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The 10 hottest street hookers from last weekend’s prostitution sting…

Did you hear that the OKCPD, FBI and Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics did something the Video Vigilante couldn’t? They arrested 44 people in a prostitution sting instead of just videotaping them like some pervert.

From NewsOK:

A three-day prostitution sting resulted in 44 arrests in Oklahoma City, police reported Monday.

The sting was a joint effort between Oklahoma City police, the FBI and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Control’s human trafficking unit.

Arrests were made Thursday, Friday and Saturday in an area of S Robinson Avenue known for prostitution and through Internet investigations, Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said.

Much like the creepy Video Vigilante, NewsOK decided to post mug shots of all the culprits. Since I’m not one to be outshone by a pervert with a video camera or Oklahoma’s most conservative rag, I have decided to post some of their pictures on here, too. The only difference is I’m going to rank the 1o hottest prostitutes. The ladies are already being judged, so we might as well do it in style.

Anyway, here’s my Top 10 list. And please think of me when I’m being beaten to death by an angry street pimp later this week!

10. Tegan Franklin

Interesting Fact: Her butthole is an outie!

9. Kim Bailey

Astrological Sign: Gravy

8. Aimee Anderson

Favorite Sport: All of them

(p.s. – The picture of Aimee Anderson didn’t download properly, so I used the one of Van Shea Iven instead. He is in no way a prostitute.)

7. Jaime Whiteeagle

Favorite Comedian: Katt Williams

6. Heather Rigdon

Favorite Lesbian: Justin Bieber

5. Stephanie Zorn

Best Feature: Ringworm

4. Bibi Jones

Favorite Greek Tragedy She Thinks is a Dinosaur: Oedipus Rex

(Disclaimer: Bibi Jones actually wasn’t arrested in the sting. I’m just getting so grossed out by this post that I feet like mixing it up a bit. I knew you would understand.)

3. Brittney Brenton

Drug of Choice: Love

2. Raven Capers

Name if She Were a Pornstar: Caven Rapers

And the sexiest prostitute arrested in the sting…

1. Michelle Rice

Video Game Character She Hates the Most: The dude from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

There you have it, the sexiest people that you won’t see for a while. But we can’t just shame the women. As they say on Dancing with the Stars, “It takes two to tango.” So here are some pictures of the “Johns” with some interesting tidbits as well!

1. Rene Defferia

Favorite Actor: Danny Trejo

(Interesting fact, Rene has a rare visual defect that only allows him to look slightly above things.)

2. Nicolas Palma

Hair Style Secret: Negligence

3. Arvey Placker

Street Alias: Lobes (for his massive attached ear lobes)

There you have it, just a handful (of masturbators) that were arrested Monday. If you are a street pimp that is seeking revenge, I can be found here.




  1. Damn that was flat out nasty! hopefully if they make bail they release them in Tulsa, who i voted Worst Suburb

  2. Really?!?! The fat ginger makes the top ten over a couple of the other candidates? Spence, your ginger bias really shows through some times…

  3. What’s Van Shea Iven’s story? Is his act schtick? Is he partially retarded? Is he a fancy lad with a penchant for high school boys?

    Oh, and I’d bang hooker #3. If only the OCPD would tilt downward to show us the total package. I can’t make a bail assessment without seeing the goods.

    • I’m sure you and Mr. Placker would have a real good time, although he may require that you are on the receiving end of some of the “banging.”

  4. Mighty fine residents..yes-siree. I hope they aren’t held up in jail too long as I’m sure they are itchin’ to get to vote, volunteer…etc.

  5. I couldn’t help but notice the coincidence that this sting occurred recently after a previous TLO post indicating S. Rockwell as a frequent hooking spot, and the police article mentioned internet research that helped them with the sting…way to go guys!

  6. Hmmmm…. 9 & 10 may be the cause of the influx of spam I have been receiving recently with the subject “I’m a little heavy but horny”

  7. If I was the OKC police chief I would get a small school bus, black out the windows, paint the bus black, and roam the streets that are infested with the hookers. Once found, I would have my officers tell the hookers to “get in the bus”. Once the bus had filled I would drive the bus to Boise City, OK and just before we entered the city limits I would tell the hookers to get out.

  8. Who are any of you people to judge these girls you do not know them or what has caused them to do this .All of theses girls are somebody’s daughter maybe instead of condeming them you god fearing do gooders should try to help them.

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