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Uhm, Bricktown made a brief cameo in a Mitt Romney attack ad about job losses in Ohio

If you asked any Oklahoma City resident to name the location above, 99% of them would say it’s Bricktown. That’s because we’re smart and know way too much about our occasionally fun, sterile and touristy entertainment district. In fact, we’re so knowledgeable about Bricktown that most residents could probably even name the road (Sheridan) and the building (Bricktown Parking Garage?) where the photo was taken.

Based on that info, Mitt Romney is obviously not an Oklahoma City resident. He and his campaign apparently think Bricktown is located in Lyndhurst, Ohio:

Yeah, that’s great. Mitt Romney is using stock video footage of our damn entertainment district to illustrate sadness, job loss and general despair in Ohio. Makes you feel proud, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I considered emailing the Romney campaign and asking for a comment, but that would be pointless. They wouldn’t reply back to an obscure local social blogger, and if they did, it would probably be something standard like:

Ha ha! Screw you guys. We could burn all your natural gas and piss on Will Rogers’s grave and you all would still give us your worthless seven electoral votes.

Okay, that’s not very standard, but it wouldn’t be far from the truth. The only thing people hate more than Obama in this state is voting for Obama. He could be running against Terry Nichols, Sally Kern and a real Pedobear and probably not win this state. Which I guess is fine, since he’s a Kenyan communist Muslim who wants to give all Americans access to healthcare or something ridiculous like that. Seriously, what a crazy guy.

h/t: sarahburris.tumblr.com


  1. What a sad, misleading piece of crap. The Romney campaign has raised lying to an art form. But, how did anyone recognize that little snippet of Bricktown?

  2. Actually, it seems pretty ingenious to say Ohio is so miserable that it’s decline has turned it into the “best” Oklahoma City has to offer. I mean, if I were in Ohio, and I was told that my state had become Oklahoma, I would perk up and listen.

    • * “its” not “it’s”

      It’s like this website is some kind of disease vector or patient zero for the typo virus…

    • Reading your post in a hotel 2 blocks from Camden Yards, I laughed so hard I woke up my wife. Only a real Okie can realize how funny that is. Thanks.

  3. Just makes you wonder if any of that is accurate. Is that really Al Zarzour? Does he live in Lyndhurst, OH, or Lindsay, OK? Actually, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t live in Oklahoma. What? – Was all of the Ohio footage SO depressing that they just picked the first piece from the next state in the clipart file? Or, do you think an Oklahoma piece is coming out next and the video editors just got them confused? So many questions. So little lime. … :)

    • Have to wonder if any of that footage was actually from Ohio. Of course if it did come to light they would just spin it and say there was a GM plant here but it closed. Forget the fact that it closed before Obama took office and if you mention that fact then it gets spun that Obama, a Senator at the time, along with his cronies in DC caused the conditions which led to GM shuttering up here and leaving people out of work. Quit pointing out these things citizen. Why do you not love America?

  4. If I understand the ad correctly, because GM was bailed out by the feds, the dealer’s credit from GM was terminated. Absence the bailout, GM would have died or would have been significantly reduced. Under this scenario, there appears to be even less likelihood the dealer would have retained his GM credit (no GM, no credit). On its face, the ad makes no sense.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I had to watch the video 4 times to see what I was missing. I’m glad to see it wasn’t just me thinking it made absolutely no sense.

  5. Ironic that I went to a concert at the Zoo a few years back that had ZZ Top and the Pretenders opened. (Don’t judge me) The singer from the Pretenders (who is an Ohio native) was bragging on Bricktown and lamenting the fact that they don’t do things like that in her native state.

  6. If Terry Nichols, Sally Kern, and a real life Pedobear were running against Obama, I’m guessing most Oklahoman’s would pick Nichols first because of his anti government agenda. Kern would place second because she hates the gays and doesn’t believe in evolution. Pedobear would come in third because screwing kids is apparently less offensive than giving healthcare to those who need it. Obama wouldn’t even be a blip on that government/gay/healthcare hating kiddie lovefest.
    What a sad state we live in.

  7. its also even more obscure since the rail cars shown aren’t ones used to transport automobiles. anyway, i enjoy reading your banter, keep it up.

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