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Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week 12

10) Kill Me Now

Last night, after several beers and glasses of high-end small batch, I starting writing this article. The first topic was the following – “Fire them. All of them. Right now.” The the last two minutes happened and OU, for the first time in recent memory, came back and won a game in the last minute, defeating the hapless West Virginia ‘neers by the very Kelvin-esque score of 50-49. Expecting the Sooner defense to implode (see below) or the refs to completely screw the Sooners again (see below), I did not take a breath on West Virginia’s last drive, which ended in a Casey Walker mugging and a Geno Smith incomplete pass just short of the goal line.

Should a missed extra point really be the difference between firing and keeping this staff? Of course it should. Is it nonsensical? Of course it is. But I am an OU fan. So nothing I believe about this program makes any sense.

9) 778

I don’t think anyone thought they would see the day when an OU defense would give up nearly 800 yards of offense in a single game. Numbers don’t always tell the story, but they do today. The Sooners surrendered … wait for it … 778 yards of offense to a Mountaineer team that was shut down by Texas Tech and Kansas State. The second half was deplorable. OU gave up 536 yards the final 30 minutes alone. West Virginia averaged 9.5 yards per play. Tavon Austin ammassed a stunning 573 total yards, including 345 yards rushing and 82 yards receiving.

But it’s not just the numbers. Oklahoma looked flat out terrible. The tackling was atrocious. The angles taken by the defensive backs were awful. The defensive front 7 wasn’t FBS quality. The Sooners’ defense looked as bad as I have seen any defense look against any team on any level of organized football.

But they won, so lets no be overly critical or anything.

8) Landry Tries to Screw Us Again

Mr. Inconsistent goes Landry Jones on the Sooner faithful once again. He had some moments of brilliance as evidenced by the last drive, six touchdown passes, and 554 passing yards. He also threw a shockingly stupid and expected par for the course fourth quarter interception at a time when West Virginia had pulled to within a touchdown and the Sooners were driving.

I don’t hate Landry Jones. I don’t think he is a great quarterback. Average OU fan seems to be in one camp or the other. He is somewhere in between. He is a decent quarterback. He makes mistakes when he’s pressured. He looks great when he’s not. OU should not miss a beat on offense next year.

7) Officiating

Just a quick comment – those refs, especially that fuckhead on the sideline, were intimidated by the fans in Morgantown. The terrible pass interference call when the ball was thrown 10 feet over the receiver. The non-fumble call. The terrible personal foul penalty out of bounds. And of course each blown call took away or led to points.

6) OSU – Best Offense in the Country

Sooner fan, if you thought the West Virginia offense was good, just wait. Oklahoma State has the best offense in the country. Again, with a 3rd string quarterback, the Cowboys run up 59 points and 500 yards of offense against a decent defense, hammering Texas Tech Saturday afternoon by 38 points. Landry Jones has his well-documented issues. But does anyone think OU would play well on offense this week with their 3rd string quarterback shoved out on the field?

This Oklahoma State team plugs in any retread off the street, and doesn’t miss a beat on offense. They can run the ball. They can throw the ball around the yard. Their offensive line is strong. They have playmakers all over the field. If OSU can stop the Sooners a couple of times, they are going to emerge victorious.

5) K-State and Oregon

I laugh at Oregon. I am somewhat saddened the old man won’t get his big ring.

The slate of games Saturday was brutal. The SEC took the week off, playing a couple of preseason scrimmages in mid-November. There was one top-15 matchup, and the Ducks were three touchdown favorites.

But that’s why they play the games.

The mighty Baylor Bears hammered previously unbeaten Kansas State 52-24, likely bringing to an end the Second Miracle in Manhattan, and Colin Klein’s Heisman hopes. The team that made no mistakes all year, the team that played great fundamental, smart football, was run over and around by a Baylor squad that last week gave OU all it could handle in Norman. This appeared to be the ultimate year of redemption for Bill Snyder. Alas, it is not to be.

Oregon, again, did what it does pretty much every year – runs roughshod over 90% of it’s schedule only to be beaten by an athletically equal team that no one gives a legitimate shot of winning. Yet again, a team running a multiple look spread won’t win the the national championship.

4) Les Miles is Batshit

Dude is friggin’ loon.

3) College Hoops has started

You may not be aware of this, but did you know college basketball has started? Apparently it has and both state schools should be decent. That means Bedlam basketball should be watchable this year.

2) Bedlam

I don’t see how any objective fan can look at OSU and OU, as each is right now, and not think OSU has the edge. Oklahoma’s defense looked to be a sizable advantage until West Virginia cock slapped them Saturday night. OSU is better on both lines. They are better at running back. They are equal at most other positions. Truly, is Landry Jones playing that much better than Clint Chelf?

This time next week, I expect to comment about OSU’s road victory in Norman. FML.

1) Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I miss Les. I think if he were allowed to stay in Stillwater, there’d be at least one national championship on the shelf in the football offices.

  2. Re #8, Landry does get that “locked in” disease sometimes. Twice without pressure he zeroed in on a receiver blanketed by THREE defenders (I use “defenders” loosely with WVa) and threw the pass. Only ineptitude (and greed) prevented interceptions.

  3. You do realize that there’s no such thing as an uncatchable pass in college don’t you? NFL yes. College, no.

    And the out-of-bounds personal foul? Is that the one where Joe Washington, yes, Joe Washington was in the way of the official? Ask Joe if the official was right.

    • My mistake. It does not apply in college football. High school, no. College, NFL, yes

      But that was still Joe Washington.

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