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10 Things I’ve learned about Tate Publishing CEO Ryan Tate…

If you read our post from yesterday, it’s pretty easy to say that Tate Publishing CEO Ryan Tate may be one of the world’s greatest assholes. During a secretly recorded staff meeting, he belittled his employees — calling them “idiots” and morons” — before cold-heartedly firing 25 of them.

But what else is there to know about Ryan Tate? What type of man is he? Based upon some Ogle Mole emails and Internet detective work, we came up with this list of 10 things you should know about this bully.

1. Ryan Tate is a product of nepotism

It’s quite obvious that the only reason Ryan Tate has his job is because his parents gave it to him. I’ve done several Google searches and can’t find any mentions of a college degree or past successes as a writer, salesman or publisher. From what I can tell, it appears the only qualification Ryan has is his last name.

2. Ryan Tate has a pretty blonde wife who’s a bona fide Republican and former beauty pageant contestant

He may not be a good boss, but at least Ryan Tate knows how to pick pretty blonde girls from the Non-Denominational Church Mating Catalog. Seriously, she looks like she should be teaching a bible school class somewhere. Her name is Christy Tate. She was the second runner-up in the 2008 Mrs. Oklahoma Pageantis a spokesperson for Tate Publishing and even appeared in the GOP’s “Bona Fide” Republican campaign video.

Here’s a screen shot from that video and a couple of other pictures we obtained:

3. According to this website, Ryan Tate has been accused of having improper sexual relationships with other Tate Publishing employees.

If the claims on that website are true, they would seem to corroborate a few rumors we heard from Ogle Moles over the weekend. The most common one was that Ryan Tate had “improper relations” with a female employee on a Tate Publishing-sponsored employee cruise.

I emailed Ryan Tate on Friday and asked him to address this allegation and answer a few other questions, but he never replied back to me. He was probably too busy monitoring his employees Facebook and MySpace pages and making collect calls to the Philippines.

4. Ryan Tate has co-authored a book about marriage.

Ironically enough, Ryan and his wife co-authored a book called “To Tie the Knot or Not: Principles You Must Master Before You Marry.” I haven’t read the book, but I wonder if “Fidelity” or “Having Your Parents Give You a Cushy Job” are mentioned in it.

5. Ryan Tate is a liar.

During the secretly recorded staff meeting, Ryan claimed Tate Publishing had filed a $7.8-million lawsuit against five employees for violating their employment contract. He even said “Do you think their life changed when they got that summons?”

Well, I guess their lives didn’t change, because it looks like the lawsuit doesn’t exist. It makes you wonder if Ryan either a) forgot to file the suit or b) was simply using it as a way to intimidate and/or threatening his current employees. Knowing what we know about Ryan, I’d lean towards option B.

Also, here’s a copy of a Tate Publishing employee confidentiality agreement that was provided to me via the Ogle Mole Network. I had one of our attorneys review the document and here’s what he said:

“Looks like he found a sample contract online and then went apeshit. I doubt this contract was approved or written by an attorney.”

6. Ryan Tate doesn’t like bloggers.

According to the blog post at the bottom of this page, Tate Publishing sued several anonymous bloggers back in 2008. Here’s a snippet:

Well Tate Family, unfortunately we have had to take legal action against many different individuals that have tried to be very negative against our wonderful company and family of authors. Whether you are a Tate author, prospective author or just researching this industry we have been appalled at all of the negative and incorrect information on the internet, in blog sites or on competitors websites…

In this day and age people assume that over the internet you can say and do what you want with no level of accountability, for the most part this may be true, but our legal system can protect us from unwarranted, defaming, untrue attacks, especially when there are issues involving copyrighted information and trademark violations.

Considering Ryan Tate likes to use the threat of legal action as an intimidation technique, I seriously doubt he or Tate Publishing has ever sued anyone for libel or slander. As my attorney told me, “When people threaten to sue you, they rarely do.”

7. Ryan Tate enjoys wearing tights and wrestling other men.

I stumbled across this gem while reading a bio about Ryan’s wife:

Christy and her husband, former All-American wrestler for the University of Oklahoma, traveled the country performing seminars on their book, To Tie the Knot or Not.

I’m not surprised about the wrestling part. The guy does look like he spends about three hours in gym each day. But was he really an All-American wrestler at the University of Oklahoma?

I checked the SoonerSports.com wrestling site and they have a list of all 265 of the program’s All American wrestlers. Ryan Tate’s name wasn’t on the list. This means one of three things:

• The OU website is wrong (would surprise me)
• Christy Tate over-exaggerated her husband’s athletic resume (wouldn’t surprise me)
• Ryan Tate lied about being an All-American wrestler. (really wouldn’t surprise me)

8. Ryan Tate is a little man

No wonder he has little man syndrome. He truly is a little man!

9. Ryan Tate is a bad driver.

According to a search at OSCN, Ryan Tate has been ticketed for various traffic violations ranging from not wearing a seat belt to a DUI. I’d rather ride around in a car with a small Asian woman than Ryan Tate.

10. Ryan Tate probably masturbates while looking the mirror.

And when he does, I bet he flexes.

Anyway, those are 10 things I learned about Ryan Tate. I think this closes our Tate Publishing coverage for a while. We have Charles Barkley crap to write about.


    • He is american, and looks like the kind of guy that wants to prove he is a man so maybe he wrestles you to the ground to prove it.

  1. Even though she changes appearances from picture to picture Mrs. Tate looks pretty. I’d hit that. And I don’t mean that in the punch way which has probably happened from the looks of things.

  2. “I’d rather ride around in a car with a small Asian woman than Ryan Tate. ” – That really wasn’t necessary, was it?

    If you had made a stereo type comment about a black person would that have been okay?

  3. One comment on another blog compared Tate to Zippy the Pinhead. I like that. I want to shout it from the rooftops like a Von Trapp.

    • Perhaps he wrestled coeds in the back of his car, praying for God to give him an opening where he could take the advantage.

  4. Salute to you, Lost Ogle. You are a gentleman, and a scholar.

    Though, I wish you had mentioned he does his bad driving in a monster truck of sorts.

  5. he looks kind of like a bald Sean William Scott. Van Shea Ivan’s fiance is as hot as Tates wife, wonder how he feels about that…

  6. Also I like how Tate’s job postings for the Philippines all use the word “Competative”. Is that Christian for “Competitive”?

  7. Swimsuit Pic of Christy Tate! Please!
    Did anyone here Traber last night talk about “this website, with moles that is stealing my stuff”… what was he talking about?

  8. Okay this article just screams a new addition to the hot chicks section. You need to add Top 10 Hot Chicks married to a Geek.

  9. Top 10 chicks of Tate Publishing, they do have some fine asses working over there. Also, Ryan Tate ran for political office back in the 90’s could you imagine if this guy was actually voted into something besides one of his parents companies. I do give Ryan credit, he has much large balls than his father who couldn’t be a royal dick 24/7 so that’s how he became CEO of Tate Cartoon Publishing House, Dr. Dick prefers to cry in the corner of his office while reading old war poems that he made up from his imaginary time at war.

  10. My question is where are all the Tate executive staff in this? They’ve been awfully quiet in defending Tate Publishing/Music Group and the Tate’s? Either they totally agree with what is being said about the Tate’s and are silently rejoicing or they are just as guilty and just trying to lay low to keep from having fingers pointed at them as well. There’s NO WAY the executive staff is completely innocent in all of this, they have to be completely aware of how business is handled there and simply choose to be complicite.

    • ….I mean c’mon, a handful of the exec’s have defended Tate on other blogs that have posted negative comments. Where are they now?

    • I saw one of the execs post a defensive post on Facebook about how people were judging the integrity of a man based on snippets of audio. Yeah, if you want to call those 17 minutes worth of scolding and threats a “snippet.” Several critical comments were posted on that status before it was removed a few hours later.

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