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MMT: Kendrick Perkins’ wife doesn’t think much of Edmond

Hello there, internet. It’s time for once again Monday Morning Tweets! I was curious how long we’ve been doing this, so I went back and checked. This is the 40th edition of MMT! Can you believe we’ve been wading through Dean Blevins’ tweets for that long, friends? What kind of sick people do that? What a long, strange, journey it’s been. Oh well, no reason to stop now, I guess.

This week’s tweets are after the jump.

Steve Lackmeyer (@stevelackmeyer)

It really is a good article, and you should read it if you haven’t already. And man, Steve Lackmeyer is one proud Oklahoma City enthusiast, huh? I only display that sort of passion in the immediate aftermath of Breaking Bad episodes. Anyway, if anyone needs Steve, he’s busy smoking a cigarette and basking in the afterglow of that New York Times Magazine piece.

David Payne (@tornadopayne)

Good to know.

Remember that part in Arrested Development when Michael Bluth is struck by “something he remembered from his childhood” and it turned out to be a flying Mary Poppins doll? I do, and so do you, because you like funny stuff. But here’s a secret: our fearless leader Patrick has no idea what we’re talking about, because he doesn’t think that show is funny and refuses to watch it. Scandalous!

Mark Taylor (@AddTaylor)

Look, I don’t care what you guys do in the privacy of your own newsrooms, but let’s keep it off Twitter, please. This is a family medium!

Vanity Perkins (@VanityHearts5)

This is Kendrick Perkins’ wife. Lovely for Edmond to treat her this way. No word on what exactly it was these people have been doing to her, but it sure is a proud day for my hometown. We’ve got quite the reputation building among our black friends.

Here’s what Dante Jordan wrote on TLO about a month ago in a post entitled “10 Things For Black People To Do In OKC.”

6. Drive Around Edmond and Scare White People

You’d be surprised how many dirty looks Black people get in Edmond, OK. That was sarcasm. You wouldn’t be surprised at all and that’s why one of my favorite things to do is let my windows down, turn Hit Em Up by 2Pac up to the maximum volume of 31, and cruise the mean streets of “E-Town” (That’s always been the dumbest nickname to me). And I have long hair? That’s gonna be the longest red light of all time for someone.”

Edmond seems like it’s about as popular with black people as Mitt Romney, the city of Boston, and “Seinfeld.”

A bunch of random people on Twitter

So so far we’ve done random Twitter searches for the phrases “fuck Oklahoma” and “Oklahoma” “ugly.” Today, we’re going to see what the tweet world has to say about “Oklahoma” and “fat.”

Breaking news: people on the internet are mean!

The Jim Traber Loves Exclamation Points Tweet Of The Week!!!!! (@jimtraber)

Good to know Jim is so enthusiastic about men crying!!! I wonder if he sat at home Tuesday night after the election telling himself “strong men also cry” over and over. Just remember, Jim: the bums will always lose.


The Dean Blevins Memorial Tweet From Dean Blevins (@DeanBlevins)

All right, this is Classic Deano! The man has gone back to the percentages. And give him credit, he’s not going all vague like 60/40 or even 80/20. He is giving Bobby Petrino a 9% chance of getting an SEC job. That is about as specific as it gets. We also get bonus Classic Deano in that he was able to work in a pointless nickname he thought up himself and a totally off-the-wall metaphor.

That’s all for this week. Follow me on Twitter here. Good bye!


  1. Vanity, not sure exactly why you think we are all prejudiced in Edmond, hope that isn’t the case. It’s hard to figure out what happened with your tweet. Something happened and it pissed you off and you posted a vague tweet to make you feel better. Hope it did and everything is good now. We in Edmond sometimes do get rude with the self entitled elite, whatever race they are, you know the people that think they should be able to park in a handicapped parking spot at the grocery store, or maybe try to check out in the express lane with a cartload of stuff at the Walmart.

    We also tend to get a little testy with people who feel they are too important to wait in line like the rest of us peons at all those places where we have to wait in line.

    At stores in Edmond they also tend to treat everyone the same, believe it or not not everyone knows who your spouse is, or what your income might be. I have seen Katie McClendon have to wait behind someone at the 7-11 before she could fill up the Lexus. Those who feel there should be a caste system in how clerks react to your presence might feel a bit more comfortable in Nichols Hills, as they do try to enforce the code there.

    I know a lot of cities do look the other way toward professional athletes, we have more of a “your money is good here attitude” where we expect for you to pay for the things you want. After all we are still subsidizing the team with a sales tax, and we are giving all sorts of tax considerations to the team so they can afford to pay the players enough to live here better than we do, in the style they deserve. We were just hoping you would actually buy places here rather than rent, and spend some of the money that you are paid here. If you do, we can continue to pay the MAPS tax, in hopes that some of the money will trickle back to us so we can make enough to pay more in taxes to build a better arena for the Thunder and live the dream that we are an NBA city.

    We’re just insecure people trying to vicariously live the dream that the NBA and Mayor Mick promised us if we just pass another tax to get or keep the team, and we could all live the dream.

    • Anyone that thinks Edmond isn’t racist to a degree probably is a racist. Lived here all my life. In high school a group thought it was not only funny, but perfectly acceptable to wear blackface and KFC buckets on their heads to the game when we played John Marshall in basketball. While the city is more diverse than ever, the old roots still run deep and white.

      • your first sentence is total bullshit. Then you end your paragraph with a typical reverse racism statement. What you fail to realize is that racism is taught, and yet, of all the non-whites I know constantly bring up how it was with slavery and how the world is against black people. It’s not like white people sit around planning how they are going to keep racism alive, what some do though is throw it back in your face when you bring it up.

        • If only minorities would realize racism was already ended by white people! That isn’t even _original_ nonsense.

          • I didn’t hear or see any racism or reverse-racism on my holiday to the UK and Europe. Hell, you can’t even get chips without curry!!! WTF?

  2. @R Turner : Edmond being snobbish? NO! lol

    ‘your money is good here attitude’ ? LOL Edmond is the snobbiest place in oklahoma except maybe oaktree and everyone knows it. get a clue.

      • Never said Edmond wasn’t snobbish, that would be difficult to do when the citizens went along with a former mayor who required any new commercial construction to have some sort of artwork/sculpture. Funny how his art studio went out of business after the regulation was lifted.

        But no would never say there are no snobs in Edmond any more than I would say there are no corrupt politicians in Oklahoma. I still maintain most people in Edmond are not racists. Quite honestly the snobs out number the racists exponentially, and most could care less about the race of the person they are being snobby

        So no, there is plenty wrong with Edmond and Oklahoma, and I’m not one of those who immediately defends where I currently reside. If we don’t realize all the shortcomings here we are destined to live with them forever. The only thing more annoying about the chamber of commerce crowd is when you point out a shortcoming about the state/city you get a response that “it’s not as bad as (another geographical area) which somehow is supposed to make you feel better, because where you are is technically bad, it is just not as bad as it could be.

        However when I see an unsubstantiated vague complaint about something like racism it does raise my ire. I honestly hope Vanity was just having a bad day, or she took something someone said in a way they did not intend.

  3. Katie McClendon pumps her own gas? That is so new money. Doesn’t she have a Black driver yet? 😉

  4. A few years ago we met a nice looking couple from Edmond. The lady specified they were from “North Edmond”.

  5. I live in the same neighborhood as Sefalosha’s family and it’s not racist it’s snotty as Hell! We are the redneck white trash of that hood and we get snubbed just the same. I think she just needs to lighten up and make fun of them like we do. As far as racism that’s one thing I’ve not noticed in Edmond.

  6. I just moved from OKC to NW Edmond to get my kids in Deer Creek schools. I too made fun of Edmond on the regular. How long before I’m completely assimilated and start defending Edmond every time it gets made fun of?

  7. I live in West Edmond, as far west as you can get. And in a middle class neighborhood of 550 homes. In the neighborhood the families are about 70 30 white to black. We moved to this area because of the racial mixture 27 years ago. My sons grew up with white and black friends, from Kindergarten through seniors in high school. Yes, there is some snobbery in Edmond, especially for those lazy ass people that want handouts. Most people in Edmond work hard and don’t take to hangout people. As for Mrs. Perkins, I cannot tell you what her problem is. If she doesn’t like Edmond or the far north of OKC I could care less. She can go back to southest Texas if she doesn’t like Edmond. I’d tell her to get with the program. She’ got too money and is too young to be such a prude.

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