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There’s been a little shake-up at the News 9 morning show…

When she’s not pumping out babies, Bobbie Miller is a pretty good news anchor. In fact, she’s so good that Channel 9 recently stole her from Channel 4 and put her on the 4:00am news broadcast.

Well, that was short-lived. We’ve learned that Bobbie will be replacing Robin Marsh on the traditional News 9 morning show. The move is expected to happen when Bobbie returns from her annual maternity leave in a few weeks.

From an Ogle Mole email:

From: oglemole9999@gmail.com
To: TheLostOgle@gmail.com

Check with your moles at 9. Anchor shuffle. Christina Eckert is leaving.

Robin marsh is going to part time and will be on the 4pm with Lauren Nelson.    Bobbie & Stan Miller will do morning show.

Yeah, those are the types of emails we receive on a regular basis. Kind of cool, huh? It’s also a little bit depressing. Think about it. Someone really went out and created a gmail address called OgleMole9999 just so they could send us some local news gossip. I love it, but it also makes me feel like the protagonist in a really lame local version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

So I asked around the Ogle Mole Network and I have it on good authority that the email tipster was correct. Bobbie Miller is moving to the “traditional” News 9 morning show, Robin Marsh is moving to the News 9 a 4:00pm broadcast with Lauren Nelson, and Christina Eckert is going somewhere we she doesn’t have to watch the Fat Jack’s Wife cook barbecue and apple pie. Good for Christina Eckert!

Actually, were you aware of that? News 9’s Fat and Sassy Mamma is the wife of local sports handicapper (and Jim Traber kissing buddyThe Fat Jack. It’s good to know they’re profiting from the fat moniker. I can’t wait to see their testimonial PSAs for Type II Diabetes that should run in about five years. I heard the Oklahoma Geological Survey researched the couple’s sexual habits when investigating local earthquakes.

Anyway, other than the devil having something to do with it, I don’t have a lot to say about this shake-up. I’m a full-time blogger and trivia host. If I’m watching the 4:00am news, it’s a cue that I should go to bed. If I’m up watching a morning show, it either means I’m in jail or had a really fun night. Or possibly both.


  1. I actually saw Jim Traber at Sooner Mall yesterday eating lunch in the food court with his wife? and some kid, at 11am. Cause that’s what the cool people do on Thursdays. Eat lunch for 45 minutes in food court.

  2. Good… Robin Marsh was terrible… I recall a few weeks ago when a vehicle drove into the Oklahoma River, and she kept making comments and the guy on the scene just kept ignoring her and tried to actually report what was going on!

    • I concur. I never understood why Stan could make it in to work at 4:00am and Robin Marsh couldn’t. Its good to see that she is being put out to pasture.

    • I couldn’t stand to watch the morning show. Robin makes up stuff as she goes along and when they brought in smiley gas that was the last straw. They’re supposed to be doing the news and not trying to out do each other and get in the last stupid word on crap nobody could care about.

  3. why does Stan Miller still have a job? He’s the worst morning anchor around…like within a 300 mile radius.

      • I might start watching them again if they’d get rid of Stan Miller. He needs to read the news and not share his stupid comments and his teeth remind me of the photo of the pig with the perfect denture-type human teeth photoshopped in. He’s more than annyoying.

  4. I, too, got a chuckle out of the “Annual Maternity Leave” statement. We’ve got one of those at my office. The rest of us always look forward to having to do her work in addition to our own for 3 months every year. NOT!

  5. Here’s the creepiest part — the news brought to you by “The Millers.” Everyone will be asking, “is it a father, daughter thing? Is it a sugar daddy situation?”

  6. Bobbie didn’t have a chance on Channel 4. as long as Ali Meyer is there…She is my favorite news woman in OKC and looks very good in the occasional mini-skirts she wears!

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