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A Bishop McGuinness student sent us an awesome email regarding illegal immigrants, Cardinals and entitled classmates

On Wednesday, Cardinal Roger Mahony, the archbishop emeritus of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, addressed students at Bishop McGuinness High School. He spoke to them about eternal damnation and burning in the deepest caverns of hell.

Actually, that’s not true at all. Cardinal Mohony talked about the plight of illegal immigrants and undocumented workers in our country. And to the surprise of many students in attendance, he didn’t spew out the typical hate-filled vitriol usually heard in Oklahoma and other red states. He simply implored the students, as Christians, to be more compassionate and understanding when forming opinions on the subject.

I’m sure that worked out well.

From The Oklahoman:

Mahony’s presentation included a historical perspective and theological viewpoint about immigration. He said aiding immigrants and refugees is part of Catholic social teaching and noted that when Mary, Joseph and Jesus fled to Egypt to escape King Herod, their flight is perhaps the perfect archetype for today’s immigrants seeking shelter and a new way of life in America.

The cardinal recommended that the students ask their relatives about their own family history at Thanksgiving so they could so that someone in the family tree was probably an immigrant to America at one time.

He also urged them to write their elected officials about the need for a more effective immigration policies so that undocumented immigrants can be afforded work permits, pay payroll taxes, get an education and thus “remove fear from this large shadow community.”

Wow, talk about having some big virgin balls. He got on a microphone and said things like that to a group of people in Oklahoma. I’m surprised someone didn’t try to get him deported. Obviously, his comments didn’t set too well with some of the little Rush Limbaughs and Lou Dobbs in attendance:

Students Skeptical

One student asked what he could do to advocate for the rights of immigrant workers.

However, several other students seemed skeptical.

One young woman asked the cardinal what good would come from immigrants coming to America for employment if college graduates are having trouble finding jobs these days.

Another student asked why people would want immigrants to take “our jobs” with the nation’s unemployment still high.

Mahony told them that many immigrants take low-skill, low-paying jobs that American citizens won’t typically do such as digging ditches for construction projects or cleaning hotel rooms.

Another student said immigrants performing low paying jobs would most likely qualify for entitlement programs. He asked Mahony how immigrants in these circumstances would add value to the American way of life. His comments were met with applause from many students in the audience.

Mahony said undocumented immigrants cannot obtain a social security card and are paid in cash so they can’t pay payroll taxes. He said they do pay other taxes such as sales taxes in the communities where they live.

Okay, that story was filed by Oklahoman Religion Editor Carla Hinton. She may be the kindest, gentlest, least controversial writer at the Joke. She paints a picture of a respectful, civilized discussion at the Oklahoma City Catholic school. But according to our first ever High School Ogle Mole, things weren’t that hunky dory.

Check out this email written to us by a Bishop McGuinness High School student who was at the assembly and embarrassed by the actions of his/her classmates. I’m keeping the student’s identity a secret to protect him or her from being bullied by the asshole McGuinness kid who drives a new car and has a dad who’s a rich dentist, which by the way, I think accounts for 45% of the school’s enrollment.

First off I’d just like to tell you that I’m a student at Bishop McGuinness (I know, you are so relieved to know high school students read The Lost Ogle). So this happened this Wednesday:


Having a Cardinal come and speak is a huge honor because there are barely any in the US and they’re next in line to the pope. I mean, we’re even told to address them as “Your Eminence”.

That being said, this article does not accurately depict the student body’s reaction to his presentation- because they were so incredibly rude. I have never been more embarrassed to associate myself with this school.

The Cardinal’s whole speech was purely theological, stating that as Catholics we should take care of immigrants no matter their legal status. Instead, my fellow student’s took this as an attack on their conservative political views and because they’re 16 years old, have a brand new driver’s license, down a couple of Keystone Lights every weekend, and watch Fox News every night with their parents they felt the need to prove that this guy was wrong and didn’t know what he was talking about.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but Cardinal Mahony, a man who has devoted his whole life to Migration and Refugee work, probably knows a little more about what he’s talking about than a few 16 and 17 year olds. So instead of confronting Cardinal Mahony with the applause and cheers of the whole school behind you, you should’ve just bit your tongue and go talk to your parents when you got home. Also, that would be a better time to complain about how the government is taking “more than half of your dad’s hard earned salary and giving it to people who are just too lazy to get jobs :(” because I’m tired of hearing about that at school.

People at my school need to wake up and realize that not everyone gets the same opportunities that we do.

I honestly don’t know why I’m sending this e-mail to you- as if you care about a presentation at a Catholic school. I just want people to know that there are some students at McGuinness who genuinely want to help people and not just do it because it’s required for us to graduate.

Wow. Who would have thought that our High School Moles were more intelligent and articulate than our average site commenter or website editor.

Anyway, this kid has some good points. Although I don’t entirely agree with the notion that the students who disagreed with the Cardinal should keep there mouths shut, I am happy to know that there are some young Oklahoman’s who practice common sense, logic and compassion, and don’t hate an entire group of people based upon where they were born. Just like a Junior Mint, it’s very refreshing.


  1. if christians today spent half the energy following jesus’ teachings instead of coming up with excuses why they shouldn’t/can’t…this world would be a much better place.

    • “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

      ———Mahatma Gandhi

        • And your link to an obscure website proves…………………….what exactly?

          I’m not picking on you Nelson but I do always chuckle every time I see somebody that believes something simply because it’s on the internet……………

          • Is Wikipedia obscure enough for you? Look under his bio in the celebacy tab and it explains it there as well along with the sources at the bottom. If you feel that it’s still untrue please feel free to contact wikipedia with your own research on the matter and update accordingly. 😉

            • I’m sure you’re having fun fiddling with the facts of Gandhi’s biography, but it doesn’t change the essential truth his famous saying enunciates. Many people claim to be Christians but they don’t live by the standards of Christianity, especially if we look at the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapters five and six.

            • Ahhhhh yes—–good ol’ Wikipedia.

              No other website on the internet has a reputation for trustworthiness & reliability quite like Wikipedia.

              Wellllllllll, maybe Fox News does……………but that’s a conversation for another time 😀

  2. Cool, someone from my high school actually made me proud. The more general reaction to the Cardinal’s speech is entirely predictable. Good to know some things never change.

  3. It’s not like they play on the OU football team and cheat on and then dump their high school sweetheart for a girl with lots of money who can get great courtside playoff Thunder tickets.

    • You have no clue what you are talking about and your obsession with my brother’s personal life is creepy.

  4. ***Should keep (their) mouths shut****

    I know a lot of us MHS kids that would agree with the cardinal and that kid. But granted I’m not catholic.

  5. I wasn’t there but can confirm that there were many students who were embarrassed by the apathy and rudeness displayed by their peers. The Cardinal deserved better. The timing of his visit could have been better, coming one day after the reelection of Obama. As might be expected there is a group of vocal Obama haters who had their barbs out.

  6. This letter nearly brought me to tears. We need more young Okies like this who are able to think on their own and are aware of the hypocrisy of the Christian right. Also, three cheers for Cardinal Mahoney who had the cojones big enough to bring this topic up in one of America’s reddest states.

  7. To the student who wrote this, thank you! Many of us do care and are glad to hear of a thoughtful, critical thinking student. This is further evidence of the toxic effects Fox news has on our state and country. I don’t know what we do, but I can’t live here the rest of my life if there’s no improvement.

  8. Fantastic, simply fantastic. Even though I don’t stand with the Catholic church (or any church) on most issues, I certainly think that both good and bad can be found within all beliefs. And those that close their mind to certain possibilities or groups of people, like those students in the audience, will never have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and improve the world around them. Just because someone is a bricklayer and knows how to speak Spanish doesn’t mean that his life is without value or meaning.

  9. Hey Patrick – My daughter attends BMCHS. I can’t say enough about how much the school means to us. I’m so glad they invited the Cardinal to speak about immigration. I’m glad for all they do to prepare my daughter academically and spiritually. On another note, it takes tremendous will and courage to advocate for the things we believe in. To the student who sent the email: We need you. Your voice is so important. There is a verse in the Book of Chronicles. It’s for you: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect towards him.” Bless you as you quietly speak your truth among the student body.

  10. This is what true Catholicism is about and values like this need to be shared. To you who wrote the e-mail: you’ve been raised right and will go far to do good in this world. It’s true, we need more people like you to advertise goodness versus encouraging the ignorance that blinds so many of our young people to the point of disrespect. Thank you for sharing! It gives us hope that this next generation can get along just fine.

  11. Hello, I am a current Hispanic BMCHS student whose great-grandparents emigrated from Mexico to promote themselves and the American economy, but not with low paying jobs like the Cardinal suggested. I agree that reforms concerning immigration need to be made and I am all for helping those in need. As a Christian, it is our duty to help alleviate the sufferings of the poor and to provide comfort for the weary. However, I do not agree with Cardinal Mahony’s reasoning or views on immigration. That said, this is America and everyone is entitled to their views including informed 16 and 17 years old. At BMCHS we are encouraged to do research on important topics so that we can be knowledgeable citizens and do our best to create a better society. There are always going to be students in a school who do not care or know about current events, but I have observed that many students (both conservative and liberal) at BMCHS are very concerned about our country’s and the world’s economic and political situations. Many of these students, again liberal and conservative, on their own free will listen to a variety of political programs such as CNN, NPR, and the BBC, not just Fox News. Many BMCHS students are also a part of youth councils that work towards improving their community and informing young people of the needs present in society. Other BMCHS students have been to conferences held in major cities such as Washington D.C. or Boston, also aimed at making them into leaders and informed citizens.
    Bishop McGuiness is also a community filled with students and parents that care. Yes, there are students who complete their service hours just because they have to, but there are many who go over and above when it comes to helping others. Bishop McGuinness is a very rigorous academic and event filled school (which means we have to curtail our life of downing Keystones and watching Fox News to do our challenging homework, plus help with school events) and as a result, many students have a very busy schedule. As a BMCHS student, I have observed my friends and others taking a considerable amount of time out of their schedule to prepare and help run charity events. These events include the Can Food Drive, Infant Crisis center, Cleats for Kids, Catholic Charities events, and a mission trip to Peru. Many of these students have already completed their service hour requirements and are helping simply because they care about others. BMCHS parents who similarly have demanding schedules are also very concerned about our community and regularly volunteer to help out with BMCHS service projects. Many of the rich dentist’s or business owners that you mention in your post also donate a considerable amount of money and time to the service projects that BMCHS undertakes. These business’ also support non-BMCHS outreach programs that are geared at helping impoverished children and their families. At BMCHS we are taught that if we achieve success in our careers, one of our most important duties is to give back to the community so that others can be successful.
    Now concerning the Cardinal’s visit, I am glad that our administration brought Cardinal Mahony to speak to us. Immigration is an important topic that I believe all should be informed on. I admit that there were many skeptical students and there was at least one question that was asked in an aggressive manner. However, the rest of the questions were respectful and were asked out of curiosity and a desire to be better informed on this topic. These questions included how we could help the plight of immigrants, description of what the Dream Act entailed, and how immigrants seeking jobs would affect the job market as we graduate from college. As students, I believe we are entitled to ask thought provoking questions (whether they be for or against the view presented) to an authority figure who is learned in an area. These types of questions, I believe, will help us form our own informed decision on a matter. As for the Cardinal, he should have known his audience and been ready for questions from Oklahoman students such as the ones asked.
    Lastly, I understand that there are always two sides to an argument and I want you to know that as a knowledgeable citizen, I respect your opinion and would do everything to ensure that the freedom to express different ideas is kept safe. This ability to express our beliefs is what truly makes America unique and a wonderful country. As a young conservative, I want you to know that I understand that our current immigration system is broken and needs reform. Although I do not agree with yours or the Cardinals approach to fixing the problem, I am thrilled that you care about this issue and I believe that by working together, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, and liberals can come up with a solution that will better the lives of many. I ask you to post my response on your website, so that others know that there are many kids at McGuiness, be they conservative or liberals, that truly care about this issue. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my response and I pray that you have a blessed week.
    A Caring BMCHS Student

  12. I was glad to read this student’s comment, since when i read the original story in the Jokelahoman, I found myself wondering, “I thought McGuinness was a CATHOLIC school.” And then, “I wonder what’s going on at McGuinness regarding Christian formation.” after all, if McGuinness is going to be just another Culture of Death educational institution that preaches hate against the poor, I think they should take the “Catholic” off of the school.

  13. My daughter is the third one of my children to attend BMCHS The story is that these kids are intelligent caring and are asking thought provoking questions. Frankly the remark by the cardinal that the majority of jobs being taken are low paying ones is not accurate. There are plently of immigrants from all over the world receiving their education here, sometimes with US taxpayer dollars, and taking high paying jobs within the hi-tech community. Rather than chastise students simply bcause they are catholic and from a private school. your blog might be better served by asking why other kids in schoold dont provide provocative and insightful thought rather than accept the palbum espoused by some ” authority figure”. Your blog does that erveryday. For the record, the most “confrontational” question came from one of the school’s smartest stuents who happend to be Vietnamese. He was questioning why illegals are treated with kid gloves while refugees were shunned by the US government.

    • From the final paragraph:


      “Although I don’t entirely agree with the notion that the students who disagreed with the Cardinal should keep there mouths shut…”


      Thanks for reading.

    • People studying in US schools then taking jobs in high paying fields are not illegal immigrants. At minimum they’re here on a student visa then work visa, and odds are they can eventually attain citizenship because wealthy immigrants are welcomed.

      • Same with Hispanics who arfe here on a visa or anyone else but there are those that outstay their visa or continue o apply for one when the immigration laws clealy limnit you to time certain before requiring you to become a citizen

  14. Hi Ryan :)
    I saw the comment you posted about my response. I just wanted to let you know that I’m actually 17 and am a Senior at BMCHS. I’m glad you thought my coment was so well written that you did not believe my age. Kudos to BMCHs English department.

    • Dear Caring Bmchs student,

      You are smart to learn to write and argue so well. But I’d like to point out one little nit. You give a lot of sources for forming ideas, but I don’t see the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the list. As Catholics, we are certainly entitled to our own opinions. But we are called by the Church to form our consciences in accordance with the magisterial teachings of the Church. In other words, all political opinions are not created equal. Some political opinions can lead people to hell. That’s why it’s important to understand what the Church teaches. If our secular political ideas disagree with the Church’s teachings, then we have a moral obligation as Catholics to conform to the teachings of the Church. Jesus made this very clear in the 25th Chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, where he specifically says that those who reject foreigners reject Christ and will be condemned to hell. That, and a few hundred other passages of scripture noting the blessing of God on those who are hospitable to foreigners, and the condemnation of God on those who persecute foreigners, are the scriptural foundation’s of the Church’s teachings.

      • Hi Bob, :)
        I am not against immigrants or foreigners. One of the greatest aspects of America is the unique cultures and the variety of ethnicites that make up our great nation. Both sets of my great-grandparents were immigrants. One set went through Ellis Island, another set came from Mexico. I also have cousins in Mexico who obtain visas annually to come work in the USA. As Christians, I believe it is one of our foremost duties to help others and that through the gifts and blessings God endows us with, we can help the less fortunate (including immigrants) reach their full potential. As I said in my previous post, I know that the immigrant system is broken and needs reform.Our opinions differ on how to take care of this issue, but trust me, I am confident that both our ideas hold true to the teachings taught in the Catechism. Have a wonderful evening and God bless. :)

        • Actually I don’t know how our views differ because we haven’t discussed in detail our views on how immigration should be reformed. Anyway, as a self-professed young conservative, you might be interested in some of my ideas about how we could help the poor that do NOT involve large government programs or new expenditures by expanding the concept of economic freedom to include low income people and how protecting property rights can also help poor people and provide more affordable housing. They are in a long open letter I posted during the campaign to Congressman Ryan, at http://www.justpeace.org/ryanletter.htm . I think that it would be great if an organization of young conservatives started to beat the drums on behalf of the economic rights of poor people to participate in their own lives by starting micro-businesses that in time could become full time employment. (Participation, in case this wasn’t taught at McGinnis, is an important concept of Catholic social teaching, as in the “right to participate in your own life,” which as we both know, government interferes with all the time. Suppose a young man decided to set up shop at a freeway rest-stop and sell hot dogs. Well, that wouldn’t last long. God only knows how many different government agencies would descend upon this young entrepreneur. He would be safer selling meth on a street corner than he would be selling hot dogs at a freeway rest stop or off-ramp. The oppression of the poor by the not-poor is a daily reality. One thing we need to do to help the poor is to simply stop all the ways that the government hurts and attacks the poor. You’ll find a long list of them in the Ryan letter.

  15. I have a feeling the Cardinal’s reception would’ve been quite a bit warmer a few miles south at Mount St. Mary.

  16. I hate the “your ancestors were immigrants too” argument. Yeah they were, but they didn’t sneak in. Legal versus Illegal immigration is the issue.

  17. It’s interesting to me that the school would let this guy come speak and that nobody seems to know (or care?) that Roger Mahony was at the top of one of, if not these biggest sexual abuse scandals of all time. Many of the abuses being towards children. Pretty sure if my kids went to that school I wouldn’t want him speaking to them.

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