is PAYING badmouthing his company.

    • Good point. It is a free country and employees can always say, “Screw this. I’m leaving.” Because, you know, jobs are so plentiful that if you quit one, there’s always another good one just waiting for you somewhere else.

      Don’t know your situation, but A LOT of people work at a place because they absolutely have to and do not quit even if they wanted to because it would be stupid to do so.

    • Firing 25 people because an anonymous e-mailer didn’t come forward is how a tyrant runs a business. Any employer who had an ounce of human emotion or put any value in his employees wouldn’t do this. Who would want to work there knowing they stand to be fired any time someone sends the boss an e-mail he doesn’t like? All his effort to appear Christian in this meeting is insulting. The irony is that this will be a far bigger PR disaster than the anonymous complaints and Facebook comments.

    • He is an ahole because he fired innocent 25 people because someone sent an anonymous email telling those people they were going to be outsourced. The email writer did not come forward so he fired 25 people in the name of Jesus and justice.

  2. I voted for the elf child email because of sheer peer pressure..but I’m with Al; Why are we kissing Barkley’s ass?

    • Because Barkley lied about never having been in Oklahoma and Republicans love liars?

  3. I could swear I heard Barkley call the Governor a MILF as they were going to a break in the post-game show. Maybe it was the lamb fries talking.

    • Proverbs 17:26 “Also to punish the just is not good, nor to strike princes for equity.”

  4. Barkley is smart..he raised an issue that there isn’t anything fun to do in OKC, and then when he got here, everyone was tripping over themselves to entertain him.

  5. I find it ironic that Oklahoma’s “Right-To-Work” law gives employers nearly unlimited rights to fire employees.

  6. It’s hard to believe that Channel 4 would be awaiting more bad karma than Channel 4. Channel 9 just celebrated good rating by giving away free snowcones to their employees. That’s after their owner, general mgr, and the VP of sales were sitting behind the Thunder bench at the last playoff game in Dallas.

  7. Not defending this Tate d-bag, but sometimes I wonder if anyone who posts or comments on this website has a real job.

    • What exactly necessitates a “real job”? As opposed to a “fake job”? Anyone who performs a service and is provided compensation in turn has a “job”. Is a waste management specialist (garbageman) any less valid or “real” than say an attorney or mid level bureaucrat in an oil and gas company located in OKC? Or, for that matter, someone who gets paid to write articles, create digital content, or wait tables?

      That being said, if you actually listen to the audio clip provided of the meeting, it’s pretty f*ing ridiculous. He fires 25 people…apparently at random…because “some” employees have been posting messages on social media about the potential demise of their positions at the company and/or the company itself. The firing of 25 random folks was apparently retribution, or “justice” as Mr. Tate describes it, for the folks who posted online not coming forward to get fired. That’s pretty shitty, whichever way you slice it. As someone else posted, sounds like he is just using this fabricated controversy about online postings to actually fire and downsize his employees in order to justify the outsourcing…as he refers in the audio clip “some things were going to change, but not much”. Yeah, right. Sounds like folks had a pretty damn good reason to be worried about their jobs.

      That being said, just looking at the picture of this douche and their “Christian” publishing company website made me cringe. Starting a company meeting with a grandiose prayer and subsequently espousing the glories of capitalist expansions followed by a Hammurabi’s Code approach to HR, absolutely reeks of hypocrisy.

    • I am a stay at home dad. I’ve been asked If I am going to get a real job when the kids start school. So I guess I have a fake job.

  8. Think OKCBusiness will give Tatertot Publishing another “Best Places to Work” award this year?

  9. I know many former Tate employees and this speech is just the tip of the iceberg. Hoping this incident will finally draw them all out and blow the lid off that place.

  10. http://accrispin.blogspot.com/2007/02/happy-valentines-day-from-writer-beware.html?commentPage=2
    Tate gets two thumbs down on this writers beware blog. It’s a vainity outfit that blows smoke and makes the author feel like they’ve written the next to Kill A Mockingbird, then asks for an “author’s investment” of 4 grand for which you apparently get atrocious editing(one complained of 200 errors in the “finished product”) and a spine taht falls apart on first reading. Hope this scandal blows the lid off this phoney’s business.

  11. Ryan Tate threatens his lawsuits constantly. I am acquainted with several who are former Tate employees and I have yet to hear of anyone being summoned. If someone was summoned I assure you I would have heard about it. After this leak the Tate’s better be prepared for legitimate lawsuits against them for harassment and wrongful termination. By the way, once an employee becomes a former employee, good luck enforcing a confidentiality agreement. Once termination has occurred there’s no court in the world that is going to seriously hear a case brought against a former employee for voicing their opinions and sharing their experiences. Tate’s fall is finally coming and it’s about time!

    • I have no doubt that Ryan Tate is the secret love/elf child of Anita Blanton and Rusty McCranie. I bet his adoptive parents are regretting adopting such an asshole.

  12. As a former employee of Tate Publishing, all I can say is that they sincerely think that they cannot do any wrong, and that they are Jesus-like. They will cook up any kind of story to get rid of an employee or employees that they don’t want. That way, they don’t have to provide and kind of severence package and can fight unemployment compensation. Bareing false witness against thy neighbor is just fine for them, if they deem it to be necessary. I have personally witnessed this happening.

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