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Update: Fake Barry Switzer wrote a letter to the Norman Transcript

Yesterday, the Norman Transcript published a “Letter to the Editor” by Barry and Becky Switzer. The letter enthusiastically supported SQ 766, which would stop intangible property taxes (whatever that is). Here it is:

I write to express my support for State Question 766 and to urge your readers to vote yes on SQ 766 this November.

SQ 766 is a statewide ballot question that would correct a 2009 decision by the Oklahoma Supreme Court that opened the door to all kinds of new taxes on Oklahoma citizens and small businesses. Put simply, it means that local governments can tax things that are intangible — literally, things that they cannot touch or cannot see. This includes things like your pension, a lease to hunt on someone else’s land, and your insurance policies.

It also means small businesses could be taxed on things like intellectual property or patents — the type of innovations that we need to keep Oklahoma moving forward. Those jobs and job creators won’t come to Oklahoma, they’ll go to where the environment is more favorable.

In my time at OU, it was never OK to lose a football game to Texas. But now we are talking about jobs, and without passage of SQ 766, businesses looking to expand or move to Oklahoma will take those jobs across the border. That’s unacceptable.

So, I ask your readers to join me in voting yes on SQ 766.

Barry and Becky Switzer

Yeah, I’m not so sure Barry and Becky Switzer actually wrote that.

For one, Barry is a big time supporter of Democrats, and SQ 766 is Chamber of Commerce backed legislation. It will (possibly) lower taxes for businesses and utilities, and (possibly) hurt education funding for rural school districts. It doesn’t seem like something Barry Switzer would endorse, much less enthusiastically support by sending a poorly written campaign chain letter to the Norman Transcript.

Plus, Becky Switzer denies that she or her husband wrote the thing. From her Facebook Wall:

Wow, what a joke. If you’re going to do something that cheesy and low to drum up support for your anti-education, pro-Chamber of Commerce legislation, at least make it look legitimate. Whoever wrote that thing was way too sober to be Barry Switzer. At least throw in a reference about the wishbone, recruiting black athletes or wanting to whistle Boomer Sooner under Earl Campbell’s bed.

Also, does the Norman Transcript even have editors? Based on this snafu and the few other times I’ve read it, I don’t think so. Hell, they make us look like we’re on top of things. How can they publish a letter to the editor from a prominent public figure and not even check to see if the person wrote it? At least we could have some fun with this. We should write erotic letters to the paper posing as Mary Fallin. That would be fun.

Update: The Norman Transcript has removed the letter from their website and replaced it with halfhearted retraction. They basically throw the State Chamber under the bus.



  1. Also stops taxation on land leases and mineral rights. You know I wonder who that would behoove because it sure doesn’t help me any.

  2. Wow. Verifying letters to the editor is 101, real “Fundamentals of Journalism” type stuff. And speaking of fundaments, some editor is probably going to get his chewed for this one…

    But don’t be too hard on the Transcript. Like many others in Oklahoma, it was a decent paper before CNHI ruined it. Now, of course, it’s just a smoking ruin. Sad.

    Andy Reiger gave me my first job (as a paper boy) a long time ago, and then he gave me my first writing job in college. I’m pretty sure he’s still the Transcript’s EE (anyone in Norman know? Haven’t lived there in years…) but as bad as the Transcript is these days, I doubt this would have happened had he still been in charge of the newsroom.

    • Yep. Andy’s still the EE. Incidentally he didn’t print my letter to the editor. I knew I should have played football at OU instead of majoring in Zoology in the 1980s. What was I thinking?

      • You are very correct, sir. I gave it 1 more chance recently and wondered “what was I thinking?” Not only was it tough and stringy, it was tasteless and expensive. Guess he’s still trying to pay off that large child support arrearage judgment.

  3. Hey! How do we know that it wasn’t Fake Becky Switzer making the denial at her Fake Facebook page? I’m getting confused. Maybe I’m now qualified to edit a newspaper!

  4. In a strange case of anticipated schadenfreude, I’m actually in favor of SQ 766 because once the droves of hapless boneheads who believe their interests and those of large corporations are completely aligned approve this blatant corporate tax cut, the Republican Legislature will quietly raise other taxes on individuals to make up the shortfall, thus increasing the tax burden of the masses of Tea Party nitwits who took the bait and voted to lower corporate taxes and raise their own.

    • Ah — but Harry you presume they’ll be smart enough to realize what they’ve done. And I assure you they are not.

  5. I’m a Democrat and I support SQ 766. Yes the Chamber supports it, but it does not hurt education funding the way you suggust. There is no plausible reason why trademarks, rental contracts or business goodwill should be taxed above the state income tax level. The reason intagible property tax was introduced in the first place was to give business a break on other property taxes so they would locate a headquarters or regional office. SQ 766 would eliminate the tax being imposed on indiviudals and small businesses.

    • Let me get this straight. We should vote to give a business a break on a tax that was imposed to compensate the state for giving business a break on another tax?

      • i dont care if you want to give business a break, i am more concerned about me. I dont want to pay taxes on my intangible property. like the trademarks i have secured for my cool catch phrases.

  6. So if SQ 766 concerns revenue from intellectual property, just deciding whether to vote vote yea or nay could end up really taxing our brains.

  7. Bit of a tangent here, but am I the only one who initially read the second graf of the fake editorial as “things that they cannot touch or cannot see. This includes things like your penis…”

  8. Crap! Now the Norman Transcript Editor will be leary when they receive a letter from Regular Jim Traber declaring his endorsement for Barack Obama for President.

  9. An “explanation”; it was drafted by the State Chamber of Commerce for the Switzers’ signature, but they never agreed to it, and the State Chamber sent it in to the Transcript anyway.


    Still, The Transcript should have checked with the claimed authors.

    Is Andy Rieger related to Sean Rieger of the Norman Chamber? Would explain a lot.

  10. Speaking of needing an editor, you might want to check your claim that Barry is a “big time supporter of Democrats.” This election cycle he and the Mrs. have donated thousands to Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Tom Cole. The $500 they tossed at Rob Wallace (D) is unimpressive.

  11. I’m against the state question. Why? Because the douche down the street with a Langford and Romney sign in his yard is for it. I cannot possibly agree with that guy.

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