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Breaking News: Jesse Jane is now single

Although she kind of looks like a caricature sketch or cyborg sexbot, I guess you can say that Moore High School graduate and adult film star Jesse Jane is attractive. Sure, her body would probably melt if she were exposed to prolonged sunlight and she’s had more sexual partners than the Oklahoma State Senate combined, but that’s okay. She still looks pretty good.

In addition to being attractive, Jesse Jane is also very popular. In 2009, CNBC produced a 10-minute profile about her life as a happy porn star raising a family in conservative Oklahoma City. In 2011, they named her (along with Choctaw native Ashlynn Brooke) as one of 12 most popular porn stars in the world. She’s hosted her own shows on Playboy TV, has her own tequila line, and nearly 200,000 people follow her own Twitter.

Anyway, I’m not really sure why I’m telling you all that. I think I just wanted to link to CNBC stuff to make this “breaking news” update about Jesse Jane’s relationship status seem more legitimate. From a series of strange tweets she sent last night:

Here’s the deal. Jesse Jane divorced in January, so this really isn’t a big deal. The only real reason I’m writing about it is because it’s been a while since we’ve published anything about an Oklahoma adult film star not named Bibi Jones. Incidentally, Bibi made NFL news again this week when she posted more pics of her and Gronk. I would write more about them, but I’m kind of getting tired of Bibi Jones. She’s so 2011.

Couple of other thoughts:

1. Maybe it’s just me, but Jesse’s tweets remind me of something Deano would post if he and Switzer were coked out in Norman on a Friday night. All they need are a Tiger reference or two and they would be perfect.

2. I understand that adult film stars get involved in serious relationships and marry and stuff, but doesn’t being involved in porn already make you “officially” single? Seriously, I don’t know of any other field where you get to have sex with total strangers for the benefit of other total strangers and your spouse isn’t allowed to get upset about it. There is a reason porn stars get tested for STDs instead of drugs, right?



  1. Probably got divorced because the hubby was hoping she’d do all the kinky stuff, but she didn’t want to bring her work home with her. So no joy for him.

  2. Family member went to high school with her. Every time she sees him at the grocery store she stops him for a chat.

  3. She works out at the Y I go too. Instructor can’t figure out why all the guys stand at the door and watch.

  4. Initiate Phase 1 – take off pants, place accordion piping on head, show up to Jesse Jane’s house with arms outstretched while making helicopter sounds.

  5. Found out she lives in my in-laws neighborhood a while back. I’ve been visiting them much more often since then.

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