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2012 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest, Semi-Finals (2 of 2)

Yesterday, we showed you the first 10 semi-finalists for our 2012 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest. Today we unveil the second batch of photos. Just like yesterday, you get to vote for your three favorite pics. The three that get the most votes will move on to next week’s finals. Before I get to the photos, I have three things to say:

• Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo. This year we received 75 email submissions. The average email contained two or three photo attachments. I’m not good at Craig Humphreys’ new math, but that means we received about 150 – 200 photos. There were a bunch of good ones that just missed the cut. We’ll post them later on this month.

• Thanks to Chad for his help with some of the captions and descriptions for the photos.

• Thanks again to Deep Fork Grill and The Wedge Pizzeria for sponsoring our contest.

To the pics. And don’t forget, you can still view and vote for the first half of the semi-finalists by clicking here.

Little Miss Sunshine

My original caption for this pic was “Where Dreams Die,” but I changed it because it was too depressing. Plus, it wasn’t very accurate. She may be old, wrinkly and have an odd fascination with the color yellow, but at least this lady — We’ll call her Blanche — still goes to the State Fair and smokes cigarettes. Granted, Blanche also probably thinks that Roosevelt is president and warns her great grandkids not to drink raw milk, but who cares.

Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots

Is it just me, or does this look like a scene from a gay rodeo? Seriously, why’s Bubba wearing cut-off camo shorts? Why’s Pee-Wee wearing daisy dukes. And why is the guy in orange setting down?

Party Butt Rockin’

Give this Rob Zombie meets Dimebag Darrell wannabe some credit. His Toby Keith “I Love America, Shitty Tattoos and Hate Sleeves” outfit totally made me overlook the semi-normal looking, probably cute, and hopefully over-the-age-of-18 girl standing in front of him in line. Outside of a clean toilet, a random cute girl is one of the rarest things you’ll find at any state fair.

The Boogey Woman

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Steven Segal!

Actually, that’s not Steven Segal. That’s just some intense lady who’s really good at carnival games and likes Bud Light. Also, if Pixar were to make a twisted and demented sequel to Toy Story, those two stuffed animals would definitely be the protagonists. Especially that poor pig. I think I can hear its tortured squeals for help in my head.

Them’r my corn eatin’ gloves

Once again, for a rascal scooter pic to make this contest, there has to be something else to make the picture special. In this case, it would be an old farmer wearing yellow dishwashing gloves while eating corn.

Hot Tub Time Machine

“So will this hot tube take my husband back to an era that matches his hair cut?”

“I’m not sure that’s possible, Ma’am. But do you want to get in there and test it out with him?”

Yeah, I have no clue what’s going on here either, but I think it proves my theory that swingers and/or men (or women?) with mullets are the only people who own hot tubs.

Beauty and the Bubba

Attraction isn’t always sexual. Sometimes it’s gravitational.

Sleeping Beauty

According to the a recent study, 12% of all people dream in black white. This lady, however, dreams about corn dogs, Indian tacos and swimming with manatees.

Actually, this photo was snapped during a hypnotist show inside a livestock building. Yes, we have hypnotist shows inside livestock buildings at the Oklahoma State Fair. I don’t know why we are just now hearing about this either. That’s something we should all get to experience at some point in life.

House Arrest

“Nah, girl…this ankle monitor ain’t no thang. I ain’t supposed to leave the house, but I live behind the Made in Oklahoma building, so it’s all good. Want a corn dog?”

Twisted Sister-Brother

Wow, Dee Snyder has really let himself go. Or is that Robert Plant? Who knows. Regardless, check out the guy wearing the cool shades and Kohl’s shirt in the background. Did he not get the memo that you’re never supposed to blatantly stare at… well… nevermind.

Vote for your three favorite pics below. To view and vote for the first round of pics, click here:

2012 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest, Semi-Finals (2 of 2)

  • Sleeping Beauty (40%, 737 Votes)
  • Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots (31%, 559 Votes)
  • Them'r my corn eatin' gloves (26%, 468 Votes)
  • House Arrest (23%, 430 Votes)
  • Little Miss Sunshine (23%, 422 Votes)
  • Twisted Sister-Brother (16%, 284 Votes)
  • Beauty and the Bubba (15%, 281 Votes)
  • The Boogey Woman (10%, 189 Votes)
  • Party Butt Rockin' (8%, 155 Votes)
  • Hot Tub Time Machine (6%, 117 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,830

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  1. This is only acceptable viewing in the same way “Hoarders” is designed to make us feel better about ourselves. Though I think some of these people might actually be hoarders.

  2. The posture of corn eatin gloves makes him look like a redneck Bond Villain. Maybe he needs that stuffed pig in lap as well.

  3. Wow! These are so much better, and by better I mean worse, than the first group of pictures. I really cannot decide which one to pick.

  4. I am pretty sure that the Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots is normal dudes just looking to make fun of others… The guy in the yellow shirt looks like a regular dude and if you look one of the guys laughing and in their group is wearing khaki shorts and jack purcells while another guy has on skinny jeans… Think that one was a ruse, but if they make the finals, I guess they pulled one over the TLO readers’ eyes.

    • Look again, Daisy Dukes has a tattoo on the back of his calf…that’s gay…Yellow shirted guy is not a regular dude, waaay too comfortable in those tight shorts and yellow shorts and what guy owns a fanny pack? and then wears it over his fanny.

  5. Beauty and the Bubba should have been captioned Princess Leia and Jabba…put a Slim Jim in hand and Party Butt Rockin’ could pass as a really broken down Randy Savage…

  6. RIP Dimebag, you are missed. He is standing really close to her though, and with no one behind him. Kinda creepy. Also what’s up with the shades at night? Better for peeping/staring a the ladies?

  7. Where are these people when the Great State Fair is not in action? Are they like Phish Heads roaming from fair to fair or are there sightings like these all year long?

  8. I just want to say I love the “little miss sunshine” photo! It is great that someone her age still has a great sense of humor!!! LOL I hope I am as fun as she is when I am her age! I might need to borrow her shirt! :)

  9. These aren’t bad, but the sleeping beauty was part of a hypnosis show, so it isn’t quite as funny. The Daisy Duke guys look like they’re staging the photo. I think the two best “natural” photos is little miss sunshine.

    You can tell that lady lives her life that way. The fair was just a reason to break out the nice bikini shirt.

  10. If you look through these pictures and don’t have to take a double, and sometimes triple-take to make sure one of the individuals shown ISN’T a member of your immediate or extended family, then you my friend cannot call yourself an Okie!

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