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Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week Eight

10) Boring Ass OU/KU Game was Boring

This game was over by the time the Boy Scouts showed everyone their seats, and was completely unwatchable after the first few minutes of the second half.

To the mild surprise of some, including me, OU was anything but flat. Some will complain about the 185 yards rushing they surrendered to Kansas, but that happens when your opponent rushes the ball 58 times. OU did give up over 300 yards of offense to Kansas, but hell, Kansas ran 86 plays, averaging a paltry 3.6 yards a play. Normally this post would be filled with colorful language when an OU opponent runs 35 more plays than the Sooners. But again that happens when you have two special teams touchdowns and the game is out of hand midway through the 3rd. Yes, OU should have run the ball more often. Yes, there were scores of swing passes. And that won’t cut it next week. But OU can take from this game the knowledge they did exactly what they needed to do to win – avoid a letdown.

9) OU/Notre Dame

And let the hype begin. Notre Dame travels to Norman this weekend for a prime time showdown against the Sooners, complete with College GameDay, tradition, and my drunk ass downing bourbon like fun-sized Snickers bars.

This game truly has epic potential. Though the season has a long way to go, I fully expect a 2008 Texas Tech like atmosphere both outside and inside the stadium this Saturday, only with annoying Notre Dame fans everywhere. Tickets are at a premium that I have never seen. We are looking for four tickets together, and I see nothing under $450 per ticket. Some jerky offered me $2,000 … per ticket. News flash – this isn’t the effing Super Bowl. It’s the biggest non-conference game in decades, but I not blowing my weekly wine budget on four hours I am unlikely to remember.

8) OSU Wins … Sort of

Oklahoma State played its best game in a few weeks Saturday afternoon, trouncing an outmanned ISU team by three touchdowns. But more injury news from Stillwater takes precedent. Back up now starting quarterback JW Walsh sustained season ending knee injury, begging the question – what in the hell does OSU do now? A good win, and if Lunt can’t come back, maybe the last win of the year.

7) OSU’s Upcoming Schedule

Which brings me to this …

OSU has TCU at home, goes to Kansas State, then has West Virginia and Tech at home, then goes to Norman.

In a row.

Lunt. injured. Walsh, done. Prior to the news about Walsh, there was talk that Lunt would be shut down for the season. By that I mean Sam Mayes said it could happen, and who better to trust than Sam Mayes. Of course, when asked a comment, resident OSU shill Robert Allen responded with “GIVE ME A DONUT!! ME HUNGRY!!! FOOD!!!!!”. If Lunt is shut down, with Walsh done, if a defense decides to actually pressure the quarterback, OSU will struggle mightily. Their offense can be successful with an inexperienced quarterback. But OSU is in offense purgatory if a coach decides to bring the heat. But don’t think for a minute Snyder, Patterson, Stoops, and Tuberville won’t ratchet up the pressure.

Bottom Line – OSU could play relatively well and still end November with between three and five losses.

6) Natalie Portman at Texas Game. Got Boobs

So there’s this from last night’s Texas/Baylor contest …

Not that I am obsessed with her or anything but NATALIE GOT BOOBS! BOOBS BOOBS BOOBIES!!!

5) NY Yankees


4) Maybe Kansas State is Just Good

No one is mistaking West Virginia for the ’85 Bears. And let’s be honest, Oklahoma fumbled away one touchdown and gift wrapped a second touchdown for the Wildcat defense. Oh, and Heupel and Landry lost their minds. But the fact is this Kansas State wins games with a Heisman contending quarterback, a good enough defense, a brilliant coach, and no mistakes. Reminds me of a team from Norman, say, 12 years ago.

3) TCU and West Virginia

Yeah, so funny how the Big XII is a little better than those two ragtag conferences you both used to be a part of. The Mountaineers, of the no defense gimmick offense has proven to be nothing more than Texas Tech light – beat up on lesser opponents, doors blown off by good teams who play defense.

TCU on the other had has held its own somewhat. And by that I mean they haven’t been boat-raced like that team from Morgantown. The Horned Frogs lost close games to a game Iowa State and a good Texas Tech, and soundly hammered Baylor, who put up 63 against that vaunted West Virginia defense.

Turns out the Big XII doesn’t suck at all, fake soldier (see below).

2) Texas A&M Finds Ways to Blow Leads Regardless of Conference Affiliation

Wait … so the fighting Aggies of Texas A&M still can’t hold a lead against anyone? Leading 12-0 as the first half was winding down, the Aggies … again … puked on themselves with turnovers, no defense, and poor decisions, allowing a terrible LSU offense to out score the Ags 24-7 in route to yet another loss in the SEC.

But … but … we are in the best conference in the nation! Yeah, even that’s a bunch of crap. Alabama is good. And that’s about it. Do you really think Florida is any good at all? South Carolina? LSU? Those teams aren’t any good. Top to bottom, the SEC is the worst it has been in many years.

1) What to Expect

As of Sunday evening, Lunt may play this weekend against TCU. If he does, I expect TCU to bring the house. OSU does not have the playmakers on the outside they have had in the past. And Lunt is returning from a scary looking knee injury. If Lunt does not play … good luck the rest of the year, Pokes.

And then there is OU/Notre Dame, where the only sure thing next Saturday night is I will be unabashedly hammered.


  1. As an OU fan I would have almost taken a 21-63 beatdown to see Natalie at Owen Field in that shirt.


  2. ND – OU. Take the $2000 per ticket. Plop your liver and a few friends in front of a big screen/wall of big screens and enjoy the game.

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